League of Legends LCS Week 8 Stats Breakdown

With the LCS week 8 well and truly behind us, we take a look at the top stats for the players, teams and champions. Ever wondered which players have the top 5 kill stats each week, or the greatest number of assists? Well, wonder no more as we explore the League of Legends LCS Week 8 Stats!

LCS Week 8 Stats: Top 5 Most Deadly Players

1. Jensen 44 Kills – Mid Lane Cloud9

LCS Week 8 Stats

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It’s no surprise that Jensen heads the pack. Cloud9 usually base their entire strategy entirely around the Dane. He doesn’t disappoint with an incredible 44 kills in LCS week 8.

He managed 3 double digit games in week8. A 10/0/4 against Team Liquid, and a 14/1/5 against FlyQuest which was followed by another great showing of 11/1/5. With stats like that it’s easy to see why Cloud9 crushed their opposition in week 8.

2. Bjergsen 26 Kills – Mid Lane TeamSoloMid

Another Dane heads the rest of the best with a solid 26 kills. Team SoloMid don’t play solely around Bjergsen and seem to have a wider depth in their team.

He managed 6 kills in all but 1 of the 5 games Team SoloMid played this week. No mean feat for a team playing at the professional level.

2. Pobelter 26 Kills – Mid Lane Immortals

The first homegrown American to make the list, he’s tied for second place with Bjergsen. Immortals lost their second series, against Dignitas, so managing 26 kills is pretty impressive.

Pobelter scored 13 kills against Team Liquid and then had one impressive 9 kill game against Dignitas. Unfortunately, he could only secure 2 a piece in the other 2 of a losing series.

4. Arrow 23 Kills – ADC Phoenix1

LCS Week 8 Stats

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Arrow is the only ADC in the top 5 killers list of the LCS week 8 stats. As a South Korean he never fails to represent his country well, and finally seems to have hit his stride in the NA LCS.

His stats are made more impressive by virtue of the fact 17 kills were made against Counter Logic Gaming. His bottom lane playing as Kalista left fans scratching their heads about why this champion was never banned out.

5. Nisqy 20 Kills – Mid Lane Team Envy

Nisqy makes the last of the top 5 as a mid laner born in Belgium, and yet another European in this ranking. He’s the only representative for a team that lost both of its series in week 8.

His most impressive performance of the week came as a mid lane Lucian against the NA leagues best team, TSM. He finished with a remarkable 11/2/6, securing a 55-minute victory of his team.

LCS Week 8 Stats: Honourable Mention

European teams often play less games in a week than their North American counterparts. We, therefore, believe Samux deserves an honourable mention.

Samux 17 kills in 3 games – ADC for Unicorns Of Love.

His Xayah performance was particularly good, finishing 7/0/5 against Mysterious Monkeys. He helped them to a 35-minute victory and secured the weekly series win for his team.

LCS Week 8 Stats: Top 5 Easily Killed Players

The most deadly players is an honour wall of respect. This top 5 is perhaps best avoided. No one wants to see their name appear here. Perhaps surprisingly, they are not all supports.

FlyQuest and Mysterious Monkeys have 2, of the top 5, most killed players. A dubious distinction to be sure. They should really work on that.

1. LemonNation 21 Deaths – Support FlyQuest

LemonNation isn’t the only player who’s struggled since leaving Cloud9. He’s not even the only player who’s struggled this season on FlyQuest. He does, however, have the unwanted statistic of being week 8’s most killed player.

2. Seraph 20 Deaths – Top Lane Team Envy

Having the most deaths as a top laner is not what any player would wish for. If it helps, 12 of Seraphs deaths came in just two games. 6 In one game against TSM, and 6 in another against CLG. Seraph played 5 games this week, so that’s still an average of 4 deaths a game, not good at all.

3. Dreams 19 Deaths – Support Mysterious Monkeys

Dream’s deaths were spread out across his games. There was this one time, though, that he decided to play a support Trundle. He finished said game 0/5/3 so my humble suggestion is he stays away from trolling in future.

4. CozQ 17 Deaths – Mid Lane Mysterious Monkeys

He’s not the only mid laner in the top 5. His Orianna was unfortunate enough to die 6 times against Unicorns of Love. It’s the team, really, that needs to work on their over all game if they want to improve going into next season.

4. Hai 17 Deaths – Mid Lane FlyQuest

Hai joins his fellow ex Cloud 9 team mate, LemonNation, in sharing the top 5 list. Many teams believe Hai and FlyQuest take unnecessary risks. Considering both of FlyQuest’s series were over in two games, playing less risky might help them stay alive for longer.

LCS Week 8 Stats: Top 5 Dragon Slayers

In this section, we take a brief look at the teams that managed to secure the most dragons and keep a successful eye on these powerful objectives.

1. Team SoloMid – 13 Dragons

LCS Week 8 Stats TSM

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TSM has been known for a long time now as a team that loves to control objectives. They do it well. The most secured dragon for this team is the Mountain Drake. This is no surprise since it allows the team that slays it, to take down other objectives much more quickly.

2. Team Dignitas – 11 Dragons

Despite their reputation, Dignitas is usually one of the better teams when it comes to securing dragons each week. They’ve recently become giant slayers, but before tha, they were dragon slayers.

3. Cloud9 – 9 Dragons

It should be no surprise that when Cloud9 have struggled to secure dragon kills, they’ve lost games. Victory for Cloud9 seems to depend more than most, on the ability to be dragon slayers.

3. EchoFox – 9 Dragons

Echo Fox used 3 Mountain Dragon’s to great effect in their single victory in the series against Dignitas. They used them to take down Baron quickly when given the opportunity and force the series into a 3 game decider.

3. Phoenix1 – 9 Dragons

In the LCS week 8 stats breakdown, dragons killed by Phoenix1 were spread out across the spectrum. Infernal and Cloud drakes narrowly head their list. It seems that for Phoenix1, as long as they kill it and not their opponents, that’s good enough.

NA LCS  Week 8 Stats: Top 5 Winning Champions

For the purposes of this list, we’ve only included champions that have played at least 3 games during week 8. Including champions that have played less than that makes the statistic worthless.

1. Caitlyn – 100%

Caitlyn was still one of the top 3 most banned champions in week 8. In the whole of the Summer Split, across multiple regions, she’s been picked or banned in over 85% of games. It’s not hard to see why.

Her early game pushing ability and the speed with which she can take down towers makes her a big favourite. Couple this with great zoning and you have an ADC that does multiple things well. This is despite the late game nerf she received in patch 7.14

1. Cassiopeia – 100%

Cassiopeia is another champion that is great at zoning, and with the right composition can be deadly in team fights. Her ultimate brings great CC to the fray.

In addition to these great attributes,  Cassiopeia is also a very good scaling champion. Many of her items build into the late game. The longer the game goes the likelier a team is of victory

1. Renekton – 100%

Renekton is your typical lane bully. Teams looking to win early or shut down a hyper carry will choose Renekton. With the right team and the right strategy, he wins games. The thing to remember is, there’s always a ticking clock.

4. Kled – 80%

Kled is one of those champions who’s difficult to gank against successfully. This makes him a safe top laning pick, with the ability to mobilize the entire team and move them quickly across the map.

He’s great for controlling objectives and works in the current top lane tank meta. His win rate for week 8 shows he’ll be enjoying some game time for a while.

5. Syndra – 77.8 %

Syndra pretty much plays as a burst assassin, only she’s a mage with great CC and decent zoning. Bjergsen plays her to perfection as shown in his 6/0/8 game against FlyQuest.

She was vulnerable in the old assassin meta, but since that changed at the beginning of Summer Split she’s seen a surge in her pick ration. A good Syndra player knows how to transfer her lane zoning dominance into kills across the board.

NA LCS Week 8 Stats Summary

Stats don’t tell everything but over time they do help a good player learn new trends and know what to avoid. As patches introduce distinct changes, the meta shifts and stats will communicate to coaches any analysis they missed up front.

It’s difficult to judge some roles, such as a great support, based on statistics alone. Maybe they die more due to protecting the ADC, perhaps their assists are low but play making is high.

As we head into the final week of Summer Split 2017, watch to see champions like Caitlyn, Gragas and Maokai continue to be banned. Players like Bjergsen, Arrow and Jensen will continue to exert their pressure across the map.

What do you think? We would love to hear from you. Are there any stats you would love to see more of? Do they tell the whole story? Contact us on Twitter @esportsranks or leave a comment below.

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