LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 1: AHQ Narrowly Eliminate J Team!

LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 1 Recap

It doesn’t come as a surprise that LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 1 was as close as it gets. ahq e-Sports, the summer split third placed team, took on their long-time rivals J Team, who finished 4th. Obviously, the Best of 5 series went the distance, with neither team backing down until the very end.

First match was a complete stomping clinic orchestrated by AHQ. AHQ’s exceptional teamwork, particularly Ziv on Yasuo and Chawy on Orianna, completely neutralized JT Alex’s power pick Zac.

Second game was the beginning of catch-up for JT. After a massive teamfight at the start of the mid-game phase (13 min), resulting in a shutdown of AHQ, JT found themselves in a heavily favourable position.

This tempo swing proved too much for AHQ. They managed to drag the game on for almost 25 more minutes, but the defeat was inevitable.

Third match was a slow, methodical and controlled AHQ landslide victory all over the map. It was a bit of a snooze-fest as well, with only 13 kills combined in 37 minutes of play-time.

JT proceeded to equalize in the 4th match, with massive, chaotic teamfights resulting in 20 to 8 kills for JT in the end. Again, JT rode the tempo upswing from the first teamfight that resulted in a near shutdown.

However, AHQ had the last word in the fifth and final match of the series. They managed to dictate the slower pace of the game from the very beginning, taking a more controlled approach. Despite some early deaths, their focus on towers and objectives proved successful in the end.

The snowballing started somewhere around the 25-minute mark, with AHQ An (Kalista) grabbing 2 kills and a Dragon. AHQ quickly proceeded to take the easy Baron kill and 4 towers in the next 5 minutes.

It was all too late for JT to come back. AHQ finished the series with a close, but convincing 3-2 victory!

LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2 Preview

LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 1 Raise Gaming

Raise Gaming

AHQ will face the rookies Raise Gaming in LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 2. The teams went 1-1 during the split, with 3-2 total match score in favour of ahq e-Sports Club.

Judging from their last meeting, AHQ are a slight favourite. After all, AHQ have been one of the most consistent LMS teams in the last 2 years, representing Taiwan on the international stage together with Flash Wolves.

However, we all know how Bo5-s radically change the outcome compared to Bo3-s. AHQ surely have an edge in the Bo5 experience department, so we’ll see how Raise Gaming responds.

Both teams will surely play as hard as they can. They will be looking to avoid the Regional Qualifiers and the new World Championships 2017 Play-In Stage.

I would still personally pick AHQ to win this. Nevertheless, these matchups are highly volatile, so take my word with a grain of salt.

One thing’s for sure though – whoever wins their matchup will probably lose against Flash Wolves in the finals. The howling beasts from Taiwan have established dominance both locally and internationally for the past two years. It doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon.

Did you watch LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 1 yourself? If yes, let us know your thoughts down below.