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LGD wins Mars Dota League 2017! - Esportsranks
LGD wins Mars Dota League 2017!

After 2 days of matches in round robin and another 3 in the playoffs, we finally have the champions of Mars Dota League 2017, LGD Gaming. 

The eight participating teams all played in a round robin format group stages to determine who goes to the upper bracket and lower brackets.

Since day one, we saw the dedication of the Chinese teams to win the trophy on their home soil. The foreigner favourites OG and Evil Geniuses didn’t impress with their performances in the first phase.

In particular, OG had a terrible day one, but managed to win the next 4/5 games to finish the round robin as the first seed. However, this wasn’t nearly enough, since their Chinese opponents were looking sharp and on point as the playoffs started.

Mars Dota League 2017 – Winners’ Bracket Recap

To kick the playoffs off, in the upper bracket OG faced LGD Gaming, while LFY played Newbee and both LGD teams completely stomped their opponents to secure their spot in the winners’ finals.

In the first game, LGD played with authority, dismantling LFY’s defences in less than 25 minutes. Strong early comp with lots of control (Rubick+ES+Void) in addition to the pushing presence of Death Prophet made this game look easy for LGD.

LFY however wasn’t ready to concede just yet. LGD stuck to their ES pick in all three games, but this time LFY was prepared and they disabled him from getting favorable initiations by providing great vision at all times.

They mixed things up a bit and figured that Earth Spirit counters Earth Shaker if played correctly. We can say that LFY out picked their sister team LGD to win the next two games to secure their spot in the Grand Finals of the tournament.

Mars Dota League 2017 – Losers’ Bracket Recap

EG and iG made quick work of Clutch Gamers and Vici Gaming in the first round.

In the next round, EG was to face OG, in the only remaining “foreign” matchup. The latter prevailed, winning the series 2-1 and were set to play the winners of Newbee vs Invictus Gaming. 

In another close series, Shadow Shaman + Sand King proved to be great combo at 5/4 positions for Newbee.

For the second game which iG won to tie the series 1:1, they picked the comp that was good for skirmishing and played the map around that.

In the deciding third game, Newbee got the strong early teamfight+push, with Tidehunter complementing the control from the supports and Invoker + Venomancer at 2 and 1.

After the first successful TF, Newbee kept getting towers and forced out a GG after 27 minutes.

LGD was waiting for the winner of Newbee vs OG in the losers’ finals.

In the first game, OG had little to no chance since Newbee executed their gameplan perfectly.

In the game 2 however, a couple of late game blunders cost them the game, so Newbee had set the clash with LGD for the spot in the Grand Finals.

After easily winning the first match, LGD lost the second due to inability to get a proper initiation. However, in the third deciding game, Beast Master proved to be one of the best early game picks. LGD wrapped the series up in the third game in something over 20 minutes. The stage was set for the all LGD grand finals.

Grand FInals : LGD.ForeverYoung vs LGD Gaming

In the grand finals we saw the rematch of winners’ finals. LGD was hungry for revenge and they opened the Bo5 perfectly, winning first two games.

Gyrocopter core in game 1 proved to be a problem for LFY, while in the second game Enigma + Faceless Void + Ancient Apparition provided a very strong team fight potential. Proper execution in the late game led LGD to 2:0 lead in the series.

LFY kept their spirits high, and bounced back with 2 victories to tie the series. Crucial pick to make this happen was Night Stalker, played by Ahfu. He was a great pick at position 4 and disabled lots of casters on  LGD side, who played ES at mid in the third game of the series.

In the fourth game, Morphling and DK got too big for LGD’s Drow and Medusa, so the series extended to the final, fifth game.

Obviously, this was more than just a title match.

It was also about the bragging rights – who is the better team from LGD organisation.

After the defeat in the qualifiers and winners’ finals, LGD wasn’t ready to give away yet another victory to their sister team. They had a more aggressive lineup while LFY’s was more on control and late-game.

LGD didn’t let the game get to late stage tough. AM was getting insane farm, and when he eventually joined the fights, he was too much for LFY to handle.

There was nothing else to do for LFY than to GG out at 28 minutes.

After securing the top two spots at the Mars Dota League 2017, what do you think LGD’s chances are at TI? Do you think they’ll be even better at TI? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.