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LGD and LFY Dominate China Qualifier Playoffs to Secure TI7 Slot - Esportsranks
LGD and LFY Dominate China Qualifier Playoffs to Secure TI7 Slot

LGD Gaming and LGD Forever Young have both qualified for The International 2017 via the China Qualifier Playoffs.

DDC Qualifies For His 7th TI

Every International sees its fair share of new blood. However, there’ve always been mainstays. This year, veterans such as Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov, Kuro S. ‘KuroKy’ Takhasomi and Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora boast an impressive resume, including having attended every TI so far.

Leon ‘DDC’ Fatmeng of LGD.Forever Young joins that short list of players after his team qualified for The International 2017.

DDC is a veteran who not only has attended every TI so far. In fact, save for The Kiev Major earlier this year, DDC has been to every Valve event. The only other player who holds that distinction is Rasmus ‘miSeRy’ Filipsen, whose team, Planet Odd, unfortunately, wasn’t able to make it out of the NA Qualifier Playoffs.

DDC’s journey to TI7 has not been easy, with the Chinese qualifiers proving to be the most competitive of all the qualifiers. Not a single team managed to finish with just one loss. The most was IG.Vitality’s seven wins, which earned them the first slot during the group stages. Meanwhile, LFY, Vici Gaming and EHOME.Keen all finished with similar 5-4 records to earn the 3rd to 5th slots.

Once the playoffs began, though, LFY elevated their level of play.

Their mid player, Xie ‘Super!’ Junhao dominated all but one game during the China Qualifier Playoffs. His performance on his signature Death Prophet was particularly noteworthy as he finished LFY’s sweep of EHOME.Keen at the Winners’ Finals with just 1 death, 25 kills and 27 assists in both games.

LGD Gaming Claims Final Spot

After dropping to the lower bracket, LGD Gaming topped LFY’s nearly flawless run at the China Qualifier Playoffs by not dropping a single game themselves.

Their first matchup against Vici Gaming proved to be very close. Game 2 was an up and down affair that went over the one-hour mark. Ultimately, LGD Gaming won the series thanks to their superior late-game execution. The win set them up for a rematch against EHOME.Keen, who had swept them earlier at the Upper Brackets of the China Qualifier Playoffs.

LGD Gaming would reverse the story this time around, however.

In Game 1, LGD Gaming came out of the gates strong and finished the game with just 6 deaths at a team while dropping EHOME.Keen’s heroes as many as 26 times. Then, in Game 2, LGD Gaming did not let EHOME.Keen’s early game dominance faze them. Instead, they played to their strengths and slowly gained back the lead and finished the game in 33 minutes.

Will China Reign Supreme At TI7?

China Qualifier Playoffs

As winners of DAC 2017 and 3rd-4th place finishers at The Kiev Major, Invictus Gaming will look to recapture their success after two lacklustre finishes at The Manila Masters and EPICENTER 2017. Meanwhile, iG.Vitality, will try to keep up with the main squad of the organisation.

LGD and LFY haven’t exactly played in many LANs in the past year. However, whenever they did, they often made an impression. LGD, for example, placed third at the recently concluded Summit 7. Meanwhile, LFY also earned a 3rd-4th place finish at EPICENTER 2017 after going undefeated during the tournament’s group stages.

For all the two organisation’s success, Newbee has just been better and much more successful this 2017.  been much more successful this 2017.

Save for The Kiev Major, where they, unfortunately, went up against Team Liquid in their first match, Newbee has not finished lower than 4th in LAN tournaments this year. They even placed 2nd against well-known teams at The Manila Masters before taking home the trophies at both The Zotac Cup Masters and Galaxy Battles 2017.

With five equally capable teams representing the region at TI7, will this year belong to the Chinese? We have over a month left to wait until The International 2017 to find out if that’s the case.

In the meantime, we have the Mars Dota 2 League, The Final Match 2017, and DreamLeague Season 7 to keep our hunger for DOTA 2 action satiated.