5 Lessons We Grasped from EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1 saw some pretty extreme highs and laws, as it was filled with plays and picks that truly surprised us, for better or for worse.

We already knew beforehand that the meta would be crazy going forward. However, nothing could have prepared us for the madness that we just saw.

Below is a list of all the things that learned from the games of EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1.

Misfits Are Back

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1

Misfits are right where they want to be – Coach Moose is proud (via LoL Esports Flickr)

We were disappointed with them the last split.

Misfits had given us a lot of reasons to expect a lot from them last year. The performance they gave during the summer split, and Worlds 2017 was admirable, to say the least. Case in point, they went head to head with the likes of SKT, who, back then, were still a pretty good team.

Now, things have definitely taken a turn for the better for the team. They’ve got the teamwork, and they’ve got the spirit (not the player, but we wish they did).

Misfits had no difficulty adapting to the crazy meta and took down both of their opponents with ease. Hans Sama is definitely in for having a great split this season if things keep going the way they are. Of course, we can’t fully compare fully compare Hans Sama with Rekkles, as Rekkles played support during the two games he played. However, the one advantage that Misfits have is that almost every player in their team has the potential to carry the team.

During EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1, Misfits played in a diverse manner, going through different strategies to achieve base ends. Not to mention that they’ve been one of the few teams who stuck to what we’d call a “normal team composition.”

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, we should expect Misfits to continue playing just as well in the weeks ahead.

Team Vitality are Loving this Meta

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1

Team Vitality is truly rocking it – Will they be consistent? (via LoL Esports Flickr)

This team probably abused the current meta more than anyone else during EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1. Attila, formerly known as Minitroupax, was expected to come up with some creativity this week and he certainly did not disappoint.

After coming up with interesting picks like Varus with Teleport or the Ziggs ADC the previous season, he introduced us to a Heimerdinger in the bot lane and it worked exceptionally well. But, he’s not alone. Cabochard also displayed immense skills during the games, and the team had great synergy while executing strategies. Perhaps the only player who wasn’t carrying was Jiizuke, who played rather passively. Even then, he managed to achieve his goals within the team. He didn’t carry, but he certainly didn’t let the team down.

For now, it seems like Vitality are having the time of their lives in this meta. They’ve got enormous champion pools, which means they can’t be banned out no matter what. They’ll always have a strategy up their sleeves, and their creativity is already showing.

Vitality, as of now, are a strong contender for the finals this season.

Fnatic are Struggling – As Expected

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1

Fnatic need a proper game plan if they want the top spot again (via LoL Esports Flickr)

Yes, they did win a game in EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1. But, that was against Schalke, a team that’s still getting used to its new roster.

We predicted that Fnatic would have difficulty adapting to this meta. However, even we couldn’t have possibly thought of how bad things would be for them. Fnatic’s main carry, Rekkles, whom the entire team used to revolve around once is not the force he once was. Now, he’s been reduced to a mere support in order to get Caps ahead. This strategy is quite the niche and can be countered easily, as Misfits showed us.

While Caps tried to get ahead using the funneling strategy, we’re sure Rekkles could have performed better on the Kai’Sa without any funneling. He’s made for the ADC role, and taking that away from him won’t help the team at all.

We’re sure that Fnatic won’t be able to continue down this road for long. Just when they’ll come out of this slight slump is something that can’t say for sure just yet.

Schalke 04 Have a Long Way to Go

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1

Schalke had a good first week – but they have a lot to work on (via LoL Esports Flickr)

This team showed a bit of promise this time in EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1, but there’s much they still need to cover.

Their main weakness of not having a shot-caller seems to be gone for now. Amazing did wonders in terms of team organization during the game and made the right calls when they were needed. However, we saw numerous instances of the team initiating into the enemy team.

Having said that, we’re expecting Schalke to get on their feet pretty soon.

The Meta is More Diverse than Ever

soraka eu lcs week 1

Soraka – a pick rarely seen in the LCS – is now a popular pick (via Riot Games)

8.11 was a curse and a blessing for the LCS simultaneously, as we’ve seen in both the NA and EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1.

All over the world, we’ve seen all sorts of random strategies which would have been considered troll-ish last season. And yet, here we are. We have Darius and Vladimir going in the bot lane, and Soraka is one of the best supports out there. More unique champions have been picked so far in this split than any other any other season so far.

This makes the LCS more entertaining to watch than ever before. We’re seeing true creativity from the teams. Games are ending faster and are far more action-packed than ever before. Any players who’re used to having small champion pools are suffering heavily. There’s almost no predicting what’ll happen next.

The best thing that could possibly happen to League of Legends now is a balance change that brings crit Marksmen back into the game.

Which parts of EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1were the most exciting for you? Do you agree with us on how Misfits could possibly win this split? Let us know in the comments below!

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