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LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 Recap: Fnatic Get Their First 2-0 Week - Esportsranks
LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 Recap: Fnatic Get Their First 2-0 Week

The second round robin is always where we see teams ramp up their aggression and LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 was no exception.

As the bottom features struggle to fight for playoff spots, we saw a number of teams step up to the plate and show just how hungry they are for a chance to play in the postseason. The question now is, which team’s renewed efforts will be enough? Which one will be a little too late?

Having said that, here are the events of the past LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 6.

LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 Meta Recap

LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 6

We saw a bit more Galion in LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 again, albeit in the support position. (Image Source: Riot Games)

LEC 2019 Spring Week 6  was played on patch 9.3, but surprisingly enough, there were quite a few differences. For example, we’ve seen teams prioritizing Yorick at the top lane as a split puisher. This is because of some prior buffs to the champion, and the fact that he is a favorable pick into the Urgot, the last remaining staple champion of the top lane. For the jungle, we have been seeing more  early game oriented junglers such as Elise or Olaf, but we have also been seeing a lot of low economy junglers such as Ivern. Karthus is of a lower priority on this patch, but is still rather difficult to deal with if given the farm and the Dark Harvest stacks.

For the mid lane, it is a rotation between Zoe, LeBlanc, Lissandra, and Orianna. This is because Zoe is a good matchup to Lissandra, and LeBlanc and Orianna are good into the Zoe. Meanwhile, for the bottom lane, nothing much has changed. Ezreal and Lucian are still the best AD Carries that the game can offer. Kalista is also a viable pick for more lane priority. Late game scaling AD Carries such as Kai’sa remain strong, despite changes in her build path. Tristana fits the description as well, and can be played as long as the team can usher it into its item power spikes.

For support, we still see the Alistar, Braum, and Tahm Kench. Thresh and Blitzcrank can still be rather favorable picks depending on the situation. We’ve also seen teams pick up Galio for his all-in, excellent damage numbers for a support, and his ultimate.

LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 Current Standings

LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 6

The playoff race may be over for Excel Esports, but they could still shake things up for everyone involved. (Image Source: LoL Esports)

1st: G2 Esports* (11-1)

2nd: Team Vitality (8-4)

3rd and 4th: FC Schalke 04 Esports and Splyce (7-5)

5th, 6th, and 7th: Misfits Gaming, Origen, and SK Gaming (6-6)

8th: Fnatic (5-7)

9th and 10th: Excel Esports and Rogue (2-10)

*locked a playoff berth

G2 Esports’ didn’t seem too fazed by their earlier loss against Origen this week. Despite poor early game showings, once the mid game hit, they were able to accelerate the pace of the game and end the game swiftly. As a result, G2 are now the first LEC team to secure a playoff spot.

Another team who has all but secured a playoff spot is Team Vitality, thanks to their recent upswing and the weak performance of Schalke 04 over the past few weeks.

Finally, four more teams emerged in the race for the playoffs — Misfits Gaming, Origen, SK Gaming, and Fnatic. In particular, Fnatic, are starting to show signs of life. They had their first 2-0 week last week and look to use the next few weeks as a chance to reassert themselves. However, it won’t come easy. SK Gaming owns the tiebreaker by virtue of their 2-0 record against Fnatic this season. They’re also in eighth place as well, which means that they’ll have to continue winning and hope that the teams above them, like Misfits and Origen, stop winning at the same time as well.

As for the bottom dwellers, Excel Esports and Rogue, they can now say goodbye to the playoffs. But, make no mistake — they can still play spoilers to the other teams looking to prolong their season.

The Biggest Risers and Worst Performers of LEC 2019 Spring Week 6

Biggest Riser: Fnatic

LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 6

After a 2-0 record in LEC 2019 Spring Week 6, the question now on everyone’s minds is, can Fnatic still make the playoffs or is it already too late for them? (Image Source: LoL Esports)

Against Origen, Fnatic had an immensely dominating win from start to finish. In the first minute, Patrik “Patrik” Jiru made a costly misstep, and Fnatic was able to play around their bottom lane priority. In addition, Tim “Nemesis” Livpovsek has finally had a week where he has been enabled to perform to his potential.Also, Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau seems to have regained his former form, showing a solid approach to the laning phrase and, in general, has been more cognizant of the presence of his jungler.

The duo lane of Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov have been improving as the weeks went by as well. In this week, Hylissang was the first one to pull out the support Galio pick, and was able to empower Rekkles’ Kai’sa with it. In the second game, Hylissang was on Rakan, and was able to engage and re-engage on the pick. Rekkles seems to have stepped up as one of the team’s main carries, and has been quite good in making the most out of the leads that he could get in the early laning phase.

The person most deserving of the praise, however, has been Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen. His Nocturne pick has been vital to Fnatic’s success: his early game pathing has been excellent for the champion. His decision making when getting kills is quite good as well, and it means that the Broxah that we know from the World Championship of 2018 is still here.

Needs Improvement: FC Schalke 04 Esports

LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 6

After yet another poor showing in LEC 2019 Spring Week 6, there’s some growing concern on whether or not Schalke 04 will actually make it to the playoffs. (Image Source: LoL Esports)

FC Schalke 04 Esports have been on a poor streak in their last three weeks, having won only two games in that amount of time. There have been several points of criticisms for the team: first is that Felix “Abbedagge” Braun has been leading the league in terms of deaths. This may be because he has been rather over eager to get kills in his lane, or has not been able to either respect the enemy jungler’s position in the map. In addition, Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi has been taken advantage of by his enemy counterparts, and he has been committing some misplays here and there.

Because of the problems existing in their mid and jungle duo, they have not been able to empower Elias “Upset” Lipp. In addition, Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun has looked rather out of place when not on a play making support. This week, for example, he was placed on a Shen and the Tahm Kench. Without his usual Blitzcrank or Thresh, Upset and IgNar seemed to not have their firm lane priority that they used to have. While Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu has been rather dependable in the top lane, there is not much that he is able to do if the rest of the map falls apart as he gains leads.

Schalke has been viewed before as a potential competitor for the title, and they may have hit a small speed bump in terms of their progress as a team.

Final Thoughts

There are now three more weeks until the end of the regular season, which means that there are six more games for each team. It is quite difficult to say exactly which teams would make it into playoffs, but to be sure, the 9.4 changes could possibly change the landscape of the competition as well.

Every game will count more and more as we come closer towards the end of the regular season, and make sure to be there to follow every moment.  

What do you think was the biggest takeaway in LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 6? Do you think Fnatic will continue playing well? Or is it already too late for them to salvage their season? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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