LEC 2019 Spring Week 4 Recap: First Round Robin Is Almost Done

The end of LEC 2019 Spring Week 4 marked the halfway point of this split. If you think about it, it does not seem to be a lot of time, but the teams over at the LEC have definitely played plenty of matches.

With the first round robin nearly over, we can finally throw out better predictions and set expectations for the teams going forward. There’s so many things to talk about right now as we go forward, but before we do so, we must take a step back to see our path better.

Below is our recap of LEC 2019 Spring Week 4.

LEC 2019 Spring Week 4 Meta Recap

LEC 2019 Spring Week 4

Heading into the LEC 2019 Spring Week 4, Fnatic’s Nemesis has proven himself to be one of the more reliable Syndra players in the league.

We have been seeing more of the same from recent weeks. It’s almost halfway through the split and not a lot has changed: flex picks, high amounts of engage, and leads snowballing from the laning phase are still the integral elements of this meta. Because of this, we rarely witness scaling team compositions drafted, and when we do, they almost never make it to the point where they simply take over the game. In addition, because of the recent jungle changes, we have been seeing more low economy junglers such as Nunu and Willump be employed by teams, and for some reason, Ivern has seen a lot of presence in the banning phase.

Sylas also emerged as another pick this weekend. Albeit, to little to no success. A good matchup for top laners, Sylas has high enough numbers on his shields and heals. If played correctly, Sylas is theoretically a good matchup for Urgot.. In a meta where fights are decided by certain ultimates in the game (think about Sejuani, Gragas, Nocturne, Galio, Camille, and the rest), we certainly feel that Sylas can be effective in giving certain team compositions a taste of their own medicine. However, actually observing Sylas in his true unshackled and unleashed form might take a while as teams properly reassess how to play around the champion.

This is the last weekend on patch 9.2, and 9.3 will bring some heavy changes into the game, especially in the bottom lane, and in the highly contested picks. How will each team react to the changes? We will have to find out in a week.

LEC 2019 Spring Week 4 Current Standings

LEC 2019 Spring Week 4

Still winless after LEC 2019 Spring Week 4, Rogue will need to come up with something if they want to find a win soon. (Image source: LoL Esports)

1st place — G2 Esports (8-0)

2nd and 3rd — FC Schalke 04 Esports and Team Vitality (6-2)

4th place — Splyce (5-3)

5th and 6th place — Misfits Gaming and Origen (4-4)

7th place — SK Gaming (3-5)

8th and 9th place — Excel Esports and Fnatic (2-6)

10thplace — Rogue (0-8)

G2 Esports still reigns supreme in the League of Legends European Championship, with an undefeated record. There appears to be some chinks in their armor, though, as it looks like if any team can properly neutralize Rasmus “Caps” Winther on a pick without much agency, the rest of the team may take some time before they get going. If a team that can properly snowball off of early leads gets a favorable draft against G2 Esports, their dreams of a perfect split may be dashed.

As we are already talking about prospects of a perfect split here, we might as well talk about the opposite. Rogue currently sits at the bottom of the standings with a winless record. It’s not all bad though. Their laners have steadily been improving, and they have been rather competitive in most games. If they manage to align their strengths properly at all stages of the game, and if they have decisive shot calling in the later stages of the game, they might just notch their first win of the split.

Outside of these two, the rest of the standings is a lot more open and there’s no clear hierarchy yet. The middle of the pack is still everyone’s fight. Although the arrival patch 9.3 might change all of that.

Biggest Risers and Worst Performers in LEC 2019 Spring Week 4

Biggest Riser: Origen


LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 4

Mithy has been the difference maker in Origen’s 2-0 week in LEC 2019 Spring Week 4. (Image source: LoL Esports)

Origen are finally starting to look like the team most expected them to be. Calm and calculated, Origen secured a 2-0 week. Although the usual caveats apply in that one of the wins came again Rogue, they were still impressive wins nonetheless. Their series against FC Schalke 04 Esports, in particular, wasn’t even close.

Halfway through the split, Origen might finally have tapped the potential of their members. The jungler, Jonas “Kold” Andersen, and the mid laner, Erlend “Nukeduck” Holm seem to finally have some semblance of synergy. The best news for Origen fans is this: Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez appears to have touched upon his peak form: in their game against Schalke 04, he was all over the map on the Alistar, setting up vision and making plays for his team.

Now that Origen has shown the kind of power we expected them to have, it is now time for them to show that they are capable of wielding this rather consistently. While Origen fans have been relieved by the good results of this week, it remains to be seen whether or not the team could be able to be a true contender for the championship in this split.

Needs Improvement: Misfits Gaming

LEC 2019 Spring Split Week 4

After yet another lackluster performance in LEC 2019 Spring Week 4, it might finally be time to start worrying about Misfits Gaming. (Image source: LoL Esports)

In the summer of the last season, we saw Misfits Gaming get a strong 9-0 start, and then fumble after that point. They would go on to fall in the hands of Fnatic in the semifinal, and then miss out on a chance to go to Worlds as they were defeated by Splyce in the Regional Qualifier. This season was meant to be their redemption, and we saw them work towards that by acquiring some of the biggest names in League of Legends esports. However, even with a different roster, and a different structure of coaching, Misfits seem to be on track to post a very similar result this season as they did a season ago.

If there’s any consolation, Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten and Paul “sOAZ” Boyer seem to have to hold their lanes by themselves. Unfortunately, this is also rather problematic as most European teams play through their solo laners. That’s something Misfits Gaming have had difficulty doing themselves.

The team has been showing some cracks in their general team cohesion and mid to late game shot calling. At times, sOAZ seems to be over forcing some plays, that is, he takes it upon himself to start plays even the burden to do so is not only up to him. At times, he is able to achieve what he wishes to do, but at others he is not. The team needs to back each other up especially at crucial, game-deciding moments.

Misfits Gaming needs to assess their current performance and work on their issues, so that we do not end up seeing a repeat of their 2018 season.

Final Thoughts

This was quite the eventful weekend for the League of Legends European Championship. There are still some weeks to go, but it is important to note that we are almost halfway through. At the second day of the next week, the second round robin will finally commence.

In addition, next weekend marks the introduction of patch 9.3. While this is not the time to introduce the patch, it contains several changes that might be interesting to track in professional play. Whether or not this can have some impact in the standings remains to be seen, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some solo queue trends that might see some play in the LEC.