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LEC 2019 Spring Week 3 Preview: How will they fare on 9.2? - Esportsranks
LEC 2019 Spring Week 3 Preview: How will they fare on 9.2?

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3 is almost here, and while we can expect to see more of the explosive gameplay and classic EU banter that we saw last week, there are a couple of new things to look forward to as well.

For example, we’ll see LEC 2019 Spring Week 3 played on Patch 9.2.

That’s huge. Even for pro standards, the arrival of a new patch means a lot and they’ll have a lot to process and practice with. Not to mention, for us audiences, we’re bound to see teams run some seemingly wonky compositions as they try to adjust to new patch.

What’s New in Patch 9.2?

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3
Will we see Sylas played in LEC 2019 Spring Week 3? (Image Source: Riot Games)

The first thing that we should talk about are the jungle changes. The jungle camps now generally give off less experience, decreasing the impact of the jungle early in the game. This may make ganking junglers less reliable in lesser levels, which should lean more towards teams running out level 6 play makers going forward. If this keeps up, we should expect to see a lot of Sejuani and Camille going forward.

What is sticking out as a sore thumb, is that Karthus jungle is pretty much untouched.We might also see some low economy junglers like Ivern as well.

The Hand of Baron buff is now less powerful in the earlier parts of the game. This might imply that if teams have not snowballed enough, the first Baron take of each game will most likely just break inhibitors and that most teams will need a second Baron to win the game. 

We saw a lot of nerfs and changes to champions as well. For starters, Irelia, Galio, and Urgot could be more situational as their laning has been made more difficult by the changes. Aatrox and Tahm Kench might still see almost the same amount of play, as their changes are quite small. Rakan, on the other hand, suffered weighty changes. The speed through which Rakan’s snap R-W engages go through have been nerfed due to the W changes, which changes the way how Rakan engages should be carried out. I still think that in his current state, Rakan might still see a lot of professional play.

Of course, the question on everyone’s minds is, which team will play Sylas over the weekend first?

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3 Schedule

Here is the schedule of the games for the third week of the League of Legends European Championship:

Day 1, Friday, February 1, 2019 (all times are in Central European Time):

SK Gaming vs G2 Esports — 18:00

FC Schalke 04 Esports vs Splyce — 19:00

Rogue vs Fnatic — 20:00

Excel Esports vs Misfits Gaming — 21:00

Origen vs Team Vitality — 22:00

Day 2, Saturday, February 2, 2019 (all times are in Central European Time):

G2 Esports vs Splyce — 17:00

Excel Esports vs FC Schalke 04 Esports — 18:00

SK Gaming vs Origen — 19:00

Rogue vs Team Vitality — 20:00

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming — 21:00

Teams and Players to Watch in LEC 2019 Spring Week 3

Team Vitality

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3
Will Team Vitality continue to rise to the top? (Image Source: LoL Esports)

Team Vitality has been known in 2018 as a team full of young, unpolished talent, whose only way to go is forward. They were known to be unbelievably aggressive, taking any fights and pulling most of them off due to their sheer mechanical ability. The team was also quite known for rather poor setups for Baron Nashor, having the objective either stolen from there, or that they lose key fights near it.

The team has not lost its trademark aggression and mechanical prowess. Their drafts from head coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi have been ingenious, capable of responding properly to what the opponent team wants to accomplish. The decision making from the team has most certainly improved after the first match of the season, as they no longer simply run towards the Baron after the 20 minute mark. More importantly, the team seems to be integrating Lee “Mowgli” Jae-ha into the lineup well.

Although Team Vitality remains the aggressive team, they’ve since shifted their gears towards playing scaling compositions. Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho has displayed the ability to play Draven in games where the desire is clearly to take over their lanes, or play Kai’sa when the desire is to take over team fights.

Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro has appeared to have retained the level of his performances from the 2018 World Championship, playing mechanically intensive champions that can take over games singlehandedly. 

Team Vitality took down super team Misfits Gaming last week, and it will be quite interesting to see the progress that this team will make.

Player to watch: S04 Upset

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3
Will Upset continue to be the consistent carry on Schalke 04? (Image Source: LoL Esports)

FC Schalke 04 Esports’ Elias “Upset” Lipp has been the impressive superstar carry, proving that he was worthy of becoming last summer’s 1st All Pro Team AD Carry. Upset has been pivotal in his team’s wins as he has been quite capable of playing well in lane— with his trusty support Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun, he farms quite well, stays away from most of the risks his opponent can deliver, but is also capable of getting the maximum out of his matchups, landing effective damage on his opponents over the course of the laning phase. In addition, Upset’s teamfight positioning has been impeccable, dishing out the damage that his team needs from him as an AD Carry.

Upset has two standout champions— Ezreal and Kai’sa, and these are the only two champions he has played so far in the split. Here is the problem: if these champions are taken away from him, what does he take, and will he exhibit the same kind of power that he does on Ezreal and Kai’sa?

Upset might be on the cusp of becoming the undisputed best AD Carry of the League of Legends European Championship.

Matches to Watch in LEC 2019 Spring Week 3

Origen vs Team Vitality

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3
Will Origen be able to bounce back after a 0-2 week in LEC 2019 Spring Week 3? (Image Source: LoL Esports)

I can understand that it might be difficult to understand why I am setting this match up as one of our highlighted matches. This is the reason: Origen is coming back from a 0-2 week, while Team Vitality is coming back from a 2-0 second week. Team Vitality, as I said earlier, is all about the aggression, but has become more measured about it. Origen, on the other hand, seems to be having some sort of disconnect between theory and practice. Their drafts show clear intentions as to how the game is to be played, but they seem to be falling short on the execution part. Small mechanical mistakes have riddled their games, and these mistakes have consistently been punished by opponents. Will Vitality continue their rampage throughout the LEC, or will Origen finally come back up and deliver a performance that matches up well against the players’ reputation?

For this specific match, I will be predicting Team Vitality to take the victory. This is due to the fact that Team Vitality appear to be effective in covering their bottom side, and this is where so far Origen seems to be deriving much of its strength from.

Betting: Team Vitality to win at 1.40 odds. (10bet)

G2 Esports vs Splyce

LEC 2019 Spring Week 3
Will Humanoid be able to overcome Caps in the mid lane in their matchup this LEC 2019 Spring Week 3? (Image Source: LoL Esports)

G2 Esports, after the second week, is the only undefeated team in the LEC. Splyce, on the hand, after losing to Team Vitality in the first week, has crept up the standings.

G2, of course, as a team bursting with mechanical talent and draft flexibility, has been mostly running through the competition. They’re not quite unbeatable yet, though. We saw Excel Esports almost beating them. That showed that G2 was not quite unbeatable, and that they have some weaknesses that could be used against them. They like to flex their picks around, and they manage to win most laning phases in all lanes due to the sheer talent in the roster.

Splyce is the LEC’s preparation team. They know exactly how the enemies are going to play, they know how to draft against it, and it all boils down to execution. Even in their loss against Team Vitality, Splyce was winning in the early game, and it took great effort for Vitality to be able to claw themselves back into the game.

Splyce’s clear macro sense allows them to do well in the middle to late stages of the game, even if they’re not as flashy compared to the other teams.

For this match, the obvious prediction goes to G2 Esports, but it will not be a surprise if Splyce give them a hard time.

Betting: G2 Esports/Gamers 2 to win at 1.35 odds. (10bet)

Final Thoughts

New week, new patch. The League of Legends European Championship raises more questions about who will continue to swim, and who will sink. Who will be able to adapt to the changes that patch 9.2 brings? We shall find out soon enough.

The winds of change have hit us a little too often already, but it will always be a test to see who weathers it well enough.

Which matchups are you looking forward to seeing the most in LEC 2019 Spring Week 3? Will G2 Esports be able to brute force their way to a win again? Will Origen find a way to shore up their bottom lane? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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