Five Things Learned From Week 7 of EU LCS 2018 Spring Season

Week 7 of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Season has come to an end, and the situation is getting super tense throughout the League of Legends world as the Spring season draws closer and closer to the playoffs round. Talks have already begun as to whether the regions are ready for the mid-season international stage.

For the EU LCS 2018 Spring Season, we aren’t too confident. Too many teams are making too many blunders; even the winners. The highlight of this notion comes from the match between G2 Esports and Giants, where is seemed like the winner only depended on the mistakes of the opponent rather than the skills of the victor.

Having said that, here are the five things that stood out the most for us during Week 7 of the EU LCS 2018 Spring Season,

Smite has become a skill shot for Gilius

At least, that’s what it looks like when we see Gilius in a Baron war. Or an Elder Drake war for that matter. Team Vitality finally broke their losing streak after a much needed victory against Schalke 04, which went against many expectations. They played just as they had been playing since the start of the season, making plenty of aggressive plays and outplays.

The sad thing about this week is that Vitality came pretty close to beating Fnatic in a similar fashion. They completely dominated Fnatic in the early game, only to lose once Gilius started losing smite wars. He gave a Baron over to Fnatic, getting them back in the game, and later on missed a crucial Elder drake as well. Had he gotten those buffs for his team, the game would have been a sure victory. However, the real point to take from the game is that Vitality have still got it and are a real threat to the top teams right now.

Momento is still the King of Baron Steals

This time, however, he was on the receiving end. After he pulled off a spectacular Baron steal against Xerxe, there was the potential for them to win the match outright. However, Splyce were able to live through the Baron.

What followed were a revenge double Baron steals from ROCCAT by Xerxe, who dived in on his Zac to secure the chance of victory for his team. Overall, Momento showed us that he can make the plays necessary to ensure victory for his team.

Unicorns of Love are finally rising

And we’re all the gladder for it. The Unicorns of Love have risen from being the worst team in the region all the way up to #6 on the ladder, which is a huge step up. They’re currently on an incredible 5-game straight win streak, and if they keep this up, they might just pull off a Misfits’ summer split from last year.

It’s amazing how the Unicorns didn’t give up, regardless of how far behind everyone else they were. There was a point where even H2K was performing better than them.

One reasonable explanation for their abysmal performance during the early season is that they were having difficulty adjust to the single match format. They might have performed better in a best of 3 scenario, and they might be able to show us just that if they keep their winning streak going and getting into the playoffs round.

The EU LCS has gone Crazy for Sion

We predicted that Sion would be a good pick this weekend, but even we wouldn’t have expected it to be such a hot pick and ban champion. In fact, most of the games in the EU LCS this week had Sion as a pick on either team. The fact that Sion isn’t permabanned means that he isn’t necessarily an OP pick, but good enough to pick comfortably.

The amount of value this champion can provide to his team is simply incredible seeing how tanky and safe he is. He can create engages that can decide entire games with a single ult, and it seems like he’ll remain in the meta coming into the playoffs.

We didn’t get to see much of Cassiopeia this week, even though she’s doing really well in Solo Queue. Janna wasn’t a particularly hot pick either. It remains to be seen if these two will continue to be ignored, of if they’ll pop up in the upcoming weeks.

The Banner of Command is Busted

Bannon minions are the new meta. You know that a new playstyle is completely disgusting when you value a minion’s life over the lives of your teammates, and that’s exactly what’s happening on the Rift right now.

The new Baron buff is extremely strong due to the effects it gets the minions. Coupled with a Banner of Command, a cannon minion can easily take down a turret within 8 shots.

If anything, these changes are a delight. Nothing was more boring than seeing a late game combo of Azir and Sivir clearing wave after wave till they noticed the enemy team slip. We’ve spent countless minutes staring at defensive comps simply biding their time, hugging turrets and just scaling to the point where the enemy’s lead didn’t matter anymore.

The new Baron buff negates this, as farming under turrets isn’t viable anymore. Bannon minions can knock down turrets from out of their range, which means that the defending team won’t have any option but to engage the opponent in a team fight or lose their base on structure at a time. The only real counter to this strategy is to use a Minion Dematerializer on the empowered minions, but even that requires walking up to it, ensuring a fantastic struggle.

Final Thoughts

Only two weeks remain till the EU LCS 2018 Spring Season playoffs begin, and it’s difficult to foresee what’s really about to happen. Once thing’s for sure though, and that’s that the region certainly isn’t ready for the upcoming midseason invitational. The teams at the EU LCS 2018 Spring Season are going to have to step their game up by a huge margin if they hope to make an impression like that of last year.

Which plays were your favorite during this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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