League of Legends World Championship 2017 – It’s time!

League of Legends World Championship 2017 Play-in Stage

There are 4 groups in the World Championship 2017 play-in stage. Only one team from each group will emerge victorious, and make it into the group stage. With big names such as WE, FNC and C9 in the play-in stage, a lot of fans will be watching and worrying tomorrow.

They games commence tomorrow, September 23 in Wuhan, China, at the Wuhan Sports Centre Gymnasium. You can follow all the action on Twitch, or catch-up later on Youtube.

The play-in stage will continue up until the September 29. Format-wise, it’s very similar to MSI 2017.

What are the groups?

The 4 groups are a multinational rainbow, with teams from all different regions competing. However, the focus will mainly be on Group B, which C9 are in, and Group C, which FNC were placed in. FNC and C9 will be desperately disappointed if they don’t make it into the group stage.

World Championships 2017 play-in stages groups

Group A – Credit: Riot Games

World Championship 2017 play-in stage groups

Group B – Credit: Riot Games

World Championship 2017 play-in stage groups

Group C – Credit: Riot Games

World Championship 2017 play-in stage groups

Group D – Credit: Riot Games

How does the World Championships 2017 play-in stage work?

The play-in stage is fairly simple. Take a look at the infographic below. To explain quickly, each team in each group will play each other twice. The two teams with the most wins after this will advance to the second round.

Then the second round is a Bo5 (best of five) between the two leaders of each group. Eventually, the winners of the Bo5s will advance to the group stage.

World Championship 2017 Play-in stage format

Riot Games

What are the games to watch?

Well, the play-in stages offers a number of games which will be interesting. Obviously, any game which includes FNC or C9 will be watched avidly across the West. However, matches such as WE vs Lyon Gaming and Gambit.CIS have the potential to go either way. Should WE get knocked out in the play-in stage, it would certainly be an upset.

Schedule for the World Championships 2017 play-in stage


Team WE vs Lyon Gaming 7:30am GMT
Cloud9 vs Team One Esports 8:30am GMT
Gambit.CIS vs Lyon Gaming 9:30am GMT
Dire Wolves vs Cloud9 10:30am GMT
Gambit.CIS vs Team WE 11:30am GMT
Dire Wolves vs Team One Esports 12:30am GMT


Team One Esports vs Cloud9 7am GMT
Lyon Gaming vs Team WE 8am GMT
Cloud9 vs Dire Wolves 9am GMT
Lyon Gaming vs Gambit.CIS 10am GMT
Team One vs Dire Wolves 11am GMT
Team WE vs Gambit.CIS 12pm GMT


Young Generation vs Kaos Latin Gamers 7am GMT
Rampage vs Hong Kong Attitude 8am GMT
Fnatic vs Kaos Latin Gamers 9am GMT
Hong Kong Attitude vs 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 710am GMT
Young Generation vs Fnatic 11am GMT
Rampage vs 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports 12pm GMT


Hong Kong Attitude vs Rampage 7am GMT
Kaos Latin Gamers vs Young Generation 8am GMT
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs Rampage 9am GMT
Kaos Latin Gamers vs Fnatic 10am GMT
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports vs Hong Kong Attitude 11am GMT
Fnatic vs Young Generation 12pm GMT

Who should you bet on?

All the groups have clear winners in them, except group D. As far as Group A is concerned, WE should definitely qualify, and are currently 1/1000 on Bet365. Group B has Cloud 9 sitting at 1/1000 also. Group C, FNC, but Group D has no clear obvious qualifier.

However, sometimes in Esports the bookies get it horribly wrong. The play-in stage see regions all over the world clash. Hence, any team could beat any team if you take into account the new, or unfamiliar styles that may be utilised. It’s definitely worth having a flutter, for example betting on Gambit to proceed to the group stages at 4/6 could be a shrewd idea.

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