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League of Legends Ranks, Latest LoL News and Events - Esportsranks

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League of Legends News & Rankings

League of Legends News Ranks

Look at this awesome bunch!


What Is League of Legends (LoL)?

League of Legends is one of the oldest and well known MMO games today. Since its world wide release back in 2009, it has amassed a massive following. It still remains one of the top MMO games even today.In terms of gameplay, League of Legends and DOTA 2 are very similar. Both are MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games that give you control of a single character with unique powers, skills and abilities. You use them to kill minions, towers, other players’ characters and, ultimately, destroy the enemy base.Since 2009, League of Legends has continued to add new features, maps and champions. This has kept the game fresh and entertaining. League of Legends is the biggest Esports game of today.

League of Legends Ranks – Champions

All LoL champions have unique capabilities which determine their most optimal playstyle. These capabilities can be defined through four separate concepts:

  • Classes
  • Roles
  • Attributes
  • Positions

League of Legends Ranks – Classes

Classes represent abstract, predefined patterns and “rules” that determine each champion’s intended overall behaviour and playstyle. Itemization, masteries and runes heavily influence champions’ class profiles accross all League of Legends ranks. This is why the actual roles of many champions often shy away from their initial attributes.Most classes are further divided into sub-classes. Esports pros and coaches at the top of League of Legends ranks have very deep knowledge and understanding of these. Here’s a brief overview of each class and its accompanying subclasses:


Bulky melee champions with defensive and crowd control builds, designed primarily to draw attention and soak up damage. They are not well suited for 1v1 combat due to lack of damage and mobility. However, they can easily control the flow of the battle. They can protect their allies and enable them to optimally use their skills and abilities. Due to their innate defensive capabilities, most Tanks can handle burst damage coming in from assassins and mages. But, they’re vulnerable to sustained damage coming in from Fighters and Marksmen.

  • VanguardsTanks that lean more on the offensive side of things, Vanguards are designated crowd control champions, as well as great fight initiators. Aggressive teams at the top of League of Legends ranks often employ these in their picks. Examples: Leona and Malphite
  • WardensDefensively oriented tanks, Wardens are primarily focused on counter-measures that keep their teammates out of danger and enable them to establish and keep map control and lane pressure. Objective-oriented, map control focused teams across all League of Legends ranks often incorporate Wardens in their picks. Examples: Braun and Shen

Fighters (Bruisers)

Short-ranged champions specializing in sustained damage and survivability. Fighters are great for taking down enemy Assassins and Tanks due to consistent DPS (damage per second), aided by their natural survival capabilities. However, due to their lack of range, Fighters are vulnerable against enemy Mages and Marksmen. These rangy champions can easily pick and kill them from the distance.

  • Juggernauts (off-tanks)Tough, “tanky” fighters, naturally defensive and resilient. They usually lack in mobility department. However, once they are in range, they can dish out considerable amount of damage over time. These are always great and consistent in climbing up the League of Legends ranks. Examples: Darius and Nasus
  • DiversDivers posses a little bit of everything – toughness, mobility, distance closing, fight initiative and sustained damage. They also suffer against Mages and Marksmen due to their short range. However, they have enough survivability and mobility to enter and escape most fights on their own terms. Their versatility is the reason why we often see them across all League of Legends ranks. Examples: Vi and Xin Zhao


Extremely mobile champions, Slayers are opportunistic killers preying on “squishy” enemy targets – Mages and Marksmen. They usually focus on maximising their 1v1 offensive capabilities, paying little to no attention to their defences. Their flanking, ganking and ambushing capabilities are perfect for sudden bursts of damage against lone, vulnerable enemy targets. Slayers are often squishy themselves though, so they usually struggle against Tanks and Fighters.

  • AssassinsMost Assassins are highly mobile melee infiltrators that roam behind enemy lines, searching for squishies. The playstyle usually involves a lot of risk and danger. However, if successfully used, Assassins can swiftly capitalize on any given opening or opportunity, reaping in huge rewards. Very popular in the top echelons of Esports scene, Assassins are often skipped over in lower League of Legends ranks due to their fragility. Examples: Zed and Fiz
  • SkirmishersThese champions rely more on sustained damage and defences than striking from the shadows and bursting down squishy targets. Their highly situational defensive countermeasures separate them from Divers. These enable them to successfully eliminate tougher targets than Assassins can. However, their lesser mobility can often catch them off-guard as well. Skirmishers see a lot of play in lower League of Legends ranks. Examples: Yasuo and Fiora

Mages (APC – Ability Power Carries)

Mages are overwhelmingly range-type champions, present in all League of Legends ranks. They rely on ability-based spells and effects to carry their team. These often deal area of effect damage and possess innate crowd control potential. Mages are chaining and combo specialists that rely on items, runes and masteries. They enable them to cast faster and more powerful spells. Thus, most mages are well-equipped to deal with and kill enemy Marksmen and Fighters.

  • Burst magesLacking in reach or utility, Burst mages possess superior direct damage abilities. Therefore, they offer the most kill-focused playstyle of all Mages. They can easily pick out enemy targets through powerful crowd control abilities that they often posses. Most Burst mages require large mana pools and have long cooldowns. They are quite popular in lower League of Legends ranks. Examples: Lux and Veigar
  • Battle magesBattle mages are versatile ranged DPS champions. Their abilities often apply damage over time effects and/or have shorter cooldowns. Compared to other two Mage subclasses, Battle mages possess better defences (shields, healing), mobility and distance closing. Thus, they’re less vulnerable to Assassins. Their DPS enables them to be more on-par with Tanks and Fighters as well. A good choice for all League of Legends Ranks. Examples: Karthus and Vladimir
  • Artillery magesThese Mages usually trade toughness, survivability and DPS for superior range. Therefore, they’re an excellent choice for players who like to constantly poke and annoy enemies from the safe distance. They only come in closer if absolutely necessary. However, of all three Mage subclasses, Artillery mages are the most susceptible to dying from the hands of enemy Assassins. Usually spotted in higher League of Legends ranks Examples: Ziggs and Xerath

Controllers (Supports)

Controller or Support champions are almost exclusively tasked with helping and assisting duties. They posses’ superior utilities and crowd control. Supports are the unsung heroes of teamfights, often multiplying their teammates’ effectiveness in the heat of the battle. They’re squishy and weak alone. Still, paired with a Marksman, Mage or a Fighter, they can control a lane quite effectively.

  • EnchantersEnchanters are utility specialists. Buffs, debuffs, heals, shields, auras, crowd control… They’re probably the weakest subclass of champions in the game when alone. When accompanied by another champion, they are a high priority target for enemy Assassins. A good Enchanter in your team can get you far in League of Legends ranks.  Examples: Janna, Lulu
  • CatchersCatchers were formerly known as “control mages”. They specialize in “grabbing” and singling out targeted opponents and/or creating points/zones of increased danger for enemy champions. Compared to Enchanters, they posses increased solo capabilities. However, they still greatly benefit from the presence of their allies in the near vicinity, both for their own protection and better efficiency of their abilities. Catchers are omnipresent in all League of Legends ranks. Examples: Thresh and Blitzcrank

Marksmen (ADC – Attack Damage Carries)

Ranged, sustained DPS carries that heavily rely on gold and items to maximise their reach and basic attack damage. They excel at picking and killing enemy Tanks and Fighters from safe distances. Also, they’re well-suited for securing objectives (towers, dragons, Baron Nashor). However, their squishiness is their downfall when countered by Assassins and Mages. Pure Marksmen usually don’t bode well in lower League of Legends ranks. Examples: Vayne, Ashe)


This is a group that consists of a wide variety of champions that tread the line amongst multiple classes and roles.For instance, Zilean falls somewhere in between a Mage and a Support champion, with a mix of utility and magic damage abilities.Graves is a Marksman whose shotgun shell pellets hit the first enemy in line. Therefore his DPS and range is highly variable depending on the situation.Cute little “devil” known as Teemo can be equally considered a Marksman, Assassin and a Diver, being equally good at all of those roles, but excelling at none. Due to his unique blend of skills, Teemo has gained a lot of notoriety and hate from frustrated players over the years.Not a lot of specialists are a viable choice to climb League of Legends ranks.

League of Legends Ranks – List of Champions and Their Positions

Champion Position
Ashe bot
Caitlyn bot
Corki bot
Draven bot
Ezreal bot
Jhin bot
Jinx bot
Kalista bot
Kog’Maw bot
Lucian bot
Miss Fortune bot
Sivir bot
Tristana bot
Twitch bot
Varus bot
Vayne bot
Xayah bot
Amumu jungle
Elise jungle
Evelynn jungle
Fiddlesticks jungle
Gragas jungle
Graves jungle
Hecarim jungle
Ivern jungle
Kayn jungle
Kha’Zix jungle
Kindred jungle
Lee Sin jungle
Master Yi jungle
Nidalee jungle
Nocturne jungle
Nunu jungle
Rek’Sai jungle
Rengar jungle
Sejuani jungle
Shaco jungle
Shyvana jungle
Skarner jungle
Udyr jungle
Vi jungle
Volibear jungle
Warwick jungle
Xin Zhao jungle
Zac jungle
Ahri mid
Akali mid
Anivia mid
Annie mid
Aurelion Sol mid
Azir mid
Brand mid
Cassiopeia mid
Diana mid
Fizz mid
Galio mid
Heimerdinger mid
Karma mid
Karthus mid
Kassadin mid
Katarina mid
Kayle mid
Kennen mid
LeBlanc mid
Lissandra mid
Lux mid
Malzahar mid
Orianna mid
Syndra mid
Taliyah mid
Talon mid
Twisted Fate mid
Veigar mid
Vel’Koz mid
Viktor mid
Vladimir mid
Xerath mid
Yasuo mid
Zed mid
Ziggs mid
Zilean mid
Alistar support
Bard support
Blitzcrank support
Braum support
Janna support
Leona support
Lulu support
Morgana support
Nami support
Nautilus support
Rakan support
Sona support
Soraka support
Tahm Kench support
Taric support
Thresh support
Zyra support
Aatrox top
Camille top
Cho’Gath top
Darius top
Dr. Mundo top
Ekko top
Fiora top
Gangplank top
Garen top
Gnar top
Illaoi top
Irelia top
Jarvan IV top
Jax top
Jayce top
Kled top
Malphite top
Maokai top
Mordekaiser top
Nasus top
Olaf top
Ornn top
Pantheon top
Poppy top
Quinn top
Rammus top
Renekton top
Riven top
Rumble top
Ryze top
Shen top
Singed top
Sion top
Swain top
Teemo top
Trundle top
Tryndamere top
Urgot top
Wukong top
Yorick top

League of Legends News – 2017 Tournaments & Events

This year’s League of Legends news has been ripe with headlines announcing the participation of all 13 major professional LoL Leagues at MSI and Worlds.Furthermore, League of Legends news have been flooded with reports indicating that The International Wildcard (IWC) events had been replaced by the newly formed Play-In Stage. This more inclusive format gives opportunity for teams from all major LoL regions to directly compete against each other.Due to League of Legends being such a popular game with an incredibly high player count, Esportsranks will bring you fresh League of Legends news pertaining to tournaments & events.

League of Legends News – MSI 2017

At this year’s MSI, the following 13 regions have their spring split champions as representatives:

  • Brazil (BR)
  • China (CN)
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  • Europe (EU)
  • Japan (JPN)
  • Korea (KR)
  • Latin America – North (LAN)
  • Latin America – South (LAS)
  • North America (NA)
  • Oceania (OCE)
  • Southeast Asia (SEA)
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau (LMS)
  • Turkey (TUR)

The prize pool is much bigger and the competition much fiercer. The stakes are high, the teams prepare all year for this important event.

League of Legends News – MSI Seeds & Format

Recent League of Legends news report that the seeding is based on results from the past 2 years of MSI and Worlds, with recent results as well as Worlds stage success taking precedence over the rest. Check out the aggregated results from the last two years:


League of Legends Ranks

Credit: Riot Games


As you can see, CN, EU and KR had the best overall League of Legends ranks over the course of last two years, which warrants their immediate Group Stage seeding at this year’s MSI.The other three seeds are determined by the outcome of the Play-in Stage.Group Stage format is the same as last year – 6 teams, BO1 double round robin.The final, Knockout Stage consists of four top teams from the Group Stage competing in a BO5.

League of Legends News – MSI Play-In Stage


League of Legends News

Credit: Riot Games


In terms of “wildcard” League of Legends news, due to their mediocre League of Legends ranks at the international stage during 2015 and 2016, BR, CIS, JPN, LAN, LAS, OCE, SEA and TUR are seeded in Round 1. They are randomly assigned to two groups of four teams. They battle it out in a BO1 Double Round Robin format. 2 out of those 8 teams advance forward into Round 2.There, they have to punch through NA and LMS seeds in a gruelling BO5. The two teams that lose those 2 matchups have one additional chance to qualify for Group Stage in a BO5 Round 3.When all is done, 3 out of these 12 teams move on to Group Stage.

League of Legends News – Worlds 2017 Implications


League of Legends Ranks Implications

Credit: Riot Games


Due to these League of Legends news about changes in the MSI, there are a few modifications in line for Worlds 2017.The top 4 regions at this year’s MSI get top 4 seeds at Worlds Group Stage, just like last year.However, the “wildcard” (BR, CIS, JPN, LAN, LAS, OCE, SEA, TUR) region with the highest League of Legends ranks at MSI gets an additional seed in the Worlds Play-In Stage. If two or more of these regions finish in the top 4, all of them get an additional slot.This year it was GIGABYTE Marines, a professional team from Vietnam, finishing at the 5th spot. They earned an additional Play-In slot for the entire Southeast Asia region.

League of Legends News – 2017 World Championship

And finally we have League of Legends news about World Championship Series. The prize pool is massive. The crowdsourcing campaigns make it a sum to behold.This is a pinnacle of the competitive LoL scene. Every team dreams of participating and winning it.This year, a total of 24 teams from 13 major regions compete in China from September 23 – November 4.Of course, there’s a Play-In Stage before the Group Stage.


League of Legends News Worlds Play-In

Credit: Riot Games


LMS has joined KR, CN, EU and NA with the 3rd seed of their own this year, seeded into the Play-In Stage.SEA also gets an additional, 2nd Play-In seed slot based on GIGABYTE Marines’ success at this year’s MSI.KR seeds skip the Play-In Stage though. All 3 of the Korean seeds are auto-seeded directly into the Group Stage.With 24 teams in the mix, anything can happen. October is clearly shaping up to be a hectic month, for sure!Esportsranks will be there to bring you all the latest League of Legends news, so stay tuned!