League of Legends Clash Mode Guide: Tickets, Rewards, Anti-Smurf Measures

League of Legends Clash Mode is an upcoming game mode for Riots’ premiere MOBA that offers something quite different from what we’ve seen in the game so far. We’ll be going over all the important stuff that you need to know about it so that when it hits live servers, you’ll be completely ready for it.

You can click here for Riot’s official article for League of Legends clash.

What Is League of Legends Clash?

Clash is a new game mode which will basically be a tournament between multiple teams. Like any other tournament, it’ll have an entrance fee and a reward system for participation and winning. The teams will comprise of regular players like yourself, meaning that you can form a team with your friends and join the fun.

If you’re more of the Solo Q type of person, you can still join Clash, and your experience will be similar other than the fact that you’ll be collaborating with complete strangers. While it is not yet clear, there are rumours that Clash will be live every 2 weeks or so, which will definitely make the game far more festive and competitive. The tournament will be spread over 3 days, with the matches spread over this time period.

Rewards For Playing League of Legends Clash

One aspect that makes this game mode great is that Skins are a part of the rewarding system. If you’re a player who believes your skill level is high, but can’t afford or don’t want to spend money on skins, now’s your chance! Skins aren’t the only thing you’ll get, however. There’s a bunch of cool items, like XP boosts and logos, Blue and Orange Essence, and Clash tickets.

As a rule of thumb, the further you go in the tournament, the better your rewards will be. Don’t worry if you lose in the first round, though. You’re still going to receive an adequate amount of rewards. Riot seems to want everyone to feel like a winner in Clash. However, the rewards for winning the entire tournament are far greater, so do remember to give it your all.

Keep in mind that even though Riot have said that they didn’t want a premade or Solo Q experience to feel vastly different, premade teams seem to have better rewards in general:

Clash rewards

via Riot Games

Where To Get League of Legends Clash Tickets

Getting into the tournament won’t be much of a problem. The prerequisites include having an account that’s eligible for the Ranked mode which also has an Honor Level of 2 or above. Each ticket will cost 990 BE or 215 RP. You’ll have the option to enter the tournament with a single ticket, or with 5 tickets, which will impact the rewards you get. You can also pay a ticket for a friend who doesn’t have one. Tickets are also available by completing in-game missions.

Will There Be Any Anti-Smurf Measures?

Since this game mode is quite different from Ranked, Riot is pretty serious about smurfs this time. The most that smurfs do in regular Ranked games is completely dominate the game, hence climbing quickly and reaching their skill level. In Clash, however, smurfing could be a great way to get skins for a minimal amount of effort. In addition to that, smurfing will ruin the fun for other players and waste their tickets.

To deter people from smurfing, Riot has strict penalties in place. Other than that, to play Clash, players will be required to lock their account to a valid phone number through verification. This will ensure that a player won’t be playing Clash with multiple accounts. Although this method isn’t foolproof, it’s better than nothing, and will definitely be a hurdle for smurfs who’re trying to crash the party.

League of Legends Clash Tournament Format

There will be 3 consecutive brackets, and you’ll have to win to proceed to the next round. The first one will be a 4-team bracket. The second will be an 8-team bracket, and the third will be a 16-team bracket. Losing teams will not completely drop out of the tournament but will be able to compete for the next best spot the following day amongst other teams that couldn’t make it. Teams also have the option to re-enter the bracket they dropped out from the following day.

League of Legends Clash

Clash tournament bracket format via Riot Games

Other Important Details

We’ll summarize some other important details that might be helpful to you during your quest for greatness on the Rift:

  • You’ll have to lock in your entire team half an hour before the tournament begins. During this time, you’ll be able to spectate all your opponents and develop a strategy based off of what you observe.
  • Champ select will be similar to the one we see in professional LCS matches
  •  The maximum game length will be 70 minutes. At 65 minutes, structures will start taking damage. Hence, the team which has done more damage to structures will presumably win.
  • There won’t be any pauses or remakes during the matches.
Clash Scouting

Scout your enemy while waiting for the tournament to start – via Riot Games

Finals Thoughts

As of now, Clash is still in Beta, and only on the NA server starting this Friday, 13th April 2018. It will continue on until Sunday, which will probably be the normal schedule for it once it hits live servers. The game mode seems pretty exciting, and is a great opportunity for players to play in a more team-based and competitive environment.

There are plenty of worthwhile incentives to play the mode, and if it’ll be as regularly recurring as we’ve heard (every 2 weeks or so), then it’ll become a staple game mode which will probably revolutionize the way League is played on the whole. It might be too early to say, but Clash might make it easier for players to make it to the pro scene as well.

What do you think about the new League of Legends Clash game mode? Do you agree with us on that it’ll be a big hit in the League community? Let us know in the comments below!

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