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League of Legends LCS Week 9 Stats Breakdown - Esportsranks
League of Legends LCS Week 9 Stats Breakdown

We take a look at League of Legends LCS week 9 stats, and what a week it was! It had it all, epic games, plenty of kills and action, action action! It’s important for all teams that their players hit top form as the playoffs take place. This weekly analysis should show us who is looking to makes some waves at exactly the right time.

LCS Week 9 Stats – Top 5 Most Deadly Players

1. Piglet 31 Kills – ADC Team Liquid

He died a lot, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s top of the most deadly list for Week 9. This was a crucial week for Team Liquid and Piglet gave it all he’s got. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as his team went down to two defeats.

Team Liquid will need their ADC on top form as they enter the promotion play offs. Piglet will need to build on these performances and hope that his fellow team mates also pull their weight. It’s not over yet.

2. HuHi 27 Kills – Mid Lane Counter Logic Gaming

CLG started the week with an outside chance at second place. To accomplish this they needed a win against Dignitas and HuHi was essential in this task. Unfortunately, that didn’t do anything to stop TSM winning their first series and condemning CLG to third place.

The second series of the week was against TSM, an old rivalry and a match up that again saw HuHi step up to the plate. CLG went down 2-0 but HuHi can be proud of his performance.

2. Jensen 27 Kills – Mid Lane Cloud9

LCS Week 9 Stats Jensen

Flickr @lolesports

Jensen has always been a dominant player for Cloud9 ever since he joined the team. Week 9 was no exception as they secured fourth place and a playoff game against season rivals Team Dignitas.

The week began with a series against Team Envy. Jensen dominated, securing 20 kills in two games, hitting his stride just when Cloud9 needed it most.

4. Rekkles 26 Kills – ADC Fnatic

Considering Fnatic played only one series this is a very impressive feat. In their two games against Roccat, he managed to get 15 kills in game one, and 11 kills in game two. There aren’t many ADC’s that can match that kind of kill rate.

Of course, the big question for Rekkles and Fnatic is if they can match their European dominance against teams from other regions. The MSI and Rift Rivals seem to indicate it’s a tall order.

5. Bjergsen 24 Kills – Mid Laner Team SoloMid

Bjergsen sits in the top 5 most deadly players week in and week out. Froggen is one of the few to match him with consistency. This week he pulled out the Corki on multiple occasions, finishing 7/0/10 and 7/5/7.

Team SoloMid have always been able to trust their mid laner to secure kills, outplay opponents and bring some serious damage to team fights. Their victory against CLG means they finish the league in the number one spot, and this guy is a big reason why.

Week 9 Most Deadly Summary

It’s really nice to see five different teams represented on this list, and it was a fine showing by Rekkles. What surprised me, is Piglet beating all the playoff teams players to number 1 spot, but this in large part due to all their series going to three games.

LCS Week 9 Stats – Top 5 Most Killed Players

We’ve looked at the most deadly, let’s take a peek at the players who died most. Team Liquid has four of the top 7 most killed players, but fortunately for them, this is only a top 5 list.

1. Seraph 25 deaths – Top Laner Team Envy

Seraph’s place on these lists seems to rise and fall with Team Envy’s fortunes. They lost both series this week, and Seraph was killed A LOT. He will need to work on his map reading, and backing off any unnecessary commitments.

It’s Seraphs second week in a row to be a part of this list and it can’t be something he or the team are happy about. They’ll need to sort out the problem before next season begins.

2. Adrian 20 deaths – Support Team Dignitas

Dignitas had a tough week, and I think that’s reflected in the number of times their support was killed. Adrian has teamed up well with Altec to turn Dignitas’ season around, so when they struggle, the team struggles.

I’m sure Adrian will be looking to make the plays in future, rather than dying at the end of an opponent’s play.

2. Dardoch 20 deaths – Jungler Team Liquid

Dardoch recently switched to Team Liquid, but any hope of turning their performances around died last weekend, along with Dardoch himself. No jungler wants to be seen on this list. It’s certainly a far cry from being a play maker on one of the top 3 teams in the NA LCS.

If Dardoch wants to avoid losing in the promotion play offs he needs to turn things around. A return to form may mean Team Liquid’s survival. Definitely not a bright spot for Dardoch in our LCS Week 9 stats report.

4. Piglet 19 deaths – ADC Team Liquid

Piglet has the distinction of being on both the top 5 lists. At least he gets his licks in before being beaten to a pulp. Still, if Team Liquid does a better job of protecting their ADC they could rise up the ranks rather than sit at the bottom of the table.

He finishes this week with 31 kills and 19 deaths. I’m sure he’d be happier if that second figure was a little lower.

5. LemonNation 18 deaths – Support FlyQuest

FlyQuest won both of their series this week and have to be happy with the results. 18 deaths for a support, in 5 games is not too bad. I doubt Lemon Nation is too bothered about dying so often, particularly since victories were secured.

LemonNation’s partner in crime did manage a suitable number of kills. Wild Turtle managed 22 for week 9.

LCS Week 9 Stats – Top 5 Dragon Slayers

Securing dragons is a sure way of showing dominance over the game’s objectives. One dragon may be an accident, but killing two or three shows a team knows when the objectives are up and how to control the surrounding area.

We take a look at the teams that managed it best in the LCS week 9.

1. Team SoloMid 14 dragons

LCS Week 9 Stats

Flickr @lolesports

Dragons can win games. The Second TSM vs CLG game is a good example of this. On paper, it was close, but in a game that lasted 52 minutes, CLG killed 0 dragons. Team SoloMid managed 6, and two of those were elder dragons.

They used the buffs to control the Baron area, push end game objectives, and keep the pressure on CLG. It’s highly doubtful they would have secured the win without the extra regeneration and damage given by the drakes.

2. FlyQuest 13 Dragons

LCS Week 9 Stats Hai

Flickr @lolesports

In a week where FlyQuest needed 2 victories, they secured 2 victories. Once again, dragons were a big part of their strategy. They lost only 1 game out of 5 and also secured 5 barons.

Objective control gives you the upper hand, and FlyQuest made sure that in a week that mattered, they controlled their games.

3. Misfits 12 Dragons

Another good example of objective control comes from Misfits’ third game against Ninjas. Here they blocked their opponents from capturing any objectives while securing a relatively early Mountain Drake.

They used the buff acquired to take down Rift Herald and towers in a quick succession. The game ended in under 25 minutes.

4. Team Liquid 9 Dragons

It’s perhaps surprising to see Team Liquid in fourth place on this top 5 list. Bear in mind they played 6 games and have struggled all season to take early game dominance and turn it into mid and late game victories.

5. Immortals 8 Dragons

In contrast to Team Liquid, Immortals played four games and won four games during week 9. While this puts them markedly behind rivals TSM in the LCS week 9 stats, it’s still an average of two dragons a game.

LCS Week 9 Stats: Top 5 Winning Champions

For the purposes of this list, we’ve only included champions that have played at least 3 games during week 8. Including champions that have played less than that makes the statistic worthless.

1. Kalista 75%

With Caitlyn enjoying the highest ban rate of the week, Kalista stepped up to show how OP she can be in the current meta. She’s almost always the first choice ADC with the Sheriff out of town.

1. Zac 75%

The giant green blob makes another appearance on the list, showing that if he isn’t banned out, he’ll win games. There may be other more important bans in the current meta, but these stats give a strong argument for why he can’t be ignored.

1. Morgana 75%

The support with a built in banshees and a playmaking kit that makes others envious. While there are certain picks that can hurt Morgana in the laning stage, it’s always good to have her binding for picks on unsuspecting players, and her shield for added protection.

4. Gnar 71.4%

It’s the combination of Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet that makes this champion such a strong split pusher. The pros have his transformation timings perfected, making him a great bully in team fights.

5. Sivir 66.7%

A surprise addition to the top 5 champions is Sivir. This is partly due to the perennial bans of Caitlyn and Tristana, but the average bot lane duo is obviously making it work. It’s great to see so many ADC picks being viable. This is a nice addition to the LCS week 9 stats analysis.

LCS Week 9 Stats Summary

It’s been a great end to the regular season and I have loved seeing some new names in the top 5 lists, as well as new champions being played. As we enter the playoffs it will be interesting to watch which teams keep good dragon control and if any new champions break into the meta.