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LCS 2019 Spring Week 2 Recap: Team Liquid and the Rest - Esportsranks
LCS 2019 Spring Week 2 Recap: Team Liquid and the Rest

Second weeks are usually about either doubling up on last week’s efforts or catching back up, and the LCS 2019 Spring Week 2 was no exception. Of course, this early on, all we can do is to observe. It’s still near-impossible to arrive at reliable insights about the general strengths and weaknesses of each team. Although, with two weeks worth of performance, we already have a good starting point and can try to predict where they lie.

Also, Patch 9.2 hit all regions of competitive play in LCS 2019 Spring Week 2.

As expected, the teams of the LCS reacted differently to the changes, and though it was but a glimpse, we saw how they all adjusted to the new patch. 

LCS 2019 Spring Week 2 Meta Recap

LCS 2019 Spring Week 2

From what we’ve seen through LCS 2019 Spring Week 2, Victor has so far not been a very successful pick. (Image Source: Riot Games)

If what we saw in LCS 2019 Spring Week 2 was any indication, the LCS teams aren’t really feeling the jungle changes; the slower style of play preferred by North American teams made it seem like there wasn’t any change at all. Although, it is worth noting that teams no longer prioritize Sejuani in the drafts, and are instead going for Lee Sin for the jungle.

Just like every other region though, lane priority still reigns supreme. But, even so, it was nice seeing some times try out and experiment with champions and stray away from their usual lane assignments, like putting Jayce and Victor in the bottom lane.

Speaking of Viktor, he is now known as a rather flexible champion, capable of being taken to three different lanes. While we saw the success of Viktor at the 2018 World Championship in the hands of Kim “Kiin” Gi-in and Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau, several changes have hit the champion since then. Viktor is not as much of a powerhouse anymore. Even if he remains a staple pick, he is far from stable, and has often suffered more losses than wins, especially when played in the bottom lane. 

A clear difference with North American teams with the other regions is that no counter picks against Urgot seem to have been developed. In other regions, we see the Kennen picked in this matchup, but LCS teams seem content to just farm away, putting champions such as Sion and Aatrox against the tanky top laner.

LCS 2019 Spring Week 2 Current Standings

LCS 2019 Spring Week 2

CLG was able to rise from their rather disappointing 0-2 first week in LCS 2019 Spring Week 2. (Image source: LoL Esports)

1st place — Team Liquid (4-0)

2nd place — FlyQuest (3-1)

3rd to 8th place — Cloud9, Clutch Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Echo Fox, OpTic Gaming, Team SoloMid (2-2)

9th place — 100 Thieves (1-3)

10th place — Golden Guardians (0-4)

Once again, Team Liquid are on top, and it seems like there’s nothing LCS teams can do to stop them. They haven’t suffered a loss yet, and it’s not even close. The only team that you could argue is near their level is FlyQuest, who, by the way, suffered their first less last week. As for Clutch Gaming, it seems like they couldn’t keep their momentum and, as a result, suffered from an 0-2 week. The trio of OpTic Gaming, Echo Fox, and Team SoloMid had a 1-1 weekend, with none of them showing any signs of being a strong or bad team yet.

The surprise of the week was perhaps Counter Logic Gaming, who, after going 0-2 in the first week, flipped the tables in Week 2 and stayed true to their name.

Speaking of wins, 100 Thieves were finally able to put themselves on the board. Albeit, their lone win came against the Golden Guardians, who, by the way, are currently in the bottom.

We’re only two weeks in, with seven more to go, but it’s already looking like the standings are not going to change anytime soon.

The Biggest Risers and Worst Performances of LCS Spring 2019 Week 2

Biggest Riser: Team Liquid

LCS Spring 2019 Week 2

With the addition of CoreJJ, Team Liquid has cemented its status as the best North American team. (Image source: LoL Esports)

Team Liquid is currently the undisputed best team in the League of Legends Championship Series, having won four games in a row quite easily, with Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng continuing to carry the entire team to victory.

For a team named from something so fluid, Team Liquid’s play are rock solid and have yet to change. But, hey, if it works, why change it, right? Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong remains a reliable solo laner who can play the initiator late in the game, while Nicolas “Jensen” Jensen is just as self-sufficient, capable of laning all by himself while also helping out if necessary. He’s shown a lot of versatility, playing carries like Akali or Aatrox while also playing support champions like Lissandra.

Finally, Jake “Xmithie” Puchero has shown that he remains a capable player in the current meta, particularly on Lee Sin.

The person most deserving of all the praise for this team, however, is Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in. While he has only been on the Braum and the Rakan, he has shown great proficiency on these champions, seemingly taking these champions to their limits and proving that Team Liquid were smart to pick him up for the 2019 season.

Needs Improvement: Clutch Gaming

After a disastrous LCS 2019 Spring Week 2, the question on everyone’s minds now is, can Clutch Gaming recover next weekend? (Image source: LoL Esports)

The phrase used most often when talking about the Clutch Gaming roster is “high variance”.

In the first week they were able to get a 2-0 record, and this week they got a 0-2, evening out their overall score lines.

The team has carry threats in all roles, as they proved last week, but the pendulum seems to have swung the other way. First to discuss here is Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. He has been rather shaky so far in this split, despite getting favorable matchups. He has been the recipient of several solo kills and he has proved to be rather easily gankable by enemy junglers and mid laners. When he is on picks that rely on early game snowballing, him performing rather worse than expected makes him a non-factor in later stages of the game.

Nam “LirA” Tae-yoo has been the aggressive jungler for this team, but at times, he has not been able to assist his team in situations wherein he is needed. If he does not have a rather favorable early game, he seems to get disconnected with the rest of his team, which spells a lot of trouble for his teammates. This is because he seems to be the catalyst towards unlocking the rest of the team. If he is set behind, the team is likely to struggle.

Clutch Gaming needs to find some consistency, and they need to do it soon.

Final Thoughts

It’s 2019, but just like last year, Team Liquid remain at the very top. But, we shouldn’t count off the other teams just yet. It is possible that, just like their preferred style of play, the other LCS teams are just taking their time.

If that’s the case, then the general parity in the standings should make for an interesting playoff race in two months.

What do you think was the biggest takeaway in the LCS 2019 Spring Week 2? Do you think we missed out on a key detail? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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