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Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming Dominate in LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 - Esportsranks
Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming Dominate in LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2

With LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 now all over, we’re starting to see some patterns of good teams and bad teams.

Case in point, we’ve seen Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming continue their dominance. Griffin convincingly deveated both Hanhwa Life and DAMWONG gaming without even dropping a single game. Meanwhile, SANDBOX Gaming had a tougher task taking on SKT and walking away with a win, although it did take them three games to defeat the three-time world champions. But, they did demolish Hanwha Life, so there’s that.

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 was also quite exciting to watch because we saw some great and bloody games. We also saw the things that make LCK great to watch — their amazing macro play.

When talking about new players we can see that some of them have adjusted amazingly to the standards that are required to perform well at such a high level and on the other hand some of them have already started to show their inexperience and that it may take some time for them to prove themselves as being worthy to play against the old guard. The performance of Jin Air and also Afreeca Freecs leaves a lot to be desired since they aren’t up to the task at the moment. You would expect that a team with players like Lee Seong-jin “CuVee”, Park Jae-hyuk “Ruler” and Song Yong-jun “Fly” to perform at a higher level and not the disasters that we have seen so far.

However, we still have 8 more weeks to go and there are plenty of games for the former world champions to prove themselves that they aren’t washed up and still have what it takes to at least put up a good fight if they qualify for the playoffs of this split. 

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 — Meta Recap

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2

Cassiopeia remained a strong pick in LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2, something that’s unlikely to change until the meta changes. (Riot)

This week we saw some changes compared to the 1st week and I have to say they have made the game a little bit more exciting. The most picked champion was Urgot, he was picked 17 times after Urgot came Kai’sa with 13 times and Akali with 12 times. Urgot is a no-brainer also this week because at the moment he is definitely a pick or ban champion that provides a little bit of everything to his team. Kai’sa still remains a favorite among the bot laners and it is also a very safe pick that provides a good laning phase and also is a tremendous asset during teamfights.

The emergence of Akali as one of the most picked champions makes the game a little bit more exciting and teamfights are a joy to watch since Akali can burst the squishies from 100 to 0 in a matter of seconds and still live.  

When it comes to the most banned champions this week, Cassiopeia still reigns supreme with having received 24 bans and it seems that this trend will continue until the meta changes. Galio and Rakan are placed 2nd with 15 bans. Galio is a safe pick that has many teams ban him rather than deal with his ultimate. Rakan is in the same boat because of his ability to change the course of the teamfights with his ultimate and leave without even losing a small portion of his HP.

With a patch coming soon, we should expect things to change in the LCK in the coming weeks.

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 — Standings

The new faces continued their strong performance in the LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2, with SKT, despite the hype, dropping a series against SANDBOX Gaming. DAMWON Gaming also found themselves outclassed by Griffin and SKT, with the former putting them in their place. A pleasant surprise was the performance of Kingzone DragonX since they defeated in style KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs.

Jin Air Green Wings are looking like the joke of the split so far. Out of the 9 games that they have played, they’ve won only one game and it seems that there is no hope for this roster whatsoever. With performances like we have seen through these four series, they won’t be able to secure a playoff position. It is obvious that they are missing Park “Teddy” Jin-seong more than they would like to admit. 

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 Standings 
  Team  Series  Games 
1  Griffin  4 – 0  100%  8 – 0  100%  +8 
2  SANDBOX Gaming  4 – 0  100%  8 – 1  89%  +7 
3  SK Telecom T1  3 – 1  75%  7 – 3  70%  +4 
4  DAMWON Gaming  2 – 2  50%  5 – 4  56%  +1 
5  Kingzone DragonX  2 – 2  50%  4 – 4  50%  0 
6  Hanwha Life Esports  2 – 2  50%  4 – 5  44%  -1 
7  KT Rolster  1 – 3  25%  3 – 6  33%  -3 
8  Gen.G  1 – 3  25%  3 – 7  30%  -4 
9  Afreeca Freecs  1 – 3  25%  2 – 7  22%  -5 
10  Jin Air Green Wings  0 – 4  0%  1 – 8  11%  -7 

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2 Recap

Best Performers of the Week

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2

Tarzan has played a huge role in Griffin’s dominance so far, as his ability to play different champions give his team the ability to throw out different lineup compositions against their opponents. (Team Griffin)

I am sure that it won’t be hard to predict that Griffin has performed like world champions this week and have shown that they have what it takes to defeat the strongest teams in LCK. Their midlaner Jeong Ji-hoon “Chovy” currently has a KDA of 84, dying only once throughout the entire split so far. That’s amazing considering he plays aggressively and actively tries not to play behind his teammates. However, Chovy would not be in the position to succeed if not for his teammates. For example, their jungler, Lee Seung-yong “Tarzan” has been absolutely and has proven himself capable of playing different champions that require a different set of play styles.

What’s most interesting is how the rest of the league perceive Griffin. Many even go as far as to praise them and completely forget about SKT Gaming.

Another team worth taking note of is Kingzone DragonX. They put up one hell of a fight against KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs, with Heo “PawN” Won-Seok looking like a completely different player from last week

Worst Performers of the Week

LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2

Looking outclassed after having faced off against the top teams of the league, DAMWON Gaming didn’t exactly help their cause by not putting up that much of a fight. (DAMWON Gaming)

DAMWON Gaming’s Jang Ha-gwon “Nuguri” was definitely one of the worst performers that we saw this week. His impact was minimal, to say the least, and the number of deaths that he has had throughout the course of the five games that he has played is worrying. He has had only 4 kills and 11 assists and an atrocious 19 deaths. That gives him a paltry KDA of 0.78. This is something Nuguri needs to address if he wants to continue the hype revolving around him.

Nuguri, though, isn’t exactly alone. The rest of DAMWON Gaming also didn’t show up. The entire team looked lost and confused last week. Against Team Griffin, they simply looked like they didn’t belong in the same league. Sure, DAMWON Gaming are new, but, they could at least put up a more decent showing, right?

Unfortunately for DAMWON Gaming, things will not get any easier for them since they will face Sandbox gaming and Kingzone DragonX.

We’ll know by then if they are the real deal, or if they’re all hype.

Final Thoughts

This week brought us a lot of action and we got to see some great performances from Griffin and Sandbox, while SKT limped a little but they are miles ahead of the SKT from last season. Kim Tae-min “Clid” has been playing like a top tier jungler and Park Jin-seong “Teddy” has put up some solid performances. It will take some time for the entire team to finally play up to the potential that they have and we will probably get to see SKT play to the level that their fans expect in a couple of weeks. I would love to see how Jin Air Green Wings are thinking of improving the things that are going wrong for them, because the formula that they have right now is simply not working.

What do you think was the biggest takeaway from LCK Spring Split 2019 Week 2? Do you think Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming will continue their dominance? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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