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2017 LCK Spring Playoffs Week 1 Roundup - KT Rolster Too Much For MVP - Esportsranks
2017 LCK Spring Playoffs Week 1 Roundup – KT Rolster Too Much For MVP

2017 LCK Spring Playoffs Week 1 Roundup

MVP and afreeca are no more. Despite the former being victorious over the latter, KT Rolster had more than MVP could handle. The bad news is that the road to glory for KT could now not be harder, as Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom are what stands between them and the championship. Here is the 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs Week 1 Roundup.

afreeca Freecs 0 – 2 MVP

The wildcard round pitted two teams against each other with distinctly different styles. AF is full of mechanical talent, looking to surge into an early game lead and bully their opponents off the map. MVP, on the other hand, have more of a surgical precision about them, sacrificing mechanics for better map movement and objective control.

AF’s brute force was on full display in the first map, as former Fnatic jungler Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon got in on the action early. However, Spirit‘s tendency to go all-in was well capitalised by the counter-ganking of his opposite number Kim “Beyond” Kyu-seok, and any trades ended up even. Afreeca continued to stay in high gear, controlling the tempo throughout the game, but MVP’s defensive prowess meant that AF just couldn’t finish the game off. Eventually, at 45 minutes, the afreeca Freecs cracked first, and MVP secured the win after a big baron fight victory.

The second game saw more of the same from both team, however afreeca seemed hell-bent on making amends for failing to finish off MVP in the first game, and a questionable tower dive against Kang “ADD” Geon-mo led to MVP securing a huge lead. With their opponent’s heads clearly dropping, MVP began to find more kills across the map, the game quickly snowballing out of AF’s control. The Freecs could never recover, and could only watch as MVP rode off into the sunset and into the final four.

Read what we predicted in the preview here.

KT Rolster 3 – 0 MVP

Whilst AF were unable to contain MVP’s map movements, KT Rolster had no such problems in their clean sweep of the underdogs.

Similar to the wildcard round, MVP showed good reactions to their opponent’s early moves and aggression, Beyond once again doing a good job of keeping tabs on the enemy jungler. KT’s jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin is no slouch, however, and managed to keep himself relevant throughout the maps, despite a huge misstep in the first game giving MVP an early advantage.

MVP were well awarded for their early game leads, particularly in game three, which saw them secure two Infernal drakes and the first Baron Nashor. They would often find themselves ahead in kills as well, thanks to their better early game map movements. A surprise Blitzcrank pick-up in game two by MVP’s support Jeong “Max” Jong-bin helped get kills for his team mates at regular intervals.

However, despite all these advantages, the individual mechanical superiority of the KT players meant that they were almost always level in terms of gold, resources and stats, regardless of what objectives MVP were taking. On top of all this, KT Rolster boast one of the best shot-callers in the world in the form of their veteran support Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong.

Ultimately, anything MVP tried didn’t matter. Every time the game transitioned to the mid or late game, KT Rolster kicked it up a notch. Despite winning the two match-ups in the regular season, MVP simply didn’t have enough to keep up with the tempo their opponents were setting. Mechanical and communication superiority eventually shone through, and KT are one step closer to the 2017 LCK Spring Split title.

Thats it for the 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs Week 1 Roundup. Check back soon for our coverage of the Semi-Finals and Finals!

The Schedule

15 Apr 10:00 CEST – Semi-Final – Samsung Galaxy vs KT Rolster
16 Apr 10:00 CEST – Final – SK Telecom T1 vs TBD