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LCK Spring Day 1: KSV Wins 2-0 Against KZ - Esportsranks
LCK Spring Day 1: KSV Wins 2-0 Against KZ

The first match of the LCK Spring season, which was KZ vs KSV, was quite one-sided. It’s safe to say that KZ (Kingzone), previously known as Longzhu Gaming, didn’t play up to their expectations. Their opponents, KSV, previously known as Samsung Galaxy, were able to outshine them drastically.

Below is a summary of what went down in the matchup between these two teams:

KZ vs KSV Game 1

The cheers and gasps from the crowd were worth listening to when Peanut locked in his Nidalee. It’s one of his signature picks, but he hasn’t played her at all during his time with SKT. The rest of the picks and bans were reminiscent to the LPL matches yesterday. The ADCs and supports went with Relics Shields as their starting items, and both supports were tanks; Tahm Kench and Braum.

The early game was as the hyped crowd wanted it. Peanut and Bdd worked together for a very early game first blood. Peanut was consistently invading Ambition’s jungle. However, things started turning south for KZ when a miscommunication resulted in Peanut being killed.

This was the point where the tables started turning for the game.

From that point on, KSV’s tanky composition kept scaling while Nidalee kept growing increasingly useless as the minutes passed by. While KZ was successful in getting isolated picks on KSV, mainly due to Rascal with his perfect mechanics on Ornn. However, KSV kept making the more intelligent macro decisions. KZ seemed helpless as KSV kept taking turrets across the map.

The final nail on KZ’s coffin was a teamfight gone extremely sour for them after they rushed the Baron. Even though Ruler was down the mid lane taking KZ’s turret, KZ was unable to win a 4 v 5 against KSV’s tanks. Once Ruler arrived to join the fight, KSV were able to ace Kingzone and finish the game before their opponents had time to respawn.

KZ vs KSV Game 2

The second game of the match was looking much more promising for KZ. Peanut once again went all in for an early game jungler – this time on Lee Sin, one of his most popular picks. Ambition matched this with a Rengar. Overall, KSV’s team composition didn’t match any sense. They had a Gangplank on CuVee in the top lane, Malzahar on Crown in mid, and an Ezreal and Braum for Ruler and CoreJJ.

KSV’s team had almost no teamfighting capabilities, and lost in the early game as well. Somehow, Kingzone still managed to mess the game up. Rascal was the only one on the team who played to his full potential. KZ got an early game kill like last game, this time in the top lane. Rascal played like a beast for the entirety of the game, constantly pushing in CuVee. He even got a solo kill on Ambition, and took the outer turret in the top lane solo.

Besides Crown, the rest of KSV were having a terrible early game. Their bot lane was being pushed in constantly by the Sivir and Taric duo on PraY on GorillA. Ambition was useless up until 20 minutes due to none of the lanes being gankable. The only thing KSV had going for them was that they were doing fine in terms of farm. It was around the 20-minute mark when, out of nowhere, KSV did a double skirmish in the mid and bot lane. They were both 2v2s; however, with the help of Rengar’s burst and Malzahar’s ultimate, they were able to lock down a target.

KZ vs KSV – Outplayed on a Macro Level

KSV simply kept outplaying KZ on a macro level in both games. In Game 2, Rengar was doing so much more work than Peanut on his Lee Sin. It certainly didn’t help KZ’s case that Braum had some on-point ults which threw them in disarray despite their superior composition. As a result, it didn’t take long for the gold difference between both teams to grow to a disastrous level for KZ.

Through all this time, Ezreal had been maintaining his farm better than PraY. Even though he had to use each one of his ults just to negate KZ’s push, and had to endure the constant poke from the Sivir, he not only kept himself from dying, but got kills in his name. Once the laning phase was over, he was ready to do massive damage in teamfight.

Overall, KZ just didn’t have what it takes to scale up when it came to teamfights. KSV knew their timings and pushed the issue, taking KZ head on to collect a sweep.


We had concerns earlier on about whether Kingzone (Longzhu) would allow Peanut to play in his signature, early game playstyle. Surprisingly, they did. However, Peanut was simply unable to perform as he used to. In both games, he failed to get his team ahead like he was supposed to. He couldn’t create the early pressure that was needed to justify his early game picks.

Rascal, on the other hand, was flawless, despite the disadvantage he was at due to his team’s performance.

KSV seem like they’re off to a bright future this season. If they keep this up, they might just be able to retain their titles of Worlds’ champions. Winning outright while having a losing composition is no easy feat, especially against a team like KZ. Kingzone, on the other hand, will have to work on their drafting and communications a lot more if they hope to perform at all this year.

One possible reason why KZ lost could be due to the fact that Khan, their primary top laner, was unable to make it to the match. However, seeing that Rascal played perfectly well, this excuse does little to redeem KZ this time.

Were you able to watch the much-anticipated KZ vs KSV matchup? Why do you think KZ lost quite so easily? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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