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LCK Spring Day 1: Kongdoo vs MVP Summary and Highlights - Esportsranks
LCK Spring Day 1: Kongdoo vs MVP Summary and Highlights

Today’s Kongdoo vs MVP matchup was quite interesting. Though overshadowed by the more anticipated matchup between KSV and KZ earlier in the day, the lesser known series was nothing to scoff at.

In particular, the less heralded matchup introduced the sharp variations in the current meta, and of course, treated viewers to some more spectacular plays. At the end of it all, it was Kongdoo Monster who took the win, via a decisive 2-0 sweep of MVP.

Below is an overview of how the Kongdoo vs MVP series went.

Kongdoo vs MVP – Game 1

The first game of the match spun off an Illaoi pick by MVP, making it the first Illaoi to be picked in the LCK. Another difference they spurred in the meta was a Janna pick as their support. Shielding supports have pretty much disappeared ever since All Stars, and MVP made a valiant effort to bring them back.

This plan backfired, however, as the Janna was unable to make much of a difference during the game. MVP also had a Nidalee as their jungler, something they took out of KZ’s book.

Kongdoo, on the other hand, had a completely meta compliant composition. They had a tank support in Thresh, Ornn as their top laner and a Zoe to top things off. Not banning Zoe was perhaps the biggest mistake MVP made during this game as Edge played perfectly on her. His damage was off the charts, making it clear that Zoe needs more nerfs than the ones given to her this patch.

MVP didn’t stand a chance in this game. Apart from a single baron steal by Beyond on his Nidalee, MVP didn’t take a single objective nor kill. Kongdoo landed a perfect victory against MVP in their first game, leaving MVP helpless.

Kongdoo vs MVP – Game 2

The second, and last game, of the match was much more even than the first. As expected, there was a Zoe ban in the picks and bans phase. However, MVP didn’t give up on the idea of having an assassin jungler. This time Beyond took Khazix as his champion. MVP also secured Gangplank as their top laner, a champion that has been in high demand since the start of the season.

Kongdoo once again had a simple, tank composition with a Gnar in the top lane, and a Shen support. One questionable pick they had was a Zac in the jungle, which is rare to see in pro play in the current meta. The pick ended up paying off, however. MVP tried their best to stay even with Kongdoo, but repetitive favorable teamfights generated a lead for Kongdoo which they soon converted into a win.


While this game wasn’t the most high-profile game of the series, it showed creativity on the part of less hyped teams. With more coordination and a similar amount of creativity, these teams could climb up the spring season ladder.

Is there an underrated team in the LCK that you support? Let us know in the comments below to bring more attention to it!

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