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LCK 2018 Spring Week 6 - It's Time For SKT to Take Over Again - Esportsranks
LCK 2018 Spring Week 6 – It’s Time For SKT to Take Over Again

Some extremely important events took place during the 5th week of the LCK 2018 Spring Split. The most notable among them were the rise of SKT. They’re on a roll right now, and although they’re not exactly the powerhouse they were just yet, it’s only a matter of time before they make their presecne well known once again.

Is KSV Slipping Halfway Through LCK 2018?

On the other hand, KSV has been quietly slipping away match after match. They were right on top at the start of the season, where they’d have been expected. But now, they don’t seem like they can handle the competition. Perhaps they have a comeback similar to that of SKT in store; however, speculation would suggest that they’ll be behind Afreeca Freecs and SKT after the coming week.

LCK 2018 Gives Rise to KZ-KT Rivalry

One more important thing to consider is the sharp rivalry beginning to form between what you may consider the top teams in the region at the moment.

Kingzone DragonX and KT Rolster were both in a tussle for the top spot a few weeks ago, and they find themselves in the same position once more. They won’t be fighting each other this week, however, which means that the outcome will be decided by other teams. However, we strongly feel like both teams are about to come through with a 2-0 week.

What to Expect from Week 6 of LCK 2018

Seeing that our predictions for last week were 100% correct, we won’t be too surprised if these ones hit the spot too.

We really think that SKT is going to take it all this week. Sure, some other teams might also have a great week, especially the juggernauts that are KZ and KT, but SKT is going to be in the spotlight due to how behind they were.

No one was ready to accept that SKT would just submit to the other teams and simply vanish from the scene. We knew from the very beginning that SKT would be making a comeback. That much was apparent from how at ease Faker was during his stream sessions. A man without a plan wouldn’t be sitting with a smile on his face while being right at the bottom of the LCK ladder.

SKT is set to take this week by storm and will definitely be the on the tongues of literally everyone – fans, haters and analysts alike. This is because if SKT see a 2-0 week pass by this time, they’ll have a realistic chance of winning the Split. They even have two new talents by their side for Round 2 of the LCK. No one has faced them yet, and Leo is especially dangerous because he’s never played in the pro scene before. LZ, KT and AFS will all be sweating buckets if SKT continues to rise, because we all know what happens when this team is at its prime.

LCK 2018 Week 6 Favourites

We have 3 teams that we’re expecting to come out on top of everyone else this week. They’ve all been mentioned quite heavily during our previous previews, except for SKT, perhaps.

1. Kingzone DragonX

We can’t think of a single week during which we haven’t mentioned Kingzone at least once. This team is absolutely wrecking everyone out there. Sure, they hit a bump during their match against BBQ Olivers, but we doubt that’s something that’ll leave a lasting impression.

Every once in a while, an underrated team decides to defeat a better team in the LCK. That’s what the general trend has been so far. As of now, Kingzone doesn’t seem to be in a bad position at all. Assuming that KT Rolster loses a match this week, KZ will be in the lead again without even breaking a sweat.

2. KT Rolster

KT Rolster don’t seem to be in the mood to give KZ an easy time, however. They’ve fought pretty hard to be where they are now, and it’s clear they have their sights on the seasonal victory this time around.

The thing that KT have going for them is that this week’s matches are strongly in their favor. They should easily be able to take down Kongdoo Monster, and they do everything that Rox Tigers can do – only better.

3. SKT T1

We’re jumping on the SKT hype train before everyone else does. This week won’t be easy for SKT in the slightest. However, if they can manage to pull this one off, their abysmal early season performance will pretty much be forgotten. They’ll have a chance to make their mark once more this year.

At the rate they’re going, they might even make it to the finals of this season. If that happens, then we’ll know for certain that the SKT we all know and love is right here with us, and not utterly destroyed by the departures of Peanut and Huni.

Must-Watch Matches in Week 6 of LCK 2018

There are two matches that could decide the outcome of this week, and both of them concern Afreeca Freecs:

Afreeca Freecs vs. KSV

Prediction: AFS win 2-1
Odds: 1.8 (AFS) – 1.9 (KSV) via Arcanebet

While we think that SKT is on a rising streak, KSV are on the opposite side of the spectrum. They’ve lost their footing in this match, and their relentless opponents won’t give them a chance to get back on their feet again.

We think that AFS will be taking this match away at a 2-1 score.

Afreeca Freecs vs. SKT

Prediction: SKT win 2-1

The numbers would suggest that Afreeca are going to win this match, but looking at how well SKT have been performing as of late, we really think they might be making a turnaround. We think that SKT will be able to best their opponents during this match and secure a better future for themselves.


It all comes down to whether or not KT or KZ will lose a match this week. That’ll settle the first position once more. Other than that, AFS’s playmaking this week will heavily determine whether they’re going to continue staying relevant or not.

Do you think that SKT will be rising to the top in Week 6 of LCK 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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