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LCK 2018 Spring Split Week 3 Betting Predictions - Esportsranks
LCK 2018 Spring Split Week 3 Betting Predictions

While the EU LCS and NA LCS have been going on with their theatrics, a quite game of power has been brewing in the LCK 2018 Spring Split. The previous Kings of League of Legends seem to have abdicated from the thrones, and they don’t have a clear successor yet. The top teams aren’t having a successful run, as we’ve seen with the recent defeat of KSV at the hands of Kongdoo Monster.

This kind of development begs the questions: who is going to prevail in the LCK this season, and is Korea as relevant as it once was in the International scene? We’ll analyze the situation with how the teams have been playing and predict which teams will dominate this week.


LCK 2018 Spring Split – Heavy Favourites

Of all the teams in the LCK 2018 Spring Split, we think these ones are about to make a killing this week:


They lost to Kongdoo in a best of 3. KSV didn’t even get a chance to take the match to the third game. Kongdoo did away with them right in the second game. The scary part is that Kongdoo didn’t necessarily have a superior comp. They played better at a macro level and it ended up paying off big time.

With that said and done, we think KSV is the kind of team who’ll make a comeback from such a defeat. It’s highly unlikely that this single match will grasp their mindsets and tilt them towards additional games that go south for them.

This week holds easier matchups for them, and we think they’ll go 2-0 this week, helping them keep their lead in the region.

KT Rolster

Things have looked amazing for KT plenty of times in the past. They have a tendency of messing up right at the very end, like we saw last year. However, they seem to have noticed this trend as we have. It’s clear that they’ve worked hard to rework their entire game strategy, and no longer go all guns blazing at every team that crosses their path.

Their victory over SKT, and a legendary one at that, is something to keep in mind with them going forward. What’s more, we think they’ll be able win all their matchups this week, placing them right next to KSV on the ladder.

Afreeca Freecs

This team is where things get confusing. Analysts have placed hopes in them, though. They pulled a surprise win over KT Rolster when no one was expecting it. This was right before they publicly tweeted that this game would be theirs.

From that point on, they haven’t pulled anything that blew us away. This week pits them against BBQ Olivers, which we’re sure they’ll win. The second match is one which sparks interest. AFS could very well win this match, and in doing so, write SKT’s name in the Deathnote. We’re placing our hopes in the team which humbled the likes of KT Rolster.

At least Kingzone look ready for the next week!

LCK 2018 Spring Split – Must-watch Matches

We’ve handpicked the most exciting matches of the week in the LCK 2018 Spring Split and predicted which team will win and why:

Kongdoo Monster vs. Jin Air Wings

Match time: Tuesday 30/01, 20:00 KST
Prediction: Jin Air win 2-1

Simply put, Kongdoo just aren’t on par with Jin Air. Yes, they’ve had their moment with KSV last week, but Jin Air has something they don’t: consistency. Jin Air have been playing well since the start of the season in terms of their playstyle. Jin Air have also defeated SKT, although that feat is losing its value as the days go by.

We feel like Jin Air has a stronger early game, and can adapt more easily to a team comp that Kongdoo won’t be able to deal with. With that, we’ll be siding with Jin Air during this match.

KT Rolster vs. Jin Air Wings

Match time: Tuesday 1/02, 17:00 KST
Prediction: KT Rolster win 2-0

KT Rolster now does everything that Jin Air does, but better. We doubt there is any way that Jin Air will be able to match KT’s early game. They’re much more solid and defined with their shot calling. Similar to last year, they don’t have the element of hesitation in their lineup. They always know what to do, and when to do it.

KT’s refined playstyle should be more than what Jin Air is ready to work with at any stage of the game.

Kingzone vs. Kongdoo Monster

Match time: Saturday 3/02, 17:00 KST
Prediction: Kingzone win 2-0

By rights, Kingzone should be able to take our Kongdoo straight off the stage. Why we’ve highlighted this match is because Kongdoo has brought itself into the spotlight. After defeating KSV, this team will have surely caught the scent of ambition (the other one). They’ll try and make their way to further glory, and defeating KZ seems like the best way to go.

For now, we’re siding with KZ. Kongdoo hasn’t given us enough reason to believe in it yet. However, that could change, and we’ll be watching this team far more closely after that.

SKT vs. Afreeca Freecs

Match time: Sunday 4/02, 20:00 KST
Prediction: AFS wins 2-1

There are two aspects leading to why we’re rooting for Afreeca in this match up. The first is SKT’s abysmal performance throughout the start of the season. They’ve yet to make a win worthy of the name they’ve made for themselves. They’ve failed to perform at the level that’s expected of them.

It’s come to the point that KT Rolster, Kingzone, and even Jin Air have had their way with them. Now we feel like its AFS’s turn, who are looking great right now.

AFS defeated KT Rolster for the first time in what may seem like forever, as mentioned above. They’ve even managed to stay their ground against KSV, despite losing the match. In fact, the only team that completely destroyed AFS so far is KZ.

On the whole, AFS seem to be a much more solid team right now in terms of coordination. Their players are on the same page, which is more than what can be said for SKT. Chances are that AFS will take a win against SKT this week.



We’re looking forward to a week full of outplays and excitement in. The real hype begins when predictable outcomes end, and that’s what has happened multiple times in every region during those first 2 weeks of the LCK 2018 Spring Split. There can only be more to look forward to, and we can’t wait to be there when it happens.

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