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LCK 2018 Spring Split Week 2 Predictions - Esportsranks
LCK 2018 Spring Split Week 2 Predictions

The first week of the LCK 2018 Spring Split was far from what we’d expect it to be. The balance of power seems to have shifted during the period right before this split. What we’re left with is an empty throne, and a power struggle in the top region in the world in terms of LoL. We’ve seen varying playstyles during the first week, with some teams going against their signature strategies.

What happened in the first week can be attributed to the Runes Reforged update last year. Teams are still struggling to figure out which combinations work best in the current meta. We’ve seen the meta change right before our eyes as we observed the starting of the first week of the Spring split. We went from tank top laners to high damage dealers like Vladmir and Gangplank. Burst junglers came and left the scene. The bot lane can’t figure out whether to go with shielding or tankiness.

During all this confusion, we’re going to predict who’ll come out on top during the second week of the LCK 2018 Spring Split. We’re going to see some hardcore matchups between teams who have long standing bad blood between each other. Old rivalries will collide once more, and underdogs will shatter expectations. Here’s our take on how each of the coming matches will proceed, and which teams will prevail:

LCK 2018 Spring Split Day 1

kingzone gaming lck spring 2018
AFS vs. KZ

Afreeca Freecs won a lot of credibility last week when they defeated kt Rolster for the first time in history. It wasn’t a chance victory either; they had claimed that they would do as such. That being said, KT seems to be trying new playstyles at the moment and weren’t the KT that we’re used to seeing. This may be the reason that AFS won the match, and they won by a small margin at that.

A match vs. KZ could be a different story. While KZ hasn’t been at its peak performance lately, we’re confident that they’re capable of putting up a fight against AFS. However, chances are that with last week’s confidence boost, AFS will be a tough opponent for KZ this week. We’re predicting a 2-1 in the favor of KZ this match, simply due to their experience on the rift and their superior team coordination skills.


BBQ Olivers are an underrated team right now. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to hold ROX Tigers off during this match. Even if they do, it’ll be an extremely close shave. A good prediction would be a 2-0 in the favor of ROX Tigers. There’s a small chance that BBQ might take a single game, but the match itself will most likely go to ROX.

LCK 2018 Spring Split Day 2

skt lck spring 2018

MVP is probably one of the lowest rated teams in the whole LCK 2018 Spring Split currently. Jin Air, on the other hand, defeated SKT in a best of 3 last week. For those of you who aren’t aware, defeating SKT in a best of 3 match has been considered almost impossible in the past. It takes optimal performance to pull off a feat like that.

For these reasons, we’re forced to give over this match to JAG, and expect them to win at 2-0 with ease.

KT vs. SKT

If KT was the team we’re familiar with from last season, we’d definitely say that KT would win. Our expectations were that KT would come back this year even more aggressive than the last. However, they’ve decided to shuffle up their playstyle. They now look like a semi-working model of SKT, who also play safe and try to scale for late game.

The difference between the teams is that SKT look like they’re having fun at this point of the split. We won’t be surprised at all if their winrate increases sharply as the split goes on. Overall, SKT seems much more solid than KT. We’re predicting a 2-1 in the favor of SKT for this match.

LCK 2018 Spring Split Day 3

ksv lck spring 2018

It would be unfair to say that Kongdoo Monster hasn’t improved from last year. They showed promise in their game against MVP last week. On the contrary, ROX Tigers disappointed us with how they played against SKT. Them being against SKT isn’t an excuse at all since SKT weren’t playing seriously. This is apparent from the fact that SKT substituted their support for their jungler.

It’ll be a tough match between which team can come on top. We’re going to vote for KDM winning this one. However, we think the victory will be a close one at 2-1 in favor of KDM.


Afreeca Freecs are in a good spot right now, as mentioned above. However, the chances that they’ll beat the Worlds champions is still slim. Out of all the teams in the LCK 2018 Spring Split, KSV (formerly SSG), look like the sharpest of all. They’ve yet to face a defeat this split, and we doubt they’ll suffer it at the hands of AFS.

Right now, it seems like this match will be an easy win for KSV. Our predictions are that KSV will take this match away cleanly at 2-0.

LCK 2018 Spring Split Day 4

kt rolster lck spring 2018
KZ vs. SKT

This match is probably the hardest to predict in all the matches taking place in week 2. SKT may not be the most dominant team in the LCK 2018 Spring Split, but they’re still one of the most feared. KZ on the other hand is the team which destroyed SKT in the summer split of last year.

SKT will face off against it’s ex jungler, Peanut. It’s likely that Peanut will do everything to prove that he doesn’t need SKT and is in the better team now. SKT will doubtlessly try and punish him for leaving them at all. The probable outcome is SKT winning this match at a 2-1, due to how close the teams are. In the case that KZ wins, it will still be a 2-1.

KT vs. BBQ

KT didn’t play as best as they could last week. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad team suddenly. While they might not be able to stand up to top teams live KSV and SKT for now, we’re confident that they’ll be able to take on BBQ. In fact, our predictions are that KT will win this match 2-0.

LCK 2018 Spring Split Day 5

kongdoo monster lck spring 2018

KSV are scary at the moment. KDM had some ups and downs last week, but we doubt anything has prepared them for this match. It’s highly unlikely that KDM will be able to win a single game in this match. The expected scenario is that KSV will easily win a 2-0 against KDM, just because of how well they’re performing as a team.


This match up is one of the few which are very difficult to put a finger on. It’s ambiguous as to which team is looking better right now. ROX did fail to impress us last week, but they do have plans of standing up again. AFS, on the other hand, beat KT Rolster, something they haven’t been able to do all year in 2017. Seeing as how AFS were able to communicate better as a team, and have better macro plays and decisions, we’ll give over this match to them. However, it might be a close one at 2-1.

LCK 2018 Spring Split Day 6

jin air lck spring 2018

Again, the fact that Jin Air beat SKT gives them enough precedence that we’re easily giving them this match. Even if they hadn’t, BBQ still don’t look like a contender that’ll give them much trouble during this match. The best BBQ will be able to do is win a single game, while our predictions for this match are a 2-0 win on the side of JAG.
MVP vs. KZ

KZ, formerly the well know LCK juggernaut known as Longzhu Gaming, has one of the strongest rosters in the region right now. They may have had some communication errors during the first week, but this doesn’t mean they’re incapable of improving themselves.

Chances are that they’ve eliminated most of the weaknesses from their coordination and are ready to take on any team that goes up against them. Perhaps the last team to upset them would be MVP. We’ll be mighty surprised if MVP gets a single win in this match and are expecting a straight win by KZ at a 2-0 ending.

Which teams are you rooting for this week in the LCK 2018 Spring Split? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.


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