LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 3 – SKT T1 With a Reverse Sweep!

Wow, what a series in the LCK 2017 summer playoffs round 3. SK Telecom T1 took on rivals and underdogs KT Rolster. For a long time it looked like we were heading for a big upset.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 3 Game 1

Game 1 saw Rolster absolutely dominate SKT 1, with questions abounding about whether SKT were simply going to roll over and give up. Deft went 8/1/2 on his ADC. Score was equally as impressive in the jungle, finishing 1/0/9.

SKT managed just one kill in the entire game. It ended at 35 minutes and went straight into game 2.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 3 Game 2

It looked like Rolster may have finally cracked the SKT gaming machine. Mata and Deft played brilliantly together as they helped bring down SKT in 31 minutes. Viewers could be mistaken for wondering who on earth they were watching.

SKT looked forlorn and beaten. They had to turn it around and do it quickly. Looking at the game scorelines, SKT had managed only 3 kills in 2 games.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 3 Game 3

With everything on the line, this was a much tighter game. Bang and Faker finally decided to play and not just show up. Wolf was as dominant on Rakan, as Mata had been on Thresh in the previous game.

Wolf finished 0/1/13. Bang finished 7/0/4. SKT took the lead at 17 minutes and finished just 10 minutes later. Series score 2-1 Rolster, but SKT now had a chance.

LCK 2017 Summer playoffs Round 3 KT Rolster

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LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 3 Game 4

It seems SKT had put their foot and the throttle and there was now no turning back. They began to slowly strangle Rolster, finishing the game in 33 minutes. SKT took objective after objective but there was little action in terms of outright team fights.

Wolf grabbed himself 6 assists on Blitz and those picks proved all the difference. 3 dragons and a baron were enough for SKT to push into the base. Rolster had no answer and suddenly the series was tied 2-2. SKT now looked like the more likely team to reach the finals.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Round 3 Game 5

SKT never really looked like losing the deciding game but it was the longest of the series. They lead in gold from the beginning of the game and never looked back. A mid game team fight gave Bang a bunch of kills. SKT built on that to bring back an impressive reverse sweep and series victory.

Blank looked really good in the Jungle. His Jarvan notched up 17 assists in a 19 kill game. He secured the other 2 kills himself.

The result, SKT will be facing Longzhu Gaming in the finals of the LCK.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

I am sure SKT Telecom wanted to win the series in a more impressive fashion. Coming from behind for the reverse sweep should still fill them with some confidence as it showed a lot of fortitude.

Whether or not they have what it takes to beat Longzhu Gaming is hard to say, but one of the quirks of the playoffs means that Longzhu has not played in quite some time. We’ll see if that gives SKT an edge.

Check out Round 2 if you haven’t.