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SKT T1 Stopped By Longzhu Gaming - LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals - Esportsranks
SKT T1 Stopped By Longzhu Gaming – LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

Wow, the LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs finals are over, and what finals they were! The series was between Longzhu Gaming and SK Telecom T1. It took place in a best of 5 format.

In a previous article, I speculated that there was a chance SKT might have the upper hand over Longzhu Gaming in the early games. The reasoning was that Longzhu hadn’t played in several weeks. Quite the opposite though – Longzhu came out swinging and hit SKT harder than ever!

Games 1 and 2 were dominated by Longzhu Gamining. They offered a final confirmation that their victories to date were no fluke. The giants of the LCK league found themselves with their backs against the wall as Longzhu dissected them bit by bit.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals Clean Sweep?

With game 3 approaching and SKT down 2 games to 0, people began to wonder if a full clean sweep was in the cards.

Never say die when it comes to SKT though. They’ve won 4 of the last 5 LCK championships for a reason. They weren’t going to give Longzhu the pleasure of a 3-0 sweep and fought back in style to gain a win.

Now the question on everyone’s lips was, “Could SKT pull off another reverse sweep?” They’d done it before in the semi finals with such skill and determination, that no one was willing to write them off.

Longzhu Gaming Champions

It was not to be. Longzhu kept their cool, their calm and their game plan. They picked Jayce for the top lane. While leagues such as the NA LCS have struggled with this champion, he is a pick that has often snowballed in the LCK meta.

With SKT running for the late game, Khan’s Jayce made sure it was not to be. It was a tactical error by SKT, both in the meta composition they chose and in the lack of denial in team select. One they will now live to regret.

Keeping it Classy

In the end, SKT kept it classy. They thanked the fans for their support.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals SKT

Twitter @sktelecom_t1

They know the pain of losing, and they know the joys of winning. I’m sure they’ll look to bounce back and now they have something to aim for a new story to tell.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals – Road To Worlds

SKT have already booked their place to worlds where they’ll have a chance of redemption.

But there are new champions in town! Obviously, Longzhu Gaming have booked their own trip to worlds, and next season they’ll be looking to show that they’re more than just a one hit wonder.

There’s a good chance both teams will meet again. Looking at the level of play displayed, the Koreans will once again be considered number 1 and 2 favourites to lift the trophy and reign victorious.

LCK 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals Longzhu victory

Twitch @OGN_LoL

Will Koreans keep their reign over the international scene this year as well? Can NA, EU, China or Taiwan finally stage a meaningful challenge for the throne? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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