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Latest Dota Patch Nerfs Lycan and Tinker - Esportsranks
Latest Dota Patch Nerfs Lycan and Tinker

Just as the slightly imbalanced Dota 2 heroes that came before them, Tinker and Lycan each saw minute but impactful changes in the latest dota patch that will take them down a notch and make them less “OP”.

The Spring Cleaning 2018

Just as they promised earlier, Valve released the latest dota patch on a Thursday. Labelled as the “Spring Cleaning 2018 Update”, 7.08 comes with a variety of bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements and gameplay changes. It seems that Valve is even more keen on listening to the Dota 2 community this time around, implementing changes to the game’s UI that many Dota 2 fans had suggested earlier this year.

Of course, we’re not going to focus on each one of the changes that came with the latest dota patch. Instead, our focus here is the changes to Lycan and Tinker, as well as which gameplay changes stand to affect Dota 2 the most for, at least, the next two weeks.

Click here for a complete list of changes that came with the latest dota patch, courtesy of Valve themselves.

Tinker and Lycan Are OP No More

Dota Patch

Image via Deviantart

For the past few weeks (or months), Lycan and Tinker have been the bane of the Dota 2 community for how overpowered the two heroes are, especially in ranked matchmaking games. Though not without their weaknesses and hard counters, the two heroes just stood heads-and-shoulders above the rest of the others in the current meta. The latest dota patch changes that.

For Lycan, the biggest change comes with the increase in cooldown in the hero’s ultimate Shapeshift, going from 120/90/60 to 130/105/80. It may not look like much, but it’s a lot. Keep in mind that the hero’s biggest powerspike is when he hits level 12 and gets level 2 of Shapeshift, which is also usually when he completes a Helmet of the Dominator, Boots of Speed, and at least a level 1 Necronomicon, his three go-to items in the current meta.

With the change in the cooldown, Lycan’s powerspike is no longer as huge as he has to wait 15 seconds more to try to split push and force rotations. Lycan was already a pretty mediocre late-game carry as well, so the longer cooldown makes him less viable of a pick, especially in the 5K+ MMR bracket where players are less likely rattled by his insane ability to take down towers.

As for Tinker, the movement speed change is also minute, but huge. A 15 movement speed reduction may not seem like much, but at 290 movespeed, he now pretty much is an easy kill when ganked by any heroes that have a slow. This forces Tinker players to play much safer and dial down on their aggression, making him easier to contain durin the laning phase.

The End of the BF-Illusion Meta?

Artour ‘Arteezy‘ Babaev, Evil Geniuses’ carry player known for ushering meta-setting builds, including Battle Fury on a number of melee heroes, including Terrorblade, was right when he said GG. Because of the recent nerf to Battle Fury where the Creep Bonus of 50% (also reduced from 60%) damage no longer works with illusions, heroes who rely on using illusions and the cleave of Battle Fury to farm aggressively are no longer as hard to contain.

If you still don’t get it, this means that the common tactic of sending illusions to push out waves to make farming less dangerous is now much less effective because Battle Fury no longer does as much damage.

Does the change spell the end of Battle Fury in the current meta? Maybe, but it’s highly unlikely. Though the nerf is huge, the item remains viable for a lot of Dota 2 heroes. It’s also still very good for the stat it gives and its overall price. The change might simply mean that melee cores will think twice before buying Battle Fury first going forward.

Which changes that came to the latest dota patch did you like the most? Are there any new features implemented that you did not like in particular? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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