Kurt Fenech – “If Things Get Worse I’d Call It A Day”

Kurt Fenech is one of FIFA’s biggest stars. The straight-talking Maltese pro went viral last year in a “rage quit” incident at the FIFA eClub World Cup – where incensed at the kick-off bug in FIFA he threatened to walk off.  He was one of the best performers at the FIFA eWorld Cup finishing top scorer, beating the previous year’s winner and narrowly losing out to the eventual winner Msdossary in the semi-final. We sat down with Kurt to talk FIFA, YouTube rants and his career.

Kurt Fenech Interview

D: Thanks for taking the time out to speak to Esportranks, let’s start with the FIFA eWorld Cup, looking back on that how do you feel about your performance?

K: I had a really good tournament overall and was happy with my performance especially on day 2 but that loss still haunts me to this day.

D: The first time many people will of saw you was in the “rage quit” video at the FIFA Club World Cup, and at the time it was a “funny” video but after watching it again recently I can understand why you’d be so mad. And in the aftermath, it looks like your “rage quit” was used to divert attention away from the problems of the game. How do you feel about that situation looking back?

K: Yeah, that obviously blew up more than I expected. People think I only “rage quit” cos of the kickoffs but the whole game was a disgrace. Looking back I still would have 100% done the same thing again

D: How much of what we see on Youtube and tournaments is the real you?

K: People think its a character… it’s not. I’m just being myself and being honest. Obviously, some don’t like it but it is what it is.

D: I really enjoy your videos there are quite a few WWE clips in there, are you a fan? 

K: Hahaha, I used to watch it as a kid. 

D: Do you consider yourself the heel of FIFA?

K: if people wanna say I’m the heel so be it.

D: Your a big Mourinho and Inter fan what impact has he had on you?

K: Yeah, Mourinho gave me the best season a football fan can ever want. We won everything there was to win in a single year and for that, I’ll forever be grateful to him

D: When did you first get into FIFA?

K: Just my obsession with football. I watched it, played it so it was only natural to get into FIFA.

D: What was wrong with FIFA 18?

K: Too many things to list but I’ll just summarize it and say slow, too easy to keep the ball and unresponsive dribbling.

D: What does EA need to do to improve FIFA 19?

K: Just have a fast, fun and responsive game.

eWorld Cup Day 1 Trophy

Kurt was desperate to get his hands on the trophy last year. (Photo by Ben Hoskins – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

D: You have often toyed with the idea of quitting FIFA, what is your breaking point?

K: If things get worse than what they were last year then it will be time to call it a day.

D: Have you ever lost a game you deserved to lose?

K: Yes.

D: What’s your thoughts on pro clubs and its viability as an esport?

K: 22 players chasing the ball like headless chickens. It will never be an esport.

D: Have you had any offers from organizations?

K: Of course, who wouldn’t want the best player in the world on their team?

D: Ha very true, in light of that why haven’t you taken them up?

K: I’m in no rush if it’s the right one I’ll entertain it for sure.

D: What are your long-term plans in FIFA?

K: To run this game whichever way I please.

D: And what better way to end it, Thanks very much for your time and wish you all the best in the future.

You can keep up to date with Kurt on Twitter @Kurt04011.


So what do you make of Kurt Fenech? Is he right to stick it to the FIFA Developers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.