The Kuala Lumpur Major Betting Odds: Four Teams Stand on Top

After the conclusion of the week-long regional qualifiers, the latest Kuala Lumpur Major betting odds are finally in and four teams are currently neck-and-neck as the favourites to win the first Major of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit.

Organized by PGL, in partnership with China’s ImbaTV and Malaysian TV channel eGG Network, Kuala Lumpur’s long-awaited and much-anticipated big Dota 2 moment is finally ehre. The Kuala Lumpur Major will have $1 million USD up for grabs, along with a whopping 15,000 DPC points, a huge chunk of which will go to the winners of the tournament.

In case you forgot, there are only five Majors this season. In addition to this, Minors will now give significantly fewer points. Put those two facts together and it’s easy to see why everyone in the scene is expecting the Kuala Lumpur Major to be an all-out brawl between some of the best teams in the world. But, as much as we should expect everyone to bring their A game, we can’t just deny the fact that there are always going to be teams who are heads and shoulders above the rest.

In this case, we have 4. Or at least, that’s what the latest Kuala Lumpur Major betting odds would suggest.

Revamped and retooled for the new season, Team Secret pace the entire competition with 4.75 odds to win it all. However, not too far behind are the boys in blue, Evil Geniuses, at 5.00 odds, who placed third at TI8 with the same squad, followed by the TI8 runner-ups, PSG.LGD at 5.5 odds, and finally, last season’s top point getter, Virtus.Pro, at 6.5 odds.

All odds courtesy of GGbet.

Kuala Lumpur Major Betting Odds: Top 10

  • Team Secret at 4.75 odds
  • Evil Geniuses at 5 odds
  • PSG.LGD at 5.5 odds
  • Virtus.Pro at 6.5 odds
  • ViCi Gaming at 10 odds
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas at 10 odds
  • Forward Gaming at 10 odds
  • Team Aster at 14 odds
  • Fnatic at 16 odds
  • TNC Predator at 30 odds
  • Alliance at 30 odds
Kuala Lumpur Major Betting Odds

While not included in the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit, the results of ESL One Hamburg 2018 will likely affect the Kuala Lumpur Major Betting Odds. (ESL)

Team Secret being ranked this high feels like a huge surprise. After all, they’re playing with a new roster, albeit one that’s arguably better than the one that took top 8 at TI8 back in August. However, when you consider how they dropped only a single game at the European Qualifiers of the Kuala Lumpur Major — Alliance barely managed to win against Team Secret even when Clement ‘Puppey‘ Ivanov drafted Silencer and Dazzle as his team’s two main cores — it’s easy to see why.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is seeing Virtus.Pro rated so low. At least, by their own standards. It seems that oddsmakers are no longer giving the CIS bears the benefit of the doubt after seeing their rather uncharacteristic performance at TI8.

In any case, we should expect the Kuala Lumpur Major betting odds to change prior to the event once ESL One Hamburg 2018 — a non-DPC event with a sizeable $500,000 USD prize pool — and CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 10 concludes.

Which Teams Should We Watch Out For?

Kuala Lumpur Major Betting Odds

Only time can tell if the uber talented lineup of Fnatic can deliver in their first LAN together this November. (Fnatic)

It’s quite tempting to say Alliance (30 odds),especially after their solid performance at the European Qualifiers. But, at this point, it’s still too early to tell if this team of relatively inexperienced players, led by their superstar mid Micke ‘micKE‘ Nyugen, can deliver in their first big LAN together.

On the other hand, the same caveats should apply to Ninjas in Pyjamas (10 odds), but this team is far from inexperienced. Their captain, Peter ‘ppd‘ Dager, alone has a resume that can only be trumphed by very few in the scene.

Regardless, if one thing is for certain, it’s that European teams are the ones to watch out for, considering their 3rd seed, Alliance, could probably give the top seeds from other regions a run for their money. And, that’s not counting Team Liquid, who are already pegged by many as one of the heavy favourites to win CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 10 and secure their berth at the Kuala Lumpur Major despite the qualifiers for the event not having started yet.

Then again, teams from other regions shouldn’t just be discounted as well.

North America’s Forward Gaming (1o odds),the former VGJ.Storm stack, are looking better than ever, especially after welcoming Saahil ‘Universe” Arora onboard. Then there’s China’s Team Aster (14 odds)coached and created by the legendary Xu ‘BurNIng‘ Zhilei, as well as ViCi Gaming (10 odds),who’s now composed of youngsters looking to start their own legacies.

Finally, only fools will count Fnatic (16 odds) out, whose collection of sheer talent and potential on paper is arguably on par with the likes of Evil Geniuses and Team Secret.

Final Thoughts

From what we’ve seen so far during the start of the season, it’s that all bets are off. Although the current Kuala Lumpur Major betting odds clearly favor four teams above everyone else, the gap between the top teams in the tournament and the rest are not as wide as it seems.

Team Liquid losing in the European Qualifiers sans OG is proof that no team is safe this season, and with at least two tournaments to go before the start of the first Major of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit, we’ve got a lot of Dota 2 left to play to find out which teams are really worth banking on.

Not to mention, there’s likely going to be a patch (or two, if the current pattern of small tweaks continue) before the Major starts. Although we probably wouldn’t put it past IceFrog to delay the next big patch until after the end of the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Either way, considering that winning a Major will probably guarantee a direct invite to next year’s TI in Shanghai, expect all of the 16 participating teams to throw everything BUT the kitchen sink as they look to try and start the season on a good note.

What stood out to you the most from the latest Kuala Lumpur Major betting odds? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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