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Krakow Major Qualifier Day 3 Recap - Esportsranks
Krakow Major Qualifier Day 3 Recap

The Krakow Major qualifier day 3 saw the first set of both qualifications and eliminations. Notable results saw the European sides of G2 and Mousesports qualifying, while CIS team Tengri and US nationals OpTic faltered.

Krakow Major Qualifier Day 3 Winners

G2 Esports

Completing a convincing campaign in Bucharest with a win over FlipSid3, the French side look forward to a restful final day watching their potential opponents duke it out for the remaining six slots. The G2 squad, who played some of the best that the qualifier had to offer, will look to prove their worth in both the upcoming major and in the ESL Cologne tournament, prior to Krakow.

apex shout

Source: HLTV.org


The Krakow Major qualifier day 3 saw the European squad scrape through into a perfect qualification run, beating fellow Europeans of PENTA by the smallest of margins possible. Mainly thanks to 17 year old Robin ‘ropz‘ Kool going off in the final match, finishing with a kills to death ratio of +17.

Despite their current world ranking of 15th, Mousesports were able to sneak through the qualifier unbeaten. Although the draw which the Eurpoeans got was by far and away the easier of the two, when compared with that of G2’s. Going forward, Mousesports have plenty to prove after a qualifier run which was far from convincing and will have a chance to do so in Cologne next week.

mouz celebrate

Source: HLTV.org

Krakow Major Qualifier Day 3 Losers


After being picked prior to the qualifier as underdogs, the CIS team showed that the element of surprise wasn’t enough of a benefit after losing three consecutive games. However, the CIS team wasn’t a total letdown, as they proved they could push some of the qualifier’s big boys to their limits, falling 14-16 to the Germans of BIG. Although, ultimately the guts shown by the CIS squad ended fruitlessly and will go home disappointed no doubt, but with experience nonetheless.

OpTic Gaming

For a team who won ELEAGUE in the last year, a failure to qualify for a major is a far cry from the American’s glory in Atlanta. Falling in consecutive games to PENTA, Vega and Renegades isn’t the end of the world, however for OpTic, a squad which has players with great potential, this performance was a disaster.

Should the Americans face similar troubles in Cologne next week, roster trouble may be imminent, with a potential departure of star player Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas looming over OpTic’s heads when they play North in only five days. However, fans of the American side may have reason for hope based on past results. Going back to previous LANs, OpTic finished top four in four of their last six tournaments prior to ECS.

optic facepalm

Source: HLTV.org

Krakow Major Qualifier Final Day Preview

The final day of competition will leave every team fighting for qualification and each team’s fate decided. Every team will play at least once, with those who end up with two wins and two losses playing a decider. Due to time constraints, all matches will be best of one. As a result, underdog teams will be at an advantage.

No matter which teams end up in the major, both the coming day of matches and the resultant major will no doubt hold the highest level of CS:GO.

What did you think of the third day of play for the qualifier? Tell us in the comments below!