Krakow Major Qualifier Day 1 Recap

Bucharest saw all 16 teams in action with most of them performing to expectations. With day 2 looming, the upper bracket is on everyone’s watch list. See the full Krakow Major Qualifier Day 1 recap below.

It just wouldn’t be a major qualifier without most games going the distance and this was no exception. Five of the eight first day match ups played went at least 30 rounds in the best-of-one frenzy.

Krakow Major Qualifier Day 1 – Best Matches

Team Liquid bests TyLoo in overtime

A clinical CT display from the American squad proved to be too much for the somewhat uninspired attacking of a TyLoo side sorely lacking solid executes to fall back on when shots aren’t coming off. Combined with a stellar performance from Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken to secure the apartments, Liquid’s experience proved too much for the Chinese newcomers.

G2 edge out a hungry Immortals side

In the opening match of the day, G2 proved that they had come prepared, with a tactical mastery on display, winning the French 14 of their 20 attacking rounds. Their fragging led by rifleman Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt showing up big with 34 kills to prove he is still a force to be reckoned with. G2 have set out to prove their favourite status is justified with a strong statement.

On the other hand, Immortals similarly looked strong on their offensive but ultimately faltering in the second overtime. However, the potential of the Brazilians shone through to come so close to a team which has consistently proved to be in the top 5 globally over the past months.

nbk focus shot


PENTA claw back from the jaws of defeat against OpTic Gaming

Despite the late determination shining through in OpTic, the defensive prowess of PENTA proved to be a little too much, with the Americans falling 16-14. The game looked to be gone for PENTA, being down 10-13 as a result of losing four consecutive rounds. The perseverance of the German side shone through, finally cracking the offense when it mattered.

On the flip side, a seemingly unstoppable performance from Keith “NAF” Markovic wasn’t enough for an American side who, after showing strength, faltered when it counted. Day 2 will prove a similar challenge for the boys in green, facing a Vega side who showed their strength in their first half against HellRaisers.

vega win


Other games for the day saw GODSENT take down a lackluster Dignitas side in close fashion, mouz dismantling Tigri, FlipSid3 surprising the Renegades in the upset of the day and Cloud9 taking down BIG 16-10.

Day 2 Preview

If the Krakow Major qualifier day 1 is anything to go by, the second day of proceedings should be something to behold, with potential highlight matches galore. The game to watch for sure will be G2 vs Cloud9, with both teams being the favourites for the tournament. Another game of interest will be Renegades vs TyLoo, the clash from Asian/Oceanic to have a whole region on the edge of its seat as they see their home teams fight for representation.

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