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Krakow Major Preview: Favourites, Underdogs and Wildcards - Esportsranks
Krakow Major Preview: Favourites, Underdogs and Wildcards

With the Krakow Major starting later today, all teams are ready to partake in the second million dollar major of 2017. Join us for our PGL Krakow Major Preview.

Krakow Major Preview: Favourites

SK Gaming

It’s no surprise the SK lineup enters Krakow as favourites due to their consistently strong showings over the last few months. Capping off a run up to the major with a win in Cologne should see SK with all the confidence that they need to be strong competitors for the title in Krakow. The Brazilian squad will enter with high expectations of themselves due to a near perfect pre-major, likely expecting no less than a finals berth.


Despite near no offline appearances in the last 3 months, the Danes of Astralis are never far away from the calls of victory. Starting 2017 with a convincing win at the ELEAGUE Major, Astralis will look to defend their maiden major win in Krakow. Although the CS:GO scene has found a strength of late which allows for much more competition in the mid tiers, Astralis will no doubt expect nothing less than a semi finals finish, especially due to a long windup period to practice, whereas all other top teams played in Cologne only a week ago.

astralis huddle

Source: HLTV.org


As of the start of the year, putting FaZe in a favourited spot for the major would seem outlandish, however due to finding their stride as of late, the European squad has become more so competitive than ever, threatening top spots consistently. However, FaZe fall victim to a susceptibility of falling to worse teams, far more so than Astralis or SK. Should FaZe be able to overcome this weakness, expect a top finish from the team.

faze celebrate

Source: HLTV.org


Krakow Major Preview: Underdogs

Vega Squadron

The CIS based team of Vega have been notoriously average when it comes to results as of late and that simply won’t work when it comes to major appearances. The relative weakness of Vega compared to other Krakow minnows lie in their inability to achieve in a LAN setting. With the only tournaments attended in the previous three months being major qualifiers, Vega will look to prove themselves with the big boys over the coming days, despite the odds. Vega are also the least experienced team at the major, with all players on their squad attending their first Valve event.


Placing second only to Vega in terms of major experience, PENTA have three major rookies attending Krakow. With similarly poor offline results in the last three months, PENTA’s inexperienced squad have the world to prove in Poland over the coming days, both to themselves and loyal fans. Due to the relatively new lineup which PENTA fields, they’ve already surpassed many expectations pertaining to the learning curve of a new team and as such look toward experience rather than placing in Krakow.

penta team selfie

Source: HLTV.org

Krakow Major Preview: Wildcards


The under performance of the Frenchmen in Cologne shifts them into a wildcard position. After showing up cold in their first day, G2 showed their potential strengths, only to fall in the round of eight. The placement of G2 will depend on whether or not their star fragging duo can show up at the same time or not.

shox with trophy

Source: HLTV.org


The ex-Dignitas squad, now known as North can be one of the strongest in the world on any given day. However, due to their inconsistency, North find themselves falling into the wildcard spot much more than they’d like. The Danish squad is another like G2 which can finish anywhere from first to last dependent on star players. For the Danish team to place well in Krakow, Emil “Magisk” Reif will need a performance of major magnitude.

north high five

Source: HLTV.org

What do you think of the PGL Major in Krakow? Tell us in the comments below!