KNgV booted out of 100 Thieves; Team crippled

Everyone’s favorite player, kNgV, alias Vito Giuseppe, is homeless again. He has also damaged yet another team with his behavior. If you’ve been following our news channel, you’ll remember that a little while back, kNgV went online on Twitter with homophobic comments that had the CS:GO world up in arms. His team, 100 Thieves, did not take this lightly.

100 Thieves seemed unwilling to accept kNgV’s explanations

That a top CS:GO pro like SK Gaming’s Fallen, and respected CS:GO analyst Duncan Shields were part of the conversation didn’t help any. While kNgV tried to backpedal from his comment a few moments after he made it, claiming that he didn’t intend anything homophobic, it seems the management of 100 Thieves have decided to take his behavior very seriously.

As well they should – kNgV has shown a definite proclivity for violence

KNgV has a temper that the average Texan rattler wouldn’t shy off from claiming ownership of. While it is our belief that his comment didn’t really deserve his being thrown off the team, with kNgV’s history of violence, it seems 100 Thieves were taking no chances. While his homophobic comment may have been in bad taste, there’s no telling, with kNgV, when such bad taste can turn into out-and-out violent behavior.

100 Thieves have confirmed that they have released him from his contract

Ironically, he will leave the 100 Thieves lineup without playing a single match in a major event for their team. He even had to miss the ELEAGUE Major in Boston when he was refused a visa.

100 Thieves have released a statement saying that it had made it very clear to the new players when they were signed on that they were to maintain the highest standards of decorum, both in public and in private. KNgV has obviously transgressed this code of behavior, and is out of his new team, and homeless again.

His team, with a four man roster, will now obviously not be able to take part in IEM Katowice or the StarSeries. We’ll tell you more about this momentarily. Stay tuned.

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