Kingzone Wipes the Floor with AFS and Win the LCK 2018 Spring Cup

Before we get into the meat of what went on during the LCK 2018 Spring Cup Finals, let’s all take a moment to admire and appreciate the amazing production value that went into this event. It was saddening when Afreeca won against kt Rolster and went on ahead to face Kingzone. The latter team would have made a far more interesting match. However, the LCK production team performed miracles when it came to this AFS vs. KZ match.

The setting in Busan was as expected. The lasers and music were great – as always. What we weren’t expecting was the impossibly impressive entrance of our defending team, Kingzone, onto the stage. Afreeca Freecs were facing the trophy when the curtain dropped from the other side of the arena. Kingzone were shown waiting for AFS on an elevated platform which slowly descended, and KZ were facing their opponents after causing a whole lot of hype.

A One-Sided First Game

Afreeca played the first game so well, it seemed like they’d easily be able to sweep the entire match. They outplayed Kingzone at every turn, from start to finish. While AFS were quite proactive during the game and made a whole lot of amazing decisions, Kingzone were quite responsible for the loss. They played sloppily, continued to get caught repeatedly, and didn’t have proper map awareness. They were so clueless that AFS were able to quickly sneak a Baron without them noticing.

PraY was playing a Kai’Sa, something that he’s not used to playing in pro play. He deviated heavily from his regular playstyle, and it didn’t work out so well. While he did win a fight and outputted a lot of damage, it simply wasn’t enough to carry the team.
Kingzone Snowballed From There

For the next three matches, PraY kept picking Kai’Sa. It became apparent during match 2 that this pick was nothing to be messed with, and yet AFS didn’t bother to ban her a single time. They prioritized other bans, and PraY kept getting what he wanted to play. Khan, of course, was a complete beast, as we’d expect.

When it came to tanky compositions, KZ had the clear upper hand due to Kai’Sa’s superior shredding damage. Afreeca tried to change their tactics into picking utility and burst compositions, but KZ were a step ahead of them at all times. No one would have expected KZ to be playing in such a different style than they did during the regular season of the LCK 2018 Spring Cup.

Kingzone Seal the Deal

The final game saw Khan on his famous Jayce, and his performance was a spectacle. It almost looked like he was having fun with his opponents. While Kiin was a worthy opponent, he didn’t even come close to how well Khan was playing. The entirety of KZ’s team was miles ahead by the time the laning phase was over, and KZ took turrets faster than AFS could respond. The game ended with Kingzone acing AFS and taking an easy victory for themselves to win the LCK 2018 Spring Cup.

How far do you think Kingzone will go this year after their win at the LCK 2018 Spring Cup Finals? Will they keep their performance levels up consistently? Let us know in the comments below!

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