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The Kiev Major Preview - Group stage preview and predictions on esportsranks.com
The Kiev Major Preview – Group Stage

Everything is set for The Kiev Major Main Event! Just a few months before The International, sixteen of world’s best teams have gathered to determine who is the strongest squad. In this Major tournament, Valve have decided to try out the Swiss-system to decide seeding into the Main Event. No teams are relegated, and now we know which teams will battle each other in the round of 16. The Main Event is played in single elimination format, so this time around contenders are going to have to go big or go home. All matches are Bo3, except the Grand Finals(Bo5). Here is Esportsranks’ Kiev Major Preview.

The Kiev Major Preview – Main Event bracket

Kiev Major Preview

Courtesy wiki.teamliquid.net

1) Invictus Gaming vs mousesports

iG played their first game of the group stages against mousesports and the match was very one-sided. Invictus Gaming lost only one match to Team Secret which secured them first spot, and won the other three games. On the other hand, mousesports emerged victorious only against iG Vitality. We doubt they are able to deliver an upset in the Main Event, and anything but iG’s convincing victory would be a huge surprise. On this link you can see Burning’s amazing performance on Anti Mage and iG coming back against OG despite falling behind early. iG are coming into The Kiev Major in high spirits after DAC title under their belts.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – iG goes thru convincingly

2) Team Liquid vs Newbee

One of the most closely matched pairs of round of 16. Both teams have vast LAN experience, but so far in this tournament TL has looked slightly better prepared than Newbee. Both teams finished the group stages with 2-2 scores. However, Liquid won a single game in both Bo3s they had lost (DC,Thunderbirds), while Newbee were swept 2-0 by both DC and EG. We give slight advantage to Team Liquid in this matchup.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – TL to go thru

3) Digital Chaos vs Team VGJ

DC came into this event as a question mark in terms of how well they’d perform, but now its very clear that they are very dangerous team capable of taking down anyone in a Bo3. VGJ shown some interesting picks like offlane Omniknight. Both teams finished with 2-2 score in groups, but looking at the opponents they took down we can say DC was better when playing against top tier teams.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – DC cruises to next round

4) Virtus.pro vs iG Vitality.

Unlike their mother team iG, Vitality was a punching bag for other rosters and finished 0-3. On the other hand, Russian/Ukrainian squad Virtus.pro had shown they are at the top of their game and are strong favourites to advance into the quarter finals.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – Virtus.pro to produce a masterclass and advance

5) TNC Pro Team vs Team Faceless

The Philipine TNC Pro Team is having a great tournament so far. They were swept 2-0 by Virus.pro but in other games they looked really good. On the other hand, Team Faceless managed to win only against Brazilian underdogs SG e-sports. Considering the rosters and the form of teams, TNC Pro Team has a clear advantage.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – TNC Pro Team to say Mabuhay to the next round

6) OG vs Team Random

Team Random (ex Wings) has been struggling to find their game in this year. They did face tough opponents in group stages, managed to win single games but eventually lost Bo3s to both OG and Virtus.pro. OG’s performance did not look very convincing either, but considering their three titles in Dota Major events we assume they will put their act together when it counts – in the knockout phase.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – OG to go thru, barely

7) Thunderbirds vs Evil Geniuses

Thunderbirds had played all three games in each of their matches in the group stage finishing with a score 2-2. They were seeded at 8th spot, just above EG who finished 9th. Even tho experience is on EG’s side, this is a matchup where anything is possible!

Kiev Major Preview prediction – Too close to call

8) Team Secret vs SG e-sports

Probably the least exciting match of round of 16. Team Secret have shown their best performance in the event so far, not dropping a single game for a first seed finish. The Brazilian squad on the other hand, has nothing to lose. We can hope that underdogs will put up a valiant effort, but sincerely doubt they can upset Secret who have shown great form and discipline.

Kiev Major Preview prediction – Team Secret takes one from their opponents and sambas their way to the next round

The Kiev Major Main Event round of 16 will be played on 27th of April. Grand Finals will be played on 30th of April. Winner takes home $1,000,000 USD.

Stay tuned for Esportsranks’ coverage of the games of the group stage.