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Kai'Sa Jungle Guide – League of Legends Season 8 - Esportsranks
Kai’Sa Jungle Guide – League of Legends Season 8

Patch 8.5 is here, and Kai’sa has hit the Rift, which means it’s time that we cover how to play Kai’Sa Jungle, going into detail how to build and strategize playing this versatile ADC that can be pretty much played in any position — shoutouts to CLG Biofrost for trying her out as a support.

Quick Summary

Ability max order


R -> Q -> E -> W


Staring Items

Kai'Sa Jungle
Full Build

Kai'Sa Jungle

Kai'Sa Jungle
Kai’Sa Jungle – The Strategy

Alright, if you’re not here while you’re in your loading screen, then you might as well read the rest of the article and pick up as much information about what you need to know.

The following advice has been formed after analyzing multiple high rank games on the PBE.

If you don’t know about what Kai’Sa’s abilities do, you should check out her champion spotlight first to gain some insight:

First Clear Jungle Pathing

Start at whichever buff your botlane can help you with. If you’re starting on the blue side of the map, that’s all the more better for you. However, starting at red doesn’t matter too much. You’ll still want your bot lane’s help with your first camp clear because you don’t do too much damage early on.

Blue side start


Red Buff -> Wolves -> Blue Buff -> Gromp


Red side start


Blue Buff -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Red Buff


Of course, these are generic jungle paths. To play Kai’Sa Jungle effectively (or any other champion for that matter), you’ll need to learn how to change your tactics according to your enemy junglers and the situation you’re dealt with in every match.

How to Gank as a Kai’Sa Jungle

Pre level 6

Kai’Sa excels at completely destroying a single target, especially when that target is outnumbered. You have no crowd control, so you’ll have to come in so that you cut off the enemy’s escape path, unless your team can provide the crowd control for you. So, make sure that you ping the target you want to take down rigorously so your team knows what’s going on. Focus down the squishy target first if you’re ganking the bot lane.

Try not to use your W at all. Its cast time alone is reason enough to stay away from it during a fight. Simply try and output as much damage as you can with your Q and allies before you proc your 5th auto for your main source of damage. This simple rotation should kill most enemies. Snipe anyone trying to escape with a sliver of health with your W.

After level 6

You’ll generally want to initiate with your W from a long distance. Time and aim carefully, because missing will alert the enemy team and you’ll have to back off. If you land your W, you can just ult in and repeat the steps mentioned above.

Alternatively, you can do exactly what you’d do without your ult, and then ult after an enemy who’s running away safely.


  • You’re not an AFK farm jungler. Look for ganks as often as you can. Your early game and late game are both pretty strong as long as you have teammates with you.
  • Look for teamfights whenever possible. Your teamfighting capabilities are insane due to the point blank damage you can deal. Don’t front line though. Leave that to your top laner and support, and simply melt anymore that comes into your range.
  • Once you have 2-3 items, you’ll have extremely fast jungle clear (faster than Shyvana or Lee Sin).
  • Always use your abilites and smite on your opponent or jungle monster before proccing your passive 5th shot. Your fifth auto deals percentage missing health damage, so make sure your opponent is as low as you can get them to apply maximum damage.
  • Your ultimate gives you a huge shield. If you’re losing a duel, don’t be afraid to ult your enemy for a temporary shield which can help you survive and attain victory.
  • Use your Q when there aren’t any minions around. This will ensure that every missile lands on an enemy, maximizing your efficiency.


  • You must NEVER ult into more than one enemy if you’re alone. Normally, you should be able to completely destroy a target that’s isolated, but since you have no crowd control, diving into more than one opponent is a bad idea – unless you’re really fed. However, no matter how fed you are, you should NOT dive three opponents with your ult alone. You will int every time and throw the game this way.
  • Use your ultimate only when you’re sure you want to commit. It has a really long cooldown for what it offers, so use it wisely.
  • You W also has a long cooldown. If you suspect that you’ll need it soon, or if you’re looking for a gank right after the jungle camp you’re clearing, you should save your W for later use.

Final Thoughts

You might not start with a 100% winrate on Kai’Sa, whether you play her as a jungler or any other role. This champ is pretty complex, so make sure you give her some practice and patience before she starts paying off. Her E in particular is as tricky as it is imperative to her kit. You’ll have to get used to kiting with her E and learning how to play around it while utilizing you Q for maximum damage.

What do you think about playing Kai’Sa jungle? Do you think it’s better than playing her in lanes? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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