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Invictus Gaming Sweep Fnatic To Win Worlds 2018 Championship - Esportsranks
Invictus Gaming Sweep Fnatic To Win Worlds 2018 Championship

Invictus Gaming bring the Summoner’s Cup to China for the first time in LoL history as they swept Fnatic in the Grand Finals of the Worlds 2018 Championship.

Forever the bridesmaids, but never the bride. The LPL has had their fair share of disappointments over the years, and this year looked like the LPL was going to fall short once again. With heavy favourites, Royal Never Give Up, already out of the tournament early on, it was up to Invictus Gaming to prevent that from happening. Up against Fnatic, who had gotten the best of them earlier in the tournament and were also looking to make history themselves as the first Western team to win two Worlds titles, the road to a win was never going to be quite easy.

With a 3-0 route, however, Invictus Gaming certainly made it look like so. The eventual Worlds 2018 champions beat Fnatic at every turn and made the necessary plays to prevent their European contemporaries from ever getting back into the game.

Invictus Gaming Step Up When It Counted The Most

Worlds 2018 Championship

The win serves as validation for Song ‘Rookie’ Eui-jin, who invested years of his career playing in the LPL. (LoL Esports)

Invictus Gaming gained a reputation for failing to live up to their expectations this season. However, just when the stakes were the highest, they rose above it all.

Invictus Gaming’s game plan the entire series was pretty simple, camp Rasmus ‘Caps‘ Winther in the middle lane and prevent him from having a good game. In all three games, Caps failed to have the type of impact he usually had in all of Fnatic’s games as he totaled 14 deaths to just 4 kills the entire Grand Finals, giving away as many as 6 deaths in a Game 1 route that ended in a map score of 21-6 in favour of Invictus Gaming.

Staring down at a 0-2 deficit, Fnatic turned to one of the longest-tenured players in League of Legends as they subbed in Gabriël ‘Bwipo‘ Rau for Paul ‘sOAZ‘ Boyer in Game 3. For a moment, this all looked like it would work, especially after they managed to take a Level 1 first blood on Caps. Unfortunately, a good start just wasn’t enough, as Invictus Gaming stuck to their game plan and continued to limit Caps’ impact.

Fnatic later threatened to come back and steal the game on the backs of a sick play by Mads ‘Broxah‘ Brock-Pedersen as he stole a kill on Baron just right under Invictus Gaming’s noses. But, that small slither of hope was quickly squashed by Invictus Gaming. Even though Fnatic were able to gain some momentum off of that play, Invictus Gaming simply dialed back on their aggression for a bit and waited things out before going in for the kill to end the series.

Final Thoughts

By winning the Worlds 2018 Championship, Invictus Gaming may have just kicked off the start of a new era.

With the LPL firmly establishing their international dominance, all other regions, including the LCK, will have no choice but to look up to China as we head to next season. Their incredibly deep pool of talent, backed by the type of infrastructure that turns good players to great ones, and their newly-found confidence, will all present as a massive challenge that the rest of the world will have no choice but to find a way to hurdle.

What do you think of Invictus Gaming winning the Worlds 2018 Championship? Did it come in the way that you expected it would? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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