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The International 2017 Europe Qualifier - Phase 1 Recap - Esportsranks
The International 2017 Europe Qualifier – Phase 1 Recap

After 2 days and a hectic schedule, one team from Europe region has secured their spot at TI7. Team Secret dropped only one out of 9 games and claimed the first place convincingly. The teams from the 2nd to 5th place will then battle for the remaining slot dedicated for the Europe region.

Europe Qualifier

Team Secret is the team with most experience among all other contenders, and their skill level is far beyond the competition. Considering their recent performances anything but a first place finish would be a disappointment for them.

Europe QualifierThe viewer/player base for Europe Qualifier and Europe region, in general, is far smaller compared to CIS region. However, European teams do have more titles and are usually more successful at LAN events, hence they get 2 spots for TI through Europe Qualifier.

Europe Qualifier Phase 2 – 4 teams, double elimination bracket

The format of the qualifiers is similar to other regions. After each team plays each other in the Round Robin, the best 4 (after the direct qualifier) progress to the double elimination bracket. This is how the Europe Qualifier playoffs look like.

Europe Qualifier

The name that sticks out from the contenders in the playoffs clearly is mouzsports. This is because the team has a long history in Dota2, winning several Major titles from 2012-2014. However, their roster looks nothing like the ones in the past, so at this point, we can’t really single out a team that is a strong favourite to seize the remaining Europe Qualifier slot for TI7. This is why we look back at each team’s performance in the first phase to give you an idea of how the playoffs may look like.

Planet Dog

My personal favourites. After the opening series, resulting in defeat against Alliance, it seemed like Planet Dog will be just another open qualifier team that reached their peak with this feat, and they would just serve as a punching bag for others.

However, the squad had other things in mind. They started playing better after each following game, and after 2 defeats at the start, they managed to win 6 games, losing only one to the top team – Secret. Even if they fail to qualify for TI, they will have served as a great example hard work and dedication pays off, and you can make your dreams come true.

Team Singularity

Europe Qualifier

This Danish organisation picked up the squad of Polish players. Their biggest achievement up to date is qualifying for the ZOTAC Cup, where they got knocked out by Danish Bears. The first round of playoffs is a great chance and a perfect place for their sweet revenge.

Danish Bears

Danish Bears isn’t really an organisation, but a group of players who joined up together to compete in tournaments. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much success yet.

In the Round Robin, they lost to both Planet Dog and Singularity. However, Bo3 and Bo5 is a whole different ball game.


Europe Qualifier

Since April, the squad is formed out of Greek Dota2 players.

Among all teams in the Playoffs, they participated in the biggest tournament this year yet – The Kiev Major, without much success though.

In Galaxy Battles, they did finish in a good 4th place. They are playing against Planet Dog in the first round of Playoffs, who defeated them with a single-support draft in phase 1 of Europe Qualifier.

We would like to congradulate Team Secret on winning Europe Qualifier and wish the best of luck to all the contenders battling for the remaining slot for The International 2017!