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Learn to Play like a Pro in Intermediate-level CSGO - Esportsranks
Learn to Play like a Pro in Intermediate-level CSGO

Here are some interesting ideas that can drastically improve the gameplay of the intermediate CSGO player. Implementing these will negate a good many of the mistakes people make in the initial stages of playing CSGO. While these tips will of course not put you into the highest levels of play without intensive practice, they are nevertheless principles that you cannot play professional CSGO without. Do remember that while these principles apply in most cases, they may not hold true in certain specific circumstances.

Prefiring corners

There are some important things that you need to learn to do. Some of these are more obvious than others. Learn the places on different maps where people to tend to take cover, hide or set up ambushes, and go for a pre-fire as you move around a corner, targeting these areas. Don’t wait to see whether there really is someone there or not, as this slows your reactions. Just come around the corner with your weapon already shooting at the spot where most people will usually be.

I’ll touch upon this briefly, as it is a tip generally known in CSGO, but you must keep your weapon aimed at around body height, rather than keeping it pointed at the floor, as many people who are new to CSGO do.

Stay with the program

If you have attacked an enemy and gone full-auto, and the enemy doesn’t go down after the first ten bullets, just continue to fire until your recoil can be lined up. Don’t interrupt your attack at that late stage to try burst fire.

csgo squad


Be careful of reloading your weapon, and choose the right time to reload it. If you are under fire, and in extreme danger, do not reload your weapon if you still have about six rounds left. Instead, you should move into safety, and only then replace the magazine of your weapon. The same applies to peeking. We’ve seen people foolishly trigger a reload and then peek while the reload is still in progress. This is a manoeuvre that is just about designed to get you killed, so avoid doing it.

Applying common sense to peeking is very important

For example, if you’re carrying a bomb, you must be especially sure not to peek carelessly. Instead, you should hide it somewhere reasonably safe, where the counter terrorists are unlikely to find it, and only then peek. We know that this is particularly obvious, but do not use the forward key to peek, but instead peek while strafing sideways.

Don’t get in your partner’s way when he peeks

If your partner is going to peek, you must be very careful not to stand too near to them. When a person peeks, they strafe sideways, so your partner will strafe out of his cover sideways, and he will either shoot down an opponent he sees, or he will encounter too many opponents to fight, and will want to strafe back.

If are you are then standing there blocking his path back, he is sure to get killed. Don’t cause your partner to go down through a sheer lack of common sense. Give a person who is peeking a little space so that they can move back to cover rapidly if they encounter an strong enemy force.

Another important tip is not to peek when it is predictable

A lot of people who are new to CSGO tend to peek, for example, whenever they hear the sound of a bomb being defused. This is too predictable, and a pro player could wait for this action and take advantage of it. To prevent being so predictable in such situations, wait a few seconds before peeking.

The right economic strategy is crucial in CSGO

Conserve money whenever you can. For example, if you know that you enemies are only armed with AWPs or, alternatively, AK-47s, and you don’t have money to spare, then there is no need to purchase a helmet. You can save some money from not purchasing a helmet that could serve you well in later rounds. Similarly, you should not go eco unless you really need to.

If you’re a counter terrorist, and you know that your opponent’s economy isn’t too strong, don’t go eco if you still have about 3500 dollars to 4500 dollars. It goes without saying that while you will still buy your weaponry, you can economise by not purchasing a helmet.

csgo counter terrorists

Power through from a lost pistol round

Not unnecessarily going eco also applies to when you lose the initial pistol round in a match. Many intermediate teams to tend to think that they must economise at once if they lose the pistol round. This is absolutely not true. You can still buy a MAG-7, or a Scout, as well as a helmet and pistol.

Remember that even if you lose the initial round, the opposing team’s economy isn’t too strong in the next round, and you can still win the next round if your tactics are right, and sometimes even if you just get lucky. So punch through in the sure knowledge that you will be able to go a buy in the fourth round, no matter what happens in the second.

Buying from a plant

If you manage to plant a bomb in any of the first or second rounds, you should have enough money for a buy (about 4500 dollars) even if you lost those rounds. Go for it. Power through. That’s the key to dominance in CSGO.

Speed run

One simple tip before we go on to telling you about tricks you can use to gain the upper hand in a pro level match. Don’t ever make the mistake of running with any sort of grenade in your hand, instead switching to your knife.

Remember that a knife allows you to run a considerable percentage faster than when you have a grenade in hand, so you must take advantage of this.

Faking planting or defusing the bomb

Faking planting the bomb or defusing it is a great way to score an effortless kill. When you want to pretend to plant the bomb, all you need to do is hold down E until the bomb makes that distinctive sound of being planted. When that happens, keep pressing 1 until your gun comes out and shoot any counter terrorist who has stuck his head around a corner or peeked to see where the bomb has been planted. You’d be amazed at how many people make this mistake, and at the easy kills you can get when you do this.

csgo terrorists

The same trick works when playing counter terrorists, except that counter terrorists should use a shift walk when they move to pretend to defuse the bomb. Just walk up to the bomb, and tap E, and it will sound like the bomb is being defused.

This tends to cause terrorists to peek to get a handle on the situation, which is when you can take one or more of them out. The best way to do this is to have one of your team-mates waiting in ambush for the kill, of course, but you can also do it by shift walking so that you are in an unexpected position when the terrorist does peek, allowing you a fair chance of taking him out.

Choose the best possible plant for the bomb

Too many teams only take the safest route when planting the bomb. Remember that choosing a more strategic location can allow you to really dominate a clutch, and give your opponents a very hard time, even if you’re outnumbered. Every member of your team must know all the plants that are possible, and must receive basic strategic training in which plant would be optimal in a particular situation.

Flashing and molotovs

Counter flashes can be the difference between life and death when you’re a counter terrorist, and terrorists are making a heavy push. Don’t use a smoke in this situation, as it will not delay a rush or stop it. However, a counter flash will. Not only will you get a breather by using a counter flash, but your team may even be able to take out one or two of the enemy team.

Molotovs are an excellent offensive weapon, and are great for breaking up ambushes and clearing out areas that cannot be swept clean in any other way. If an opposing team has set up a cross fire in a limited area, a molotov will give them other things to think about besides shooting at you. The same goes when your team is in rotation – these incendiaries can buy you crucial time in which to make that move.

Flashing for teammates is crucial too

It doesn’t take much effort to toss in a flash, and it’s hardly a complex learned skill, but it can make the difference between life and death for members of your team – again, and again, and again. Don’t forget that communication is key to victory, so clue your teammates in when you are about to flash, and perhaps they will get a peek at the very least, or a kill if the situation becomes optimal.

Donating the AWP

Don’t hold on to the AWP as if it were your long-lost mother. The AWP is a tool that takes a particular set of skills to use. If you have those skills, by all means use them. But if you don’t, and another member of your team does, don’t let your ego get in the way of donating the sniper weapon to him. It might make the difference between victory and defeat for your team.

In any case, you might well wreak much more havoc in the opposing team with a simple rifle – We’ve seen this done time and time again. A team member keeps taking the AWP, and his team keeps losing – but then he suddenly picks up a rifle, and plays brilliantly with it, and his team powers through to win the match. Go with your skill set, because that’s the best way to win.

CSGO combat

Don’t flame your team

The previous tip is a simple one that many players know, but here’s one that many people don’t seem to know. Don’t flame the other members of your team in the course of your match. It serves no purpose, destroys morale, and CSGO is a much more pleasant game when you don’t have members of a team flaming each other.

Be optimistic and friendly

That’s the best way to win. Always be optimistic, even when your team is losing. Always be friendly, encouraging your teammates. It’s been seen time and time again that a team that has this sort of spirit tends to win if winning is at all possible, and tends to have the best chance at a turnaround even if they are on the losing side. Be happy and go for your gun. That’s the spirit at the core of CSGO.

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