Intense Matches slated Wednesday Evening of the ESL Pro League

Things are going to be pretty intense this Wednesday evening of the ESL Pro League, and betting has been both interesting and very lucrative.

At least if one gets it right.

But that’s just what this is all about, isn’t it? …Getting things right. So let’s look at the next upcoming matches…

At 18:00 British Summer Time today (that’s 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time), we’ll see BIG vs. Hellraisers and G2 Esports vs. Astralis.

They’ll face each other in Round Two at 19:10 BST (that’s 11:10 PDT).

Let’s see which contenders will be worth backing…

BIG vs. Hellraisers

BIG seem to be on a losing streak when pitted against competent teams. They’ve faced Hellraisers twice before and lost each round. Hellraisers have a history of victories here – can they keep it up, or is BIG actually capable of standing up to them? Unlikely.

G2 Esports vs. Astralis

Yes, big names in the CS:GO universe, and old-time adversaries. Let’s look at they’ve gotten along in the past.

G2 Esports and Astralis first encountered each other in Season 1 of the Global Esports Cup, where Astralis won 2-1. The teams then faced each other time after time in event after event, for a total of 12 events in all, and 21 matches. Of these, Astralis won 13 and G2 Esports won 8.

G2 Esports puts up a good fight against Astralis, and sometimes even wins, but Astralis tends to smash them down more often than not. The coming match between them this Wednesday evening of the ESL Pro League will either be a tie, or will tend to go to Astralis.

At 20:20 British Summer Time today (that’s 12:20 Pacific Daylight Time), we’ll see mousesports vs. FaZe Clan and Heroic vs. GODSENT.

They’ll face each other in Round Two at 21:30 BST (that’s 13:30 PDT).

Let’s weigh the odds…

FaZe Clan vs. mouseports

Things are REALLY heating up in this match. These two teams have clashed in 12 events, of which mouseports have mostly dominated except for a stretch of ties in between.

Both are highly adaptable teams. Even with the recent changes to the FaZe roster, we’re looking at a mouseports win this Wednesday evening of the ESL Pro League, or else at the slim chance of a tie.

Heroic vs. GODSENT

GODSENT tended to dominate the first encounters between these teams, then Heroic tied against them in Season 2 of the Europe Development League, and after that Heroic defeated GODSENT in DreamHack Atlanta 2017.

Heroic has shown massive improvement, but the odds are presently on GODSENT because they’ve shown excellent form in recent matches when matched against Pro teams.

Stay tuned for a match-by-match betting analysis of the ESL Pro League.

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