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Immortals' QO Takes a Break from Dota 2 - Esportsranks
Immortals’ QO Takes a Break from Dota 2

Nearly five months into their reunion under the Immortals banner, the former TI6 MVP.Phoenix carry Kim ‘QO‘ Seon-yeop has reportedly decided to take a break from Dota 2. This comes some time after Kim ‘Febby‘ Yong-min said on stream that changes were coming to the Immortals’ Dota 2 roster.

Earlier this month, Immortals had already made changes to their Dota 2 roster. The North American organisation bid farewell to their offlaner Lee ‘Forev‘ Sang-don just before 2017 ended, replacing him with former Cloud9 standout Arif ‘MSS‘ Anwar nearly a week later. MSS is still currently with Immortals, albeit the team has yet to make the acquisition official. Meanwhile, Forev has since moved on to join Team World to play alongside two-time Major winner Anathan ‘ana‘ Pham and TI6 runner-up Martin ‘Saksa‘ Sazdov.

Who Will Replace QO on the Roster?

QO broke the news via his Facebook account, saying “I will be taking break to redeem myself/work on different category.”, adding that he will be back to Dota 2 if he finds “passion about the game” and if he feels that he himself is valuable.

Immortals’ Dota 2 roster are currently in a slump. Made up of the former MVP.Phoenix squad were one fo the favourites to win it all back in The International 6, many expected Immortals to give Evil Geniuses a run for their money. Instead, the boys in blue remain the best Dota 2 team in North America, despite their recent struggles. Meanwhile, both OpTic Gaming and CompLexity Gaming have had much better showings compared to Immortals in recent months.

Having said that, with Qualifier tournaments aplenty, Immortals will have to find a suitable replacement soon if they want to remain competitive. Seeing that they already added MSS to their roster means that they’re not above getting someone who’s not Korean. However, there are only a free agent Dota 2 players left that could theoretically be an improvement over QO.


Image via PGL

The enigmatic pubstar Bryle is a possible option; the young star is currently playing with Team Animal Planet, a fun-stack headlined by TI5 winner Kurtis ‘Aui_2000‘ Ling. Kim ‘Velo‘ Tae-sung is also another alternative. Although this would require one of Immortals’ players to switch roles to accomodate the Korean offlaner, this could work. At least in theory, as it wasn’t too long ago that MSS had played in the middle lane.

Of course, we can’t exactly rule out the possibility of the Koreans going back to Southeast Asia. It is also entirely possible for Immortals to drop their current roster in favour of picking up a totally different squad.

Immortals Dota 2 Roster

MP Pyo No-a Carry
MSS Arif Anwar Offlane
Febby Kim Yong-min Roaming Support
DuBu Kim Doo-young Hard Support / Captain

Who do you think Immortals will pick up to replace QO? Do you think the Koreans will leave North America entirely to go back to Southeast Asia?

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