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Immortals Esports Expand to Dota 2, Pick Up Team Phoenix - Esportsranks
Immortals Esports Expand to Dota 2, Pick Up Team Phoenix

After formally announcing their intention to sign a Dota 2 squad last week, the Immortals esports organisation has officially announced their acquisition of the all-Korean squad, Team Phoenix.

A New Beginning for Immortals Esports

A relatively new organisation founded only in 2015, Immortals first came to be after buying Team 8’s spot in North America’s LCS. Since then, they have expanded to other titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and now Dota 2. 

As part of their most recent announcement, the North American organisation released a trailer featuring all five players of their new team.

Immortals is an organisation known for fielding some of the top teams in their respective titles. Their League of Legends team came in 2nd at both the NA LCS Summer Split and NA LCS Summer Playoffs this 2017. Meanwhile, their CS:GO team also came in 2nd at the recently concluded Dreamhack Montreal 2017.

As such, it should not come off as much of a surprise if their Dota 2 squad becomes just as successful.

North America’s Next Top Team

Immortals esports Dota 2 squad are no strangers to contention.

3 out of their 5 members were part of the MVP.Phoenix squad that made history as the first Korean team to ever make it to a TI back in 2015, where they finished within the top 8. More importantly, all five were part of MVP.Phoenix’s lineup the following year that took down the likes of OG en-route to a top 6 finish.

Post-TI6, all five players split onto different teams around the world: Digital Chaos in North America, Team Secret in Europe and Fnatic in Southeast Asia. Although all five players would reunite later at the recently-concluded The International 7.

Immortals Esports

Image via Wykrhm Reddy

Weeks after TI7 ended, Kim ‘Qo’ Seon-yeop tweeted that the entire TI6 MVP.Phoenix squad was getting back together. He also referenced the hit anime series One Piece in his tweet. Specifically, the story arc where the main characters split up to train for two years before reuniting.

In the following days, Qo kept fans updated about the team. He tweeted that the team would be playing in North America instead of Southeast Asia. Then, he tweeted that they would play under the name Team Phoenix. 

A leaked screenshot of Kim ‘Febby’ Yong-min also surfaced soon after where he supposedly claimed that they were moving to NA and joining Immortals. 


Immortals’ Dota 2 roster was initially set to make their debut at the King’s Cup: America tournament as a replacement for the Canadian Esports team, Iceberg. However, the tournament organisers have since retracted their statement. They stated that they were unable to find a way to let the team participate without being unfair to the other teams.

With that said, we need not wait for long for the debut of the Korean Overlords.

Immortals are set to play in the North American regional qualifiers for the StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3 after earning a slot via the open qualifiers earlier this week.

Which organisation do you think will pick up a Dota 2 team next? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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