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Immortals Last Stand – Boltz goes to SK Gaming - Esportsranks
Immortals Last Stand – Boltz goes to SK Gaming

It seems the ‘sun has set’ on Immortals at last, as their last great leaves for SK Gaming. Yes, rumor has it that boltz has gone over to SK gaming, replacing felps on that team.

A crushing blow for Immortals – a good move for SK

While this is indeed a loss Immortals cannot afford, the move makes sense from SK Gaming’s point of view.

Felps has never truly fit in with the SK Gaming roster, and after a few brutal losses lately, SK Gaming are certainly searching for answers.

Well, they may just have found one in boltz

Felps was obviously at a loss in stressful situations, not being able to keep calm and move the game along when things got tough.

Keeping cool under pressure is a trademark of the best teams in the world – just look at FaZe or Liquid, or Astralis, or even mousesports.

And while felps breaks under pressure, boltz is just the sort of man SK Gaming need.

He’s cool under pressure. He’s tactical. He can take command of a situation. More than that, in recent plays with Immortals disintegrated roster, he’s shown that he is able to single-handedly win matches for a practically non-existent team!

Immortals boltz joins SK Gaming

Image Credit: Fragbite

If you look at boltz’s kill-death ratios in Immortals’ recent wins against Optic Gaming and Luminosity in the ESL Pro League, you’ll see that boltz has virtually won those matches single-handed!

The kind of lethal strength boltz will bring to SK Gaming will let them finally face off against their almost-invincible nemesis… the redoubtable FaZe Clan.

A man like boltz will also help them to avoid humiliating losses of the sort they recently had to take at the hands of Heroic.

SK Gaming seem determined to return to the Top

Yes, this team looks like they’re back on the high road to dominating the CS:GO universe.

With another lethal hard-hitter on their team, and especially one like boltz, who’s likely to fit right in with the SK Gaming team, this team is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the months to come.

Yes, with boltz on the team SK Gaming is certainly ready to go toe-to-toe with FaZe Clan’s lethal ‘super-team’ roster.

When does boltz actively play with SK Gaming?

Look out for this at EPICENTER – that’s in Moscow next week, and we’ll admit we can’t wait to see the ‘new SK Gaming’ in action.

Is another ‘super-team’ being created here?

It very well may be so.

Where does all this leave Immortals?

There are many words to describe the situation in which the Immortals team and management find themselves now, with their last great ‘star’ gone – but none of those words are polite.

Well, let me put it this way… ‘Immortals may have found that they are no longer… immortal.’

That might be legendary language, but it fits the facts.

Who do we have left on the team? Horvy? DeStiny? Zakk? The newcomer Caio “zqk” Fonseca? Who do we have who can take on the skills and lethal tactics of the best CS:GO teams in the world? No one.

We’re seeing the death throes of a great team here.

FaZe’s future holds a ‘new’ SK Gaming

Boltz move also affects SK Gaming’s attendance at the Boston ELEAGUE Major – as boltz has already taken part in the qualifiers, he will be unable to form part of the SK Gaming squad at that event, and SK Gaming will have to handle the ELEAGUE with a stand-in.

However, we’re likely to see the best, most intense plays we’ve seen in months, when SK Gaming next face off against FaZe Clan. Don’t miss it, because we won’t.

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