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Immortals beat OpTic Gaming – The ‘Green Wall’ Crumbles! - Esportsranks
Immortals beat OpTic Gaming – The ‘Green Wall’ Crumbles!

If you didn’t watch Immortals’ match against OpTic Gaming, I won’t hold it against you. After all, the team wasn’t doing well, their roster had virtually disintegrated, and everyone thought it was going to take them time to recover.

Well, there’s news for all of us.

Immortals are back!

First with a stunning victory against an overconfident OpTic Gaming, and then with another victory against compLexity, Immortals are most certainly back. Yes, they’re not playing at full strength, but they’ve still shown that they are a team to be reckoned with, and that any team that goes into battle against them too confidently is going to take a fall.

It seems that their rapidly-put-together present roster is certainly holding out and putting down the opposition.

The ‘Green Wall’ of OpTic Gaming certainly crumbled before them, and swiftly. Immortals hit hard and kept up the pressure, slamming OpTic Gaming down in a match I’m sure they were confident they would win.

You can watch how the match went, right here…

How’s the game-play meta for this team working out?

Zakk has shown some good plays. Yes, he doesn’t have a good kill-death ratio, but he’s everywhere he needs to be, taking out opponents, providing a threat that has to be attended to.

Then in comes boltz with some brilliant – and I mean really brilliant plays.

Immortals have a great player at their core

Boltz is now the core of Immortals, the man the new team will be built around.

In any match, he’s defensive as a wall, and plays like a hero. His kill-death ratios make up for the rest of the team in any match they play.

Boltz is a great man, and a great CS:GO player, and it’s never been more obvious than now, when Immortals has nearly fallen apart, that any CS:GO team out there would be lucky to have this digital warrior playing on their side.

Boltz has – through brilliant, inspired game-play – put Immortals back on the map in the CS:GO universe, and given the team another chance.

The rest is some very good teamwork

This team has pushed its way back on the map through working together like a smooth, well-oiled machine. Yes, boltz does get the majority of the kills, but he’s not doing it alone.

He’s backed up by the rest of the team every step of the way. And that – that teamwork – is what has really put Immortals back in the fight.

Immortals steel

Image Credit: Immortals

Immortals did well against compLexity

Immortals showed some brilliant plays against compLexity just yesterday, winning the first match they played against compLexity in a landslide (16:9), and barely losing the second match (12:16).

Yes, they lost the second match by four rounds, but they played well, and could have won it. A percentage of CS:GO plays are dominated by Lady Luck, by the way the cards fall.

The Future of Immortals

It depends. The team could use another great fragger like boltz. The man is utterly reliable. On the other hand, their present roster is actually doing very well for a roster newly put-together, and flung into an event without practice. Steel. Horvy. Destiny. Zakk.

Each man does his job, and supports everyone on the team.

Without practice. Without training together.

Immortals zakk

Image Credit: Twitch

When you consider that, their plays aren’t just great – they’re incredibly good!

This present roster might be good enough to replace the old one. Once they have the time to train together for a while, bolstering each other’s strengths, and covering for each other’s weaknesses.

The way any good team does

And Immortals are a very good team. We hope they’ll always be around on the landscapes of the CS:GO universe.

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