2017 IEM Sydney Playoff Preview and Betting Predictions

The stage has been set for the IEM Sydney playoff to begin. Here is a short playoff preview along with betting predictions for the upcoming games.

The group stages are finally over after 2 days of non-stop action. There was quite a shock after the hometown team, Chiefs eSports Club, eliminated team North on nuke. North started with a sizeable lead starting on T side but it all fell apart. They haven’t performed well this tournament and even lost a careless round against an eco losing against a 3k deagle from pecks to lock up match point and eventually win it 16-13.

The final four teams are SK Gaming, OpTic Gaming, Astralis and FaZe Clan. The first match will be SK Gaming vs OpTic Gaming followed by Astralis vs FaZe Clan both in a best of 3 series with the winners advancing straight to the finals.

See the amazing start to the tournament here

Betting Predictions

SK Gaming 2017

SK Gaming

IEM Sydney Playoff Preview: SK Gaming vs OpTic Gaming

It comes to no shock how one sided the odds will be given that SK Gaming is one of the best teams in the world. They are also the only undefeated team so far in this tournament with only a near loss in the hands of North in cobblestone. However, TACO made a clutch hold onto B site to secure the win. Fer has been amazing throughout all the games and so was FalleN.

On the other hand, OpTic has been gifted with a favourable path including an upset by the Chiefs to take down North. It took them almost a perfect game from tarik to keep up with North and still fell short on that triple overtime match. It would take everyone from OpTic to have their best game just to be in contention with SK Gaming. 

There is no good reason for SK Gaming to even drop a game to OpTic Gaming. They have been one of the most consistent teams out there. It would only take an average game out of SK Gaming to sweep out OpTic Gaming.

Prediction 2-0 SK Gaming

Odds – SK Gaming 95% vs OpTic Gaming 5%

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IEM Sydney Playoff Preview: Astralis vs FaZe Clan 

Astralis looked on form throughout their 4 games in IEM Sydney. They have stepped it up on their CT side. Although they lost to SK Gaming 16-12, it was a bad game from Xyp9x and dupreeh. Xyp9x did go 28-9 just a game before that against FaZe and was unstoppable. It was one of the main reason why the match was one sided.

FaZe Clan is playing average at best. They are arguably the third best team in this tournament only because Astralis won the last major and showed they have the extra gear in them. We have yet to see that extra gear from FaZe.

These two teams have met each other in the big stage recently from Starladder and IEM X!. Both teams finishing top 2 with FaZe winning the latest one. It would be a cage match but Astralis has out performed and shown they are the better team this tournament.

Prediction 2-0 Astralis

Odds – Astralis 55% vs FaZe Clan 45%

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