IEM Sydney 2019 Quarterfinals: MIBR vs Mousesports

As the group stage comes to an end, only 6 teams are left competing for a slice of the $250,000 prize pool as we head into the IEM Sydney 2019 Quarterfinals.

So far, the IEM Sydney 2019, which has mostly been talked about more because of who’s missing — Astralis and Natus Vincere chose to skip the event — than who’s still playing in it, have delivered its fair share of drama and exciting matches. The hometown favourites, Renegades, who many expected to follow up on their excellent showing earlier this year, failed to make it out of the brutal group stages. Recently-crowned BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 championsFaZe Clan, also came up short after visa issues made it so that star fragger and in-game leader Nikola ‘Niko‘ Kovač could not join his team.

On the other hand, relative newcomers such as mousesports and NRG eSports, the former of which are playing in just their first big LAN together, exceeded all expectations. The latter, especially, after taking the top spot in a group that included the likes of FaZe Clan, Fnatic, and MIBR.

With that said, join us as we breakdown the IEM Sydney 2019 Quarterfinals matchup between MIBR and mousesports. 

MIBR vs Mousesports — Match History

Between online and LAN matches, it’s fairly rare for two CS:GO teams to not have met at least once over the past month or two. But, that is exactly the case for MIBR and mousesports.

These two CS:GO teams play in different regions. It also doesn’t help that the current iteration of mousesports only recently formed. Both these factors contribute to these two CS:GO teams having yet to meet and play against each other.

If it is any consolation, last year, with different rosters, MIBR did have an  11-6 record against mousesports.

IEM Sydney 2019 Quarterfinals Betting Prediction

Both MIBR and mousesports have talent in spades. But, when it comes to who’s making use of it the most, we’d have to give it to mousesports.

mousesports have looked absolutely dominant for a team playing in their first big event together, and the way that Finn ‘karrigan‘ Andersen has led mousesports has been nothing short of praiseworthy.

In a team stacked with this much talent and potential, karrigan has found a way to put every player in a position to shine. Of course, he’s not the only one that’s worth giving a nod to. We shouldn’t be quick to dismiss the impact of Chris ‘chrisJ‘ de Jong, who’s looked like the perfect complementary piece and serves as the quintessential glue guy that helps pull the current lineup together.

This isn’t to say that MIBR have played badly, but, when you consider how badly they were beaten by a team that they were supposed to have the talent edge over — they lost decisively against NRG eSports — you’d have to wonder if MIBR have what it takes to beat a team that’s just as talented as they are.

As such, we’re giving this marquee matchup of the IEM Sydney 2019 Quarterfinals to mousesports.

Betting: mousesports to win vs MIBR at 1.66 odds via ArcaneBet.

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