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IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals: MIBR vs Renegades - Esportsranks
IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals: MIBR vs Renegades

With the first day of the IEM Katowice Major quarterfinals now in the books, we can now focus on the second day’s matches, where we’ll see Astralis face off against Ninjas in Pyjamas while Renegades will try and test their luck against MIBR.

Of those two matches, it’s the latter we’ve got our eyes set on.

With Astralis establishing themselves as the best CS:GO team in the world, the odds literally aren’t in Ninjas in Pyjamas’ favour. Meanwhile, the matchup between MIBR and Renegades could go either way, making it prime pickings for anyone looking to make profit for the IEM Katowice Major quarterfinals.

MIBR Faces Off Against an Unlikely Foe

Renegades are easily the biggest surprises of the tournament. Rather, second, now that ENCE eSports just pulled off the upset win against Team Liquid.

Heading into their matchup against MIBR, the all-Australian squad actually are looking quite good. To make the playoffs, Renegades beat the likes of ENCE eSports, FaZe Clan, and Team Vitality. Although the French CS:GO team did not make it to the playoffs, they were very close to advancing with a 2-3 record. In fact, Renegades’ only loss so far was against Astralis, and for underdogs, they were able to put up a decent fight against the Danes. They even staged an unlikely comeback win on Mirage.

It’s safe to say that Renegades used their time in Poland wisely.

After qualifying for the Major via the Minors, Renegades opted to stay to prepare for the tournament, and now, they’re reaping the benefits. They’ve shown a remarkably strong map pool, and they’ve executed all their strategies quite well so far. Not to mention, the extra prep time has allowed all players to be in tip-top shape.

The same can’t be said for MIBR, whose latest lineup have only played 4 maps with each other.

While Marcelo ‘coldzera‘ David looks to have his best tournament in recent memory — he’s was second-highest rated player of the second stage of the IEM Katowice Major with a 1.38 rating — there’s some legitimate concern about how prepared his team is going to be against Renegades.

IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals Prediction

The lack of information on MIBR and Renegades’ surprising run make for a nightmare combination for anyone trying to predict the outcome of this particular matchup. However, as far as the map veto goes, Renegades have the upper hand.

So far this tournament, Renegades have shown a lot of versatility. They’ve played all but one of the seven maps throughout the first two stages and are pretty much unafraid to play any map against anyone. Meanwhile, MIBR seems to have a penchant for Inferno and an aversion for Cache. If you add that to the fact that they almost always ban Nuke, and the map veto certainly isn’t looking good for MIBR.

In terms of individual skill, MIBR are the better CS:GO team. But, individual skill can only take you so far. As Renegades, among others, have already proven, how well you mesh together as a team is also important. Considering how long they have played together and how much time they have had to prepare for this matchup, Renegades are our pick to take the win and pull off an upset against MIBR tomorrow.

Betting: Renegades to win at 2.35 odds via 10bet.

Feature image credits: Copyright ESL / Adela Sznajder

How do you think the last two matches of the IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals will turn out? Will Renegades successfully pull off the upset win against MIBR? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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