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Iceberg Esports Sign Animal Planet - Esportsranks
Iceberg Esports Sign Animal Planet

It looks like Animal Planet, the stack that’s been tearing it up in the North American Regional Qualifiers lately, have finally struck a deal with the Canadian esports organization Iceberg Esports. 

Although Iceberg Esports nor the members of Animal Planet have yet to confirm the acquisition, this is all but a done deal at this point. Especially since all five members of the team have been registered under the Iceberg Esports banner in Dota 2’s Majors and Minors Registration Hub.

The timing also fits with what Kurtis ‘Aui_2000‘ Ling said in his recent blog post. In it, he said, among many other things, that they have found an organization willing to support the team.

Animal Planet No More

Since making their debut, the Animal Planet turned Iceberg Esports squad have qualified for the GESC: Indonesia Minor and finished as runner-ups in two other Regional Qualifiers. Their lowest placement so far has been at the North American Regional Qualifiers for the Bucharest Major where they failed to make the playoffs.

Aui_2000 and David ‘MoonMeander‘ Tan will headline the up-and-coming Dota 2 roster. The former won TI5 with Evil Geniuses and recently returned from a long break post TI7. The latter is a two-time Major champion with OG who experiened mixed success with Digital Chaos post TI6. Both players are set to go back to playing their previous positions after trying out different roles with their most recent teams. The Canadian duo also managed to recruit former VGJ.Storm player Ravindu ‘Ritsu‘ Kodippili as their hard carry.

The two Dota 2 veterans then decided to take a gamble on two relatively unknown players to fill out the roster. Their midlaner is the 17-year-old Jonathan Bryle ‘Bryle‘ Santos De Guia, who has very little presence on social media. However, there is little doubt regarding his skill; one of his few screenshots on Twitter shows that he reached 9K MMR back in November 2017.

As for their fifth member and position five support, Kartik ‘Kitrak‘ Rathi was VGJ.Storm‘s coach for a short while. He also had a successful stint as a stand-in for OpTic Gaming, helping the team win Midas Mode NA.

Iceberg Esports Dota 2 Roster

Ravindu Kodippili Ritsu Hard Carry
Bryle  Santos De Guia Bryle Middle Lane
David Tan MoonMeander Offlaner
Kurtis Ling Aui_2000 Roaming Support
Kartik Rathi (Captain) Kitrak Hard Support

UPDATE 01/31/2018

Iceberg Esports officially announced their Dota 2 team earlier today via their Facebook account and by doing an AMA on Reddit. JoinDota were the first to report on the acquisition. They also managed to get a hold of official statements from Aui and Iceberg Esports’ CEO DanielDaname‘ Escott.

According to their AMA, Iceberg Esports are currently going through a transition period. They are also currently preparing to move to their permanent location in Toronto, ON.

What do you think of Iceberg Esports’ acquisition of Animal Planet? How far do you think this team can make it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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