HyperX sponsoring PUBG tournament at DreamHack Winter

PUBG Tournament DreamHack 2017PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the open-world, first person shooter game that appeared out of nowhere and suddenly became one of the most popular games on the planet, will have a tournament at DreamHack Winter 2017. The best part about it is that anyone can join it, so you’re in luck if you want to test your metal in an actual tournament being spectated by people worldwide.

The tournament will be hosted by HyperX, one of the biggest esports sponsors on earth. It will take place on Saturday, December 2nd at 6PM local time (CET). This year’s DreamHack will be taking place in Jönköping, Sweden. The winner, or winners – if the tournament will recognise players other than the last person standing, will win some great HyperX products.

How to Join the PUBG DreamHack Tournament

You’ll have to be really fast if you want to join. Only 100 people will be able to compete. Those 100 people will be the ones who can make it to the server the fastest. The password to the server will be broadcasted by HyperX right before the tournament starts. Make sure you’re following the event closely so you don’t miss out. Our guess is that the server will be full within a matter of seconds.

If you aren’t attending DreamHack this year, but would still like to follow the tournament, you can spectate it live on the following Twitch Channel by Koolein, who is a popular streamer and caster. For those attending DreamHack, head right over to Hall B to find HyperX’s booth.

We have pretty high hopes for this tournament. It’s probably the first tournament that PUBG has had which allows literally everyone to compete, something which makes up the core of the game. There are a lot of expectations revolving around PUBG, especially since it’s already in its early release now. I’m excited to see the talent that’ll present itself this Saturday. Comment your username below if you plan on joining the tournament so we can keep an eye on you!

More about what’s happening at DreamHack here. If you will be there, meet us!