How to Lose in Fortnite Gracefully

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Everybody likes winning. It gives a rush of accomplishment and the subsequent praise you receive isn’t all that bad either. However, just as much as we love winning, we equally despise losing. Defeat can sometimes affect us so much as to make us want to punch someone or something. Raging, as it is often referred to, can lead to destroyed equipment and even failed relationships. There’s something about that moment you see Fortnite items fall out of your dead body that affects players so much. It’s even more pronounced if it happens during a one-on-one fight for the #1 spot.

Take a deep breath, focus, and keep your temper in check. Here’s how you can accept losing the Victory Royale on Fortnite without throwing a hissy fit.

How to Lose in Fortnite Gracefully

#1 How You React is Your Choice, and How Others React is Theirs

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You are ultimately responsible for your actions. When someone spills coffee onto your laptop, you have a myriad of reaction choices. There’s anger, blame, maybe a tinge of desperation, all swirling in the desire to shout at the apparent perpetrator. Another would be to punch or otherwise physically hurt the coffee-spiller. Though we highly advise against physical violence, of course!

However, those aren’t the only course of action you can take. You can take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Then you can look at the situation from another perspective. The laptop can be replaced. While whatever you were working on might be lost, it’s a small hindrance in the greater scheme of things. Pain from the hot coffee is a minor inconvenience, and the world still turns.

In the same way, you can deal with your Fortnite losses without resorting to knee-jerk raging.

#2 Change Your Attitude to Losing

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Contrary to the popular belief that losing doesn’t amount to much in the way to success, it actually pushes you along the way. If Tfue walked his way to a Victory Royale in the Summer Skirmishes would we of seen THAT performance at TwitchCon? Probably not. If you win all the time, you become stagnant as you might not feel the need to improve yourself. You always win, anyway, so why would you try to get better?

Losing lets you look at where you have to improve to get better. Nobody starts out a savant, no matter how talented they are. Even pro gamers make mistakes and and they only get better with practise. The same goes for you. No matter how talented you are, you’re still human and are therefore prone to mistakes. Once you see how you made that mistake, you can take measures to make sure they don’t happen again.

And don’t worry about spoiling your K/D or Win Ratio on your Fortnite Account, check out the pros accounts when you play against good players it’s going to be low. If you really care have a primary and alt account, use your primary for public games and your alt for scrimming – then you have the best of both worlds. You can keep a track of your stats here.

#3 On a Losing Streak? GO CHILL

How to Lose in Fortnite Gracefully

Frustration and stress have a way of building up. The more you try to push yourself, even when you’re fatigued from past losses, the more you’re likely to lose. When you’re stuck in a losing streak, it’s a good time to stop and take a break. Exit the game for thirty minutes. Take your turtle for a stroll. Drink some water. Unironically dab. Get chatty with your family or roommates for a bit.

Once you’ve recharged, you’ll be surprised how well you’ll be able to perform. As fun as games are, our brains can get tired from focusing so much. To keep it at its peak performance, allow it some small breaks to rest and relax from all the vigilance.

Being rage-free is a step by step process, so don’t expect to change as soon as you read this article. Just be aware of your reactions, and how they may affect the world around you. The knee-jerk reaction might be easy, but it’s sometimes the most damaging.

If you feel like you’d rather quit the game, find a Fortnite Value Calculator you can use. Sell your account so someone else can play the game and enjoy it the way it’s meant to be. But you’re not going to do that right? You’ll stick it out to get all the Victory Royales you can. For that, you’d lose as many times as you’d win. Here’s hoping this article helps you in that regard.

Enjoy Fortnite!


Summary: How to Lose in Fortnite Gracefully. How you act is your choice, so be sure to pick the least damaging one. Losing isn’t all that bad, as it helps you improve and move forward. Then, if you find yourself frustrated and stressed, take a break. Losing is a part of life, and is a very important teacher for improvement. Don’t be down, and you’ll be drowning in Victory Royales for your Fortnite Account in no time.