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How the MIBR CSGO Team Can Return to Form - Esportsranks
How the MIBR CSGO Team Can Return to Form

The MIBR CSGO team is back after shutting down officially back in March 2018 after acquiring the former SK Gaming roster.

Led by their in-game leader, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo, the MIBR CSGO team will have to grind their way back to the top after being in a slump for months. Right now, they’re ranked as the sixth best team in the world, according to hltv.org, which isn’t half-bad but a far cry from their standing on top of the proverbial ladder.

So, what happened to them? And more importantly, what does the MIBR CSGO team have to do to get back on top?

The Long Drought

From February to May, the former SK Gaming squad played in 13 different tournaments. Although they started it off by winning the WESG North America Regional Finals, it wasn’t as tightly competitive as most people expected; their only serious competition there was Cloud9. After that came a series of bad tournaments. They failed to get even a Top 3 spot in eight straight tournaments. A win at the Adrenaline Cyber League 2018 was a breath of fresh air, but again, they had no competition there — Gambit was their only serious competition in the said tournament.

While the MIBR CSGO team had a decent showing in Ukraine, they were shown up by the hometown team, Natus Vincere. After which, they claimed first place at the Moche XL Esports tournament, where they faced off against Hellraisers in the Grand Finals.

What does this all mean? It’s simple. It means that the former SK Gaming squad are officially in a half-year-long slump.

They may have a few wins under their belt, but their wins do not mean much in the grand scheme of things. A decent showing at ESL One Belo Horizonte was a good sign, but not good enough. Especially when mousesports stand-in Jordan “nothing” Gilbert, who had not played in a professional match in almost a year prior to the tournament, toyed with the entire SK roster, starting with Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, who had an awful rating (0.63) and an average damage per round of 50.

So yeah, the MIBR CSGO team struggled against a team with a stand-in on their map pick.

That pretty much sums up the predicament they are now facing.

Medicore Ratings From Fer and Coldzera

The success of the MIBR CSGO team mainly depends on the play of their top two players: fer and Marcelo “Coldzera” David. The former is known for his aggressive plays, taking delight in being behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, Coldzera is the best anchor player in the world, and one of the few that an entire team can depend on to hold a bomb site by themselves.

At their peak, the synergy between coldzera and fer was top notch. Fer would rush one point of the map, while coldzera would anchor one site all by himself. This allowed his teammates to support fer, either by using utility to create a play or him or by simply having his back.

Unfortunately, that strategy is no longer as effective. Most teams have adapted to their style now. Case in point, in one of their most recent games, mousesports shut down all of their aggressive plays.


In this table, you can see the ratings of the MIBR CSGO team in their last 13 tournaments.

Marked in green are all the tournaments that one player had a “superstar” performance of over 1.20. However, marked in red are all the bad performances by former SK team. Adrenaline Cyber League 2018 and Moche XL Esports were two tournaments that SK managed to win(finals versus Hellraisers and Gambit). “Fallen” is rated as a top class AWPer, but look at his performances. Furthermore, you can see how bad of a player “TACO” was for SK.  

The Stewie 2K Transfer


Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip has failed to make an impact since joining the former SK Gaming roster. (HLTV)

MIBR squad was always based on 5 Brazilian players. They had a couple of player changes in the past and they never had any other players on their roster except the Brazilians. This is why the “Stewie2k” transfer was very weird.

It is always easier to communicate with your teammates if you all have the same native language, so why would you decide to bring in an American player who doesn’t speak your language? They created a problem for themselves in the form of a language barrier. And while Stewie2k was one of the best players in Cloud9, where he was rated around 1.20 by HLTV.org, his current performance is a far cry from that; he was not rated above 1.15 in any of the tournaments he played for the Brazilians so far.

The MIBR CSGO team brought in Stewie2K has an impact player, but he has not stepped up to his reputation just yet.

Judging by their current trajectory, the MIBR CSGO team would be better off replacing Stewie2K by picking up any one of the talented players in Brazil, especially if he doesn’t pick up his play soon.

What’s Next for the MIBR CSGO Team?

The MIBR CSGO team will play at ESL One Cologne 2018 in a couple of days, facing off against Renegades first. If they are to go on a deep run, everyone on the team, especially fer and Stewie2K, will need to play as well as coldzera, who probably has had to have his back straightened again and again for being the only consistent player on the team.

Not only that, but they’ll have to adjust their game plan. As good as the MIBR CSGO team is on paper, they are starting to get predictable and teams have found a way to counter them. Also, “Fallen” needs to step up with not just his AWP, but with his ability to lead his team on the map, as they look lost on some of the maps recently.

The MIBR CSGO team are definitely getting better with each map they play with their new player. However, they can’t waste their time adjusting. Other teams are starting to pick up their play, and in the unfortunate situation they come across either FaZe or Astralis as they currently are, MIBR will have their hands full trying to keep up.

What do you think the future has in store for the MIBR CSGO team? Do you think they’ll be able to return to form soon? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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