A Guide to Esports Betting in Australia

As the country with the highest percentage of gamblers in the world, it was only a matter of time before esports betting in Australia blew up. We’ve got just exactly what any Australian would need to get started in esports betting.

You wouldn’t be able to tell unless you were from there or you looked it up yourself, but, believe it or not, Australia is, by far, the country with the highest percentage of gamblers in the world. With a per capita spend of US$866 a year, Australians spend nearly double more on gambling than the second-place country, Hong Kong, which has a per capita spend of US$485.

Having said that, Australia’s surprising love for gambling is exactly why we’re here.

Esports has blown up a lot in recent years. It’s even gone as far as to gain traction to be included in the Olympics soon. Because of its rising popularity, esports betting has also become extremely popular among fans. New websites dedicated solely to esports lines have continuously popped up, while longtime industry stalwarts have begun to adapt esports betting. 

What Exactly Is Esports Betting?

Esports Betting in Australia

The eighth iteration of Dota 2’s biggest annual tournament, The International, saw Valve pay out more than $25 million in prize money and more than $10 million to the tournament winners, OG. (Valve)

Esports, basically, is the term used to refer to the world of competitive video games. Once considered a novelty, professional video gamers, some of which are paid even higher than professional players in other conventional sports, are here to stay.

Some of the most popular esport titles include Valve’s premiere MOBA Dota 2 and FPS title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; Riot’s League of Legends; Blizzard’s team-based multiplayer FPS title, Overwatch. You’d best believe that in each of those titles, as well as many others, there are tournaments and championships happening nearly every day across the globe, some of which featuring million-dollar prize pools.

With so much money pouring in on a consistent basis, bookies are taking advantage of the quickly rising popularity of this budding industry. Sites such as BetEasy enables the rapid growth of Esports betting in Australia, displaying the latest odds on the most popular video games for the wagering market to leverage on. 

Esports betting, then, is all about placing bets on the possible outcomes for these esports titles using odds provided by betting sites.

Esports Betting in Australia — Is It Legal?

Esports Betting in Australia

Australia is the biggest gambling nation in the entire world with nearly double the per capita spend compared to the second-placer, Hong Kong.

There are two laws regulating gambling in Australia: The Gaming Machine Acts of 2001 and the Unlawful Gambling Act of 1998. Fully discussing the nuances of each of these laws can take a lot of time. However, the gist of it is that esports betting is fully legal in Australia; Australians can make online bets on esports betting websites and withdraw their earnings. 

Choosing a Betting Site for Esports Betting in Australia

Before you dive right in and start placing bets, you need to choose from the many available betting websites available in Australia first.  

When choosing, the main factor that you need to consider is if the website has all the odds available for the games or matches you want to bet on. It is these odds that you’ll use to analyze your chances of winning.  

Don’t forget to consider special bonuses and offers as well. Many esports betting websites offer higher bonuses the more you bet and win, to encourage you to keep on using their platform.  

Finally, make sure that the esports betting website has the payment method you prefer available. Although, if there are geographical restrictions, you may have to use VPN to try and work around the limitations. But, be careful, because there’s no guarantee that this will always work.  

Placing Esports Bets in Australia

Esports Betting in Australia

Similar to gambling, the key to winning in esports betting is to put in the time to do the research and come in prepared.

Placing Esports Bets in Australia  

First, you need to get the betting odds. Next, take a good look at the matchup. Which team is more favoured to win? Why? What’s their matchup history like? Is a particular team’s playstyle a bad matchup for their opponent, despite being the underdogs? If you have a deep enough understanding of the game, it may serve to your benefit to watch live streams to be able to make a more informed betting decision.

Making Accurate Esports Betting Predictions

Statistics are your main tool for making accurate esports betting predictions.

In nearly every title, most teams have played so often in recent months, and sometimes against each other, that it it is possible to use the data from their previous matches to create a fairly accurate prediction of how their next matchup is going to end up. Also, it is extremely easy to follow the esports scene, with both live and previous match videos readily available online, often straight from the source. Many esports betting websites also contain links to live streams of the matches so you don’t have to worry about looking for them yourself.

If you want to get serious about esports betting, it’s important that you have working knowledge of the game that you are betting on as well. Accurate know-how of the game’s mechanics can also help. Having a keen eye for how the game works can make it easier for you to assess the skills of the individual players of each team in a matchup

For example, in Dota 2, there are many parameters that play a huge role in their chances of winning: fatigue, preparedness, individual skill, team chemistry, and playstyle, among many others.

If you take the time to analyze all of these factors, it is possible to place accurate esports bets on match results. However, that doesn’t mean you’re always going to get your predictions right; the esports competitive scene is relatively young and extremely volatile, which can affect the accuracy of match outcome predictions. 

If you need help, there are numerous websites available these days that offer carefully formulated match predictions using up-to-date data and by studying each respective team’s playstyle, as well as match history.

A good example of such a website is Esportsranks

Available Payment Methods for Esports Betting in Australia

Esports Betting in Australia

There are plenty of payment methods available for anyone interested to get started with esports betting in Australia.

  • VISA/MasterCard — VISA/MasterCard card payments are accepted internationally. You can use this payment method using your VISA/MasterCard credit card or debit card with ease for esports betting in Australia to withdraw or deposit money for your betting account. Make sure to prepare to submit a proof of identity or an ID when using this payment method. Most esports betting websites will require you to verify your identity.
  • Paypal — PayPal is an internationally accredited payment method that’s ideal for those who prefer making their payments online. Although the service may charge a bit high for payments and withdrawals made through them, they compensate for it with faster transactions, ease-of-use, and improved security. 
  • BPAY — Bill payment, or BPAY, for short, is the most widely used bill payment service in Australia. It’s fast and convenient and is offered as a payment channel by over 170 financial institutions via their Internet banking services. You can also use BPAY over the phone. The good thing about BPAY is that you can use it to pay through your registered bank account, making for a hassle-free transaction when you’re placing your esports bets.
  • POLi — PoLi is one of the leading online payment methods used by casinos in New Zealand and Australia. It has very low transaction fees and can be used without registration. As long as you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can utilize all of the features that POLi has to offer, including making payments to place esports bets on your preferred esports betting website.

Games Available for Esports Betting in Australia

Esports Betting in Australia

Routinely drawing in hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the globe, the League of Legends World Championship is one of the most anticipated annual events in all of esports. (Riot)

The number of video games that have become esports and are available for esports betting continue to grow every day, but we’ve rounded up the most popular ones below:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — The sequel to the legendary Half-Life map mod, Counter-Strike, Valve’s premiere FPS title, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular FPS titles today. In the game, players play as either the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists in various in-game maps. The goal is to kill the entire enemy team or successful plant or defuse the bomb. 
  • DOTA 2 — Valve’s flagship multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title, and one of the most popular video games in the world, DOTA 2 is a game that pits two opposing teams against each other to see who can destroy the other’s base first (or give up trying to do so).  
  • StarCraft: Broodwar — The title that arguably started the entire esports industry, Starcraft: Broodwar is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where players play as one of the three races available and the goal is to destroy all of the opposing player’s units.  
  • Hearthstone Blizzard’s take on the online trading card game genre, Hearthstone is an online card game that uses elements of Warcraft mythology and the goal is to beat the other player using the cards available you have on hand.  
  • League of Legends — RIOT’s flagship MOBA title and one of the most popular esports titles in the world, League of Legends pits two teams of five players each against each other in a battle to see who gets to destroy the other team’s base. 

Start Esports Betting in Australia Today!

With so many tools that you have at your disposal, there’s literally no reason not to get into esports betting.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started into esports betting today and don’t miss out on the chance to get in on this growing industry before it goes full mainstream.

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