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GORILLA UNILAD crowned FIWC Champion - Esportsranks
GORILLA UNILAD crowned FIWC Champion

GORILLA UNILAD is crowned the FIWC Champion after 3 intense days in London. He beat DETO 7-3 on aggregate to claim the title and the $200,000 prize money.

FIWC Champion Game – GORILLA Vs DETO

The first game started off goals galore with 5 goals in the first half. GORILLA UNILAD looked under pressure and DETO looked like he could score many many more goals.

GORILLA UNILAD made things all equal soon into the second half of the first leg, coming back from a 3-1 deficit. These two experienced players were in it for the battle and you could tell by the concentration on both of their faces that the title of FIWC Champion was on both of their minds.

Going into the second game both players looked nervous. It was hot inside the arena but it all added to the atmosphere. GORILLA UNILAD was satisfied with getting the 3 potentially key away goals and was now playing on his favoured Xbox.

Early on, DETO’s goalkeeper spilled the ball and GORILLA UNILAD received a favourable bounce and smashed the ball in to go 1-0 up. At the other end of the pitch DETO hit the post but continued to show no emotion as he looked for the 2 goals he now needed to win the game.

GORILLA UNILAD continued to score and looked impressively strong. In the end he scored some fantastic goals and the second leg ended with GORILLA winning 4-0.

Claiming the Prize

GORILLA UNILAD won the $200,000 and looked ecstatic about it. UNILAD’s only currently signed player has done them proud to take on 31 of the best FIFA players in the world to storm ahead to victory.

That’s a massive sum of money for any player and UNILAD will be delighted to see him win. He started the tournament slow with a comeback win against newcomer R_Stackzz, but put in a string of strong performances to show that experience counts.

A lot is said about GORILLA UNILAD’s defence but in his last few games of the tournament he didn’t concede as many as some expected. His attack which has always been his strongest point reached legendary status and he settled himself as the best FIFA player in the world and FIWC Champion this day.

TIMOX vs DETO (Playstation Division Final)

timox deto

Courtesy FIWC

This game was set up to be a nervy one for both players. DETO said before the game that he slept only slightly better than TIMOX the night before. Both players have huge respect for each other and he said that CODYDERFINISHER was ready to go all out in an attempt to secure himself a spot in the final showdown.

TIMOX knew that he couldn’t go crazy, he had to keep possession and play it slow. If he lost possession and was lucky when offside was called against an early goal for DETO.

A red card on 32 minutes and an equaliser from a penalty turned the game completely on its head. DETO looked infuriated and TIMOX looked completely flabbergasted.

Was that exactly what TIMOX needed to get through to the grand final? DETO knew at this point he was at a disadvantage. Possession football and playing defensively was his only option. If he could make it to full time in the second leg at 1-1 then he’d get his sent off player back for the golden goal match.

DETO held on and it was time for golden goal.

TIMOX scored a goal but the linesman held up his flag to signal offside, TIMOX had already started to celebrate but it wasn’t over yet.

Less than 20 seconds later DETO swung a ball into the box from a freekick and scored the the important golden goal. DETO celebrated as he knew he was through to the final.


cody gorilla

Courtesy FIWC

After yesterdays first leg this game seemed a foregone conclusion. Despite CODYDERFINISHER looking pale earlier he looked more comfortable on the stage.

CODYDERFINISHER started the game with 3 at the back and showed his intent early on. Unfortunately, he couldn’t manage to break through GORILLA UNILAD’s evidently improved defence.

Although CODY scored 2 goals at the end of the game the mountain was too high to climb and he left the competition with a decent performance. GORILLA may have been thrown off by losing his 2nd leg 2-1 to CODYDERFINISHER.

FIWC Grand Finals – London 2017

7,000,000 players have battled it out and the weak were pushed aside to make room for the best 32 players in the world. The finals began with the group stages which you can find our recap of here or here. It was an exciting few days with some shocks, surprises and heartbreaks.

After the first 2 days we came to a cliffhanger with a series of 2 legged division finals, one played on Thursday and the other played on Friday. The person who deserved the most sympathy over these 2 days was TIMOX who had to sleep on a 1-0 deficit to fellow German player DETO. Although CODYDERFINISHER also suffered a defeat, his was much larger – which could at least mean that he (theoretically) managed to get some sleep last night.

CODYDERFINISHER seemed resigned to defeat last night on twitter, but as MO_AUBEMEYANG showed yesterday, even large deficits can be overturned.

However, CODYDERFINISHER looked distraught today. During the press conference he looked pale and tired and his hopes to to become FIWC Champion certainly looked in doubt. It was definitely possible to comeback, if he could expose GORILLA’S defence while keeping his own in check.

The main problem for him was to overcome the nerves and lack of belief he was evidently struggling with. A lot is said about GORILLA UNILAD’s defence but in an interview with him yesterday he spoke about his ability to defend well.

He also spoke of tournaments in the past year that he had both attacked and defended to a very high standard. Against CODY in the first leg he conceded 0 goals which could be attributed to luck but UNILAD GORILLA definitely seemed to have his tactics worked out for this game.

How impressed is UNILAD GORILLA with FIFA

“Obviously FIFA last year has made a massive improvement since then and the $200,000 is also a massive improvement and letting the players do this as a career is also a massive thing.”

Making the transition from playing on your sofa at home to playing in front of the camera is a difficult thing. TIMOX talked about his experience and said that the first experience of this is difficult.

The amount of cameras and lights are distracting at your first tournament. It’s a difficult thing to get used to, but DETO says he has had time to get used to the change. Once you’re experienced at this you have the ability to stay calm and collected.

CODYDERFINISHER was evidently perturbed by the new experience and as the youngest and newest player in the finals you can really see why experience is such an advantage.

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 - Grand Final Day 3

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 18: A general view inside the Great Hall during day three of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Grand Final at Central Hall Westminster on August 18, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Germans and Tournament Football

TIMOX said the German’s are just playing tournaments like every other game and maybe happy to be there and give there best. DETO said many German’s love football so maybe when you think of video games the first game they think of is FIFA.

There was definitely a lot of optimism surrounding the growth of FIFA as an Esport. Although they continued to harp on about the increase of prize money it’s an important part of any Esport.

After an increase of prize money from the year before, it’s almost guaranteed that the prize money will increase yet again for FIFA18. Not only this but with the increasing interest from professional football teams and Esport teams, the FIFA Esport scene seems on an irresistible rise.

Sky Sports were at the FIWC Grand Finals, alongside other big names in news including Reuters and the BBC. This spoke volumes to the growing success of FIFA as an Esport and is an important step for any Esport seeking to gain a respected reputation. Once you’ve got the attention of the mainstream media and sponsors then the sky truly is the limit.

FIFA and more

What’s truly unique about FIFA and something which FIFA are keen to promote is that anyone can enter the tournament. The tournament structure is as such that anyone who owns the latest copy of FIFA is eligible to enter and has the chance to become FIWC Champion (providing they’re good enough.)

Other Esports have teams which are normally owned by Esports companies and therefore only players who are signed to an Esport team have the chance to be world champions.

This access to everyone is not only great for the Esport as it encourages more people to be active in the community, but it is also great for FIFA as it will help them sell more copies of the game.

This is evident in some of the players this tournament. You look at players like XSHELZZ, THEE BULLOCK and FILTHYP94. The two English players came into the scene at FUT Paris and all of them have no management team behind them and aren’t signed to any club (yet).

FilthyP94 came over with only his best friend as a coach/manager all the way from Canada and has shocked the FIFA world at this tournament. XSHELLZZ was a relatively unknown player going into Paris. He then moved onto Berlin and was only beaten by ROCKYY to come second in one of his first international tournaments.

Although he didn’t do as well as he would have liked in the final 32 and FIWC17, the future looks bright for these players who are all growing with the up and coming Esport.